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Exchange 1 Full Toilet Roll for 1 Sushi Roll @ Sushi Sushi


Sushi sushi is offering Roll for roll :)
Cash in your toilet roll for a free hand roll ( 1 per customer only , not apply for NSW )

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          Paper Money

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          Man I owned so much bogcoin as well… all mined though!

      • That would give a new meaning to 'shitcoin'

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    I doubt they would get many people bringing toilet rolls into the venue - you would look so cheap and embarrassing!

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      Toilet rolls are gold now. You would look like you're bringing bling to get rolls of sushi.

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        People are so desperate you'll probably get attacked on the street for your roll…

  • has anyone actually tried? would love to hear about it

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    Well the work rolls are about to take a hit!

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      took some form work this morning, by COB the stock will be gone

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      Ya someone's taken the TP from my work toilets.

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    totally trying this today

    edit: it worked haha

    I went down the road to my local sushi sushi (just down the road) with a full roll in it's wrapper and showed the people at the counter - they laughed and were like.. what sushi do you want? I handed them the roll and got a special california. lol. I asked if I was the first person to try and they said yes.

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      Haha both taking the piss. What we need in this stupid hysteria

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      Good on'ya Andard, that's the OzBargain spirit!

  • Does it have to be new?

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    Damn, what if you kept the rolls in your bathroom and all the microscopic poo particles will be on it. Not so smart.

    • The same ones you breath everytime you enter the toilet area. And hey guess what, you don't get sick everytime you go in there. Even in the public toilets. Or when you turn the door handle, or press the lift button, or use the shopping trolley.

      Personally I would rather have the microscopic particles to deal with than the chemicals in all those santising products. God only knows what is in there.

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    Well looks like Fallout had it wrong with the bottle caps - TP becomes the de-facto currency haha

  • I wonder about public toilets supplies

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    I'm sorry but i don't have a square to spare and I don't have a ply!

  • -1

    Not a bargain, it’s a rip-off. Toilet paper is far more valuable

  • wow nice

  • wtf this is going to be funny someone walking up to the counter and giving them toilet roll for sushi

    • +12

      I did it and it was funny. The staff laughed too but I got a free sushi 😂

      • +1

        now go hang the sushi in the local toilet roll holder.

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    yep this was sold on ebay https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/269266/77688/84e636c8-...

    wonder how much my pack costs

    • +6

      That's a troll bid on an overoptimistic listing. The bidder won't pay it once the auction finishes.

      • Seller and bidder are the same person.

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    Instructions unclear. Went to lunch, now have faecal matter on my teeth. :(

  • I can't stop laughing when I saw this.

    • Not a single mention of toilet paper, so its not a business strategy.

      • It's on their FB and maybe other social media too. Website is just so yesteryear

  • Fantastic initiative!

  • +2

    Is their seaweed 3 ply?

    • Rice paper rolls!!!

  • Sneaking the large Kimberly Clark rolls out of work has proven to be difficult

  • In Hong Kong toilet roll targeted by robbers. XD

  • its like Fallout… except instead of bottle caps we're trading in toilet paper…. what a time to be alive!

  • Geez, didn’t know toilet paper is the new currency today.

  • Take a work roll for a work lunch.

  • There are plenty in my work toilet so lunch sorted! 😃

  • +1

    This is easily the most bizarre deal I've seen here

  • Is there requirements for the toilet roll? Like can I exchange 1 ply toilets that I flog from supermarket toilets?

  • Why not NSW?

  • +2

    What's the saying?… "Don't sh** where you eat". Think we need to start using that a little more literally.

    There is something about exchanging toilet paper for food that doesn't sit well on my hygiene radar. Maybe not the best advertising campaign

  • I will trade/sell all my toilet rolls and just use water to wash…

  • You’d be pretty shitty if you actually needed toilet paper.

  • Sorry OP, no bargain here.

    No TP left to use after consuming those sushis.

  • +3

    Off to get my SHITtake mushroom roll!

  • Looks like the post got removed on their Facebook page

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    Go to public dunny, take dunny roll, give 2 sushi sushi, get free sushi - profit

    • That’s what I thought too! If you are a gym member, could just take toilet rolls from there and get free sushi!

    • +3

      Actually, go to sushi sushi store , go to their toilet, take their toilet paper and trade it in

      • and go to that toilet again … 🔄

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    Don't! It is a trap. They'll take your toilet roll and swap for something else.

    By the end of the month they'll be swapping whatever they got for a house. You'll be renting a Harry Potter size room in Sushi Sushi House (Chain).

  • They may take away our toilet rolls, but they'll never take our freedom!

  • +1

    Did it 30 mins ago and scored myself a roll

  • Does it matter if the paper shows signs of use?

  • What has the world come to

  • Having a cleanly wiped backside would be the least of my concerns if things got grim.

  • -1

    I think I’ll pass. Last tried I wiped my a$$ with a sushi roll I got an allergic reaction. Not to mention that the roll tasted like shit

  • That expired quick, what happened

    • Probably don't like associating their rolls with dunny paper lol .

  • I knew i should have bought that smart toilet/bidet earlier this year.

    • I'm sure it's not too late. You can buy toilet douche shower from Bunnings, just like they have all over Europe and Brasil. That'll give you a more hygienic clean than wiping with dry paper ;)

      • Gerry has bidets for 5k. Very stylish.

  • +1

    What a load of crap.

  • +1

    i do not recommend wiping your ass with a sushi.

  • I don't get why the rush to buy toilet paper. Let's say you don't want to leave your home from panic/fear, you have other methods of cleaning yourself, it's called a shower. You literally will not die without toilet paper.

  • +1

    Damn it…toilet papers are going missing in the office…

  • I hope that Holden dealerships see this and respond with a deal to swap a toilet roll for the current model Commodore

    • I'd be tempted to trade my 2008 Holden Monaro for one!

      (VERY inside joke!)

  • +1

    This takes SuShit to a whole new level

  • wonder why it was removed??

    • Too many people taking advantage of it maybe? lol

      • I can't imagine it being that popular to sell out in a few hours

        Me thinks something to do with potential hygiene issues or theyve pulled it due to bad taste

  • -2

    Reality will be 1 full toilet roll for coronovirus

  • +1

    Who wants random people's shit paper being handled by the people serving raw fish? seems like a terrible idea

  • Whatever you do if you run out of toilet paper don't use newspaper or you'll catch ads.

    • Aawwww Daaaad…

  • Roll for roll.
    Both taste like ar$e wipe.
    Fair deal.

  • Does this get me 2 sushi rolls?

  • Late to the discussion, but just wanted to add that I think the main reason people started panic buying toilet paper was Scotty From Marketing announcing to the media that he had spoken to Kimberly-Clark and they are ramping up their production to 24/7 so there won't be a shortage of toilet paper.

    What he SHOULD have said was, "there is no need to panic-buy ANYTHING."

    Leadership, eh?

  • What a brainless idea so you exchange a toilet roll for food then the toilet rolls
    make their way to china what a bloody discrace boycott this mob, sushisushi .com.au

  • this should be a bad joke..but no doubt it is not

  • quite stupid

    • +1

      quite no sense of humour

  • so is this promo not running anymore?

    • so is this promo not running anymore?

      They have too much toilet paper now.

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