Where Can I Buy Toilet Paper?

I’ve run out and have been to 4 different Coles/ Woolies.

Seriously when do they expect to re stock it?


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      Not just toilet paper and tissues, flour and yeast were all gone at Coles.

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    I think we need to start a new forum. Name your location and quantity where you spot toilet paper.

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    This situation on TP was the same as me and my partner finding the milk powder for our kids. People didn't really care much until it effects them. Now TP happening you know what it feels like us parents can't get essentials due to people's selfishness

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      It's more people's greed, baby formulas are bought for daigus

  • My local Aldi has some in VIC. One pack per person

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    have you tried the Indian method?

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    I did a click and collect 3-4 days ago with collect today 9-10 .

    I entered 4 packs but rules changed to 2 packs so that was all I got.

    Happy to see that they are enforcing the limits.

    • Did the same thing, but they gave me a complete out of stock which is BS

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    Coles and Woolies share just as much blame as the hoarders. As if limiting people to a 4 packs of toilet paper would stem the shortage. That was the average amount the hoarders were buying up to begin with that lead to the shortage.

    All they care about are $$$.

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      My local just limited it to two per transaction. I don't think it would stop that much, the dedicated hoarders would just go with multiple family members and separately purchase two packs each.

      Fingers crossed they are satisfied with their stash soon.

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        So, people who already have excessive amounts of TP, are going back and buying more?

        • I dont doubt it.

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          You can only be 100% safe when you have a TP fort which you have upgraded to a castle, a keep plus a throne, wall plus siege weapons. All that takes a lot of toilet paper.

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    It's seriously embarrassing to be human right now

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      you only realise that now?

  • Gilgandra IGA plenty no limits

  • On the side note, does anyone know where we can buy hand sanitizers?

    • Ask at the help desk at Coles or Woolies (they keep them next to the cigis)

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    I think the TP situation has stabilised a bit now.
    At least around my area.
    Not too much shortage anymore.
    Hopefully that will teach those hoarders a lesson.

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      What lesson? Seems to me this punished sensible people more than hoarders

  • Everything full now, except toilet paper. Still empty.

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    Unfortunately where I live has a high populace of retirees that have nothing better to do than line up at 6am at our local Aldi for TP, so we generally run out before the doors have opened.

    The lady at Aldi did ask if i wanted a catalogue which i thought was very kind, i politely declined and said i still have a few rolls left but if i run out i may come back and get a few catalogues.

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      When I was asked at the checkout at aldi's if I wanted a cataloug I said yes just in case we run out of toitet paper and then turned to my son and said just make your you take out any staples as last time it hurt like hell

      The lady just laughed

    • lol old people aren't going to make it, only the young, fast and stealthy. People ran when the shops opened (GW btw) and 1/3 of the people got one, if you didn't push/run you don't get one.

      Called around and they don't know when they get stock most places. Would it be considered not cool to camp instores? :P

      • lol indeed. The grasshoppers who are pushing and running are the ones that aren’t going to make it. Run, cough, push, cough…

  • TP Aldi CBD. Limit 1 pack. Only 12pk 2ply (lots of because people are 2 ply snobs) and 6pks of 3ply. 24pk 3ply is out.

    Progress is going to be slow on the TP fort, keep and throne.

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      • Toilet Paper.

  • I keep advising friends and family to visit stores away from major shopping centres and shopping strips if possible and go to more isolated places. Aldi yesterday had their restock at around 9:30am where staff just told patient people that the truck pulled up. It seemed pretty chilled where I was since there weren't many people; pasta, tissues, rice, salt were available.

    …like human waste through the plumbing pipes, so are the toilet paper of our lives.

  • Seems to be a lot more TP around. BIG W Livingstone (WA) had a pallet of toilet paper this morning 9.15. Big 38 pack so I am safe ha ha ha…

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    Was wondering if I will need to itemise my TP supply on my house contents insurance ?

  • I got 24 pack 2ply from Blacktown Reject shop at $6. Need to ask at the billing counter.

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    its slowing down now they have put restrictions in place

    we were lucky and got 2x 12 pack doubles last week

    but just today my wife and i were at woolworths and they were pushing one of those metal things around handing 8 packs out isle by isle to people saying they just came in and were unloaded, we declined because we have some but its out there now

    asked the lady how its been and she said by friday it will be over and the restrictions taken off, all the crazy people have got their hordes of stuff now and its just normal people wanting small amounts now basically

    they've even stopped enforcing the rice restrictions saw a few people walk out with more than 1 5kg rice

  • 6am @ Woolworths Vermont (VIC) should have them in stock.

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    Called 15 supermarkets on Thursday, all were out. We managed to grab a packet in a supermarket 3hrs away (fortunately we were out that way for the long weekend).

  • Was meant to be getting delivery today for 2 packs from Coles, they couldn't supply these or even offer a substitute. The delivery guy echoed an earlier sentiment that it should all be back to normal later this week. Also mentioned all the deliveries he did yesterday were for new Coles Delivery customers all wanting toilet paper, but they had none to supply. In-store stock is obviously prioritised over delivery.

    Really hoping it's back to normal in the next few days for everyone's sake, and that they don't remove the limits per customer until they can safely stock the shelves full without some people being idiots.

  • You can't… The people who eat a lot bought it all…. Seriously… Have you seen the pictures of the hoarders….a normal years supply is only gonna last them a month max.

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    My local Coles had some packs hidden behind the help desk tonight.

  • Went to a Coles yesterday at 4pm and they brought a pallet out while I was there. Went to a different Coles at 7pm today and they'd also brought a pallet out while I was there. I've had no luck at any Woolworths. So it seems to be random and being at the right place at the right time.

    • Yes agree Coles seems to bring them out but not Woolies

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    Spotted some toilet paper in the wild today. It was Kleenex Complete Clean ie. new school Cottonelle. Three packs, which disappeared within seconds. I gave "my" pack to an old lady and went home without any. Even in these desperate times I just really wanted Quilton LOL.

    Local IGA said no toilet paper came in todays deliveries at all, their warehouse is completely out.

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      So much for the ramped up, 24/7 production!

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    Be quick if you really need it

    Quilton is back in stock @ Amazon 45 for $20 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KY6Z67S/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp...

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      All gone

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      I had to get one at this BS price and without the subscription discount. It really shits me.

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        It really shits me.

        Toilet paper comes in handy now?

  • It's getting beyond it now. Coles, Wooloworths, ALDI all said there ramping up supply yet I haven't seen toilet paper in any of my local stores going on 10 days now. Even trying to order online, Woolworths shows no stock and Coles says unavailable in your area.

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      I tried ordering TP via coles click and collect. Surprise surprise no tp. I asked the girl who bought out the order whats up, she said as soon as the store opens at 6am, there is already a line of people who buy all the days stock. Those of us who work full time and can only really go after 5pm stand no chance.

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    I'm just going to hold it in.

    • … or install a bidet

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    Woolworth announced that they will not be taking any of the products back that hoarders have purchased.

    • Yes, hopefully it will make people think twice about buying extra stuff just in case or to on-sell to others. If they can't easily refund they may get stuck with it all. Let's see what the other stores do.

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      It's not like TP have expiry or anything

      • Old paper will stink eventually and some have purchased a truck load.. the photos I've seen on twitter have been infuriating

    • This person claims to have returned his order to Woolworths.


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      Is this even legal if I have a receipt

      I cant see them being leaglly enforcing it

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        It is legal.

  • Picked some up at Coles on the way home perchance. Two staff members were handing out a choice of two packs (one cheap and big, the other double length Quilton), though it didn't look like it would last long.

    Must be infuriating for people who are out/running low.

  • Kleenex 4782 Kleenex Soft Jumbo Toilet Rolls, White, 400m/Roll, Case of 6 Rolls


    A bargain @ $90 ;-)

    Will give you a peaceful 2400 mtr journey

  • woolworths chermside has loo roll

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    Sadly it’s being in the right place at the right time when shelves are being replenished but try officeworks , Bunnings and hospitality supplies shops online and in person. If you have amazon set up email alerts refresh the search often. I got lucky with amazon 2 days ago (11/3) and received my 45 rolls of quilton this morning (13/3)
    Good luck and Bog bless us all

  • Found some at a Coles Petrol station! Phew, only had two rolls left!

    • That's the true Aussie Spirit!!!

      • Someone has to look after them.

        Idiots are still stock piling everything in their garages.

  • Got an email from Coles today, they cancelled my TP order I made a week ago. No substitute and buzz off. What a nice way of doing business…

    Any ideas where I can buy TP around Bansktown/Shire area?

    • Some stores are handing them out in store, others you can purchase at the front desk.

  • I found a solution:connect a hose to the bidet.

    • I have no $$$ or would have installed a bidet

  • So real talk - where can I get TP in Melbourne? Willing to go queue up at 6am if there is a shop that is known for doing that.

    I've checked about a dozen stores over the past two weeks and am down to my last roll.

    • Bunnings?

      • Tried 2 stores today and both had nothing. Also tried officeworks, aldi, Coles, 2 x woolworths.

        • try salvos for TP or another op shop for tissues

          (profanity) the hoarders for creating this problem

  • Do stores (such as Costco) generally get a delivery on Saturday evening/Sunday morning) or am I going to have to hold it in until Monday?

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    So much for the producers doing 24 hrs production and end of this week the same problem . Surely late next week they catch up to feed people the 1 limit .

    • Makes me think if they are actually just made in China..there has been delays with delivery from China

      • It's just not profitable enough for supermarkets to stock TP. If you think of space/price ratio (eg. how much storage & truck space 1 pack of TP takes and what margin store is making off it), toilet paper is probably a low priority product.

        So despite all comments in social networks, both Coles & Woolworths (probably) are not ramping their TP stock up and (probably) just keep moving the usual amounts of TP on their trucks. They make much more money off pasta & rice and they were back on shelves on day 2, for example.

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          I know a guy who works at a tp factory and he said that at first overtime wasn’t needed because the warehouse was full and it was the deliveries that were slow, but they have all been offered overtime.

          • @mapax: Half your luck.

            Most of my mates are just doctors and rocket scientists..

            • @UncleRico: Nah, the tp went to his head and now he thinks he’s a big shot because he can have nearly any lady he likes…
              Or not, he only gets a small amount to take home, at least that’s what he tells me.

    • Sorbent did warn us right at the beginning that this would happen if the buying trend continued. People were laughing and downvoting. It's about getting it to the stores. Even with the limits Woolworths is selling seven days worth of TP every day. Maybe production can keep up, but we just don't have the means to move the amount of goods required to the stores. I think the supermarkets also lack the manpower to fill the shelves. The government has increased the number of hours that international students can work to try to help out.

  • I installed this last weekend…


    Toilet paper usage reduced by 90%

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      90% reduction is amazing! How did you connect it to the water supply? Tee off the cistern supply? Would you have a pic of the finished job (haha) you could post?

    • What's the other 10% used for?

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        From what I've heard you use toilet paper to dry off at the end

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    Yes I bought a diverter kit to split the water between the cistern and the spray nozzle. Hope the pic helps.


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      Apparently it needs backflow prevention to be compliant? Did you install one of those?


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        Ahem no. Thanks for pointing that out. Will have to figure out a solution. I do have a diverter kit which turns the water off when not in use. Will check if that will suffice.

  • Join Facebook groups that are in your locale.
    Plenty of good tips on those

    Failing, that, you basically need to be in the supermarket when they bring stock out, which seems to be completely random. It often doesn't make it to the shelves because everyone in the store will grab the 1 or 2 limit.

  • Got one of the last 48 packs at Costco Docklands, feel like a TP millionaire.

  • I know who took my TP….look at my display photo..a family in Dooren Vic

    • Woah, no holes

    • is this suitable for flushing down the toilet?

      • It's the Chinese toilet paper. Used this whilst overseas. It's the same 122x140mm ones except there is no cardboard core which gives it the funny looking shape.

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