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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text $142.50 Delivered @ Auditech/Bringbrightness eBay


I was after a $150 kit as my plan was expiring soon. Found this deal on ebay which appears to be the best available at this time.

Also available through Bringbrightness ebay.

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ABN 98 621 203 316

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  • Does it include the bonus 40gb offered by direct buying the sim from Boost?

  • Just bought same $150 SIM from O/Works and had no problems. Old number ported in minutes and bonus data applied.

    • Thanks for confirming.

    • Meanwhile, it's 4 days and I'm still not getting my number ported over, and their live chat needs me to call them, what the heck.

      It kinda baffles me that they don't have online live chat since their idea of "live chat" on their website is to call them via phone number.

      • Which provider are you trying to port over from?

      • What happened? I've been waiting for a replacement SIM since last Tuesday. Been without a mobile since the 23/2 cause they (profanity) up porting my number over. The 2nd live chat person I spoke to said they'll send me a replacement SIM already activated with my number working etc but it never arrived.

        Called up today and the lady said they would have sent a blank SIM and I'd have to call them to activate it no matter what cause they can't send an activated one. Now I have to waste even more time buying a $2 SIM from somewhere.

        On the plus side the last chat agent I spoke to said I'll be compensated.

        • Ps good luck with their call centre. First guy hung up on me or the call cut out when he hit a brick wall. 2nd guy was a robot reading from a script, kept cutting me off when I told him I had a reference number to give him. It’s been a total (profanity) around cause I ended up buying a $2 sim to transfer my number and credit to buy the systems are showing all $2 sims as not being marked as sold by retailers due to a glitch. So now I gotta wait another day and call again

    • What price did you pay at officeworks?

  • Does anyone know if you can buy these from Coles or Woolworths and pay with a gift card?

    • I don't think they stock any bigger than $40 SIM at WW and Coles. Did all those checks last weekend trying to save a few bucks before my existing plan expired.

      Save yourself the petrol and order it from OfficeWorks … Yes you pay full price but you get next day delivery for free. But 150 bucks is pretty good for 120gb of data and free call texts.

    • Yes they do stock $150 SIMS at Coles, they keep the more expensive prepaid plans under the counter and not on the shelves. You need to ask the service people at the front. Last month I paid with Coles Myer gift card at Coles with no issue, but I have read people have had mixed experiences and that some staff at Coles won't allow you to pay via gift card.

  • i ordered one yesterday. not a big ebay fan but an old $50 gift-card, so had to. My first preference is always OFFICEWORKS

  • Hi folks, I just want to know how to get customer support from boost as all of their contact are auto reply and 1800 number no answer. Still no 40gb data bonus for me so need to ask them.

    • I've had success calling them before? In fact probably one of my most pleasant call centre interactions.

  • Hi Folks, I am already a Boost user, can I order a new sim to avail the 80+40gb data offer and keep the same number?
    I understand boost not offering this for existing customers but is there any trick to avail this offer keeping the number same?

    • Port out to a different non-Telstra provider for a day and port back in.

    • Im a Boost user as well and I received a text from them offering the extra 40bg if I recharge before the 11/3 which is probably managed by them to suit my previous $150 plan running out on the 10/3. I called them to confirm this and I spoke to a very pleasant girl who was initially hesitant to answer my question because she though I was asking for the extra 40gb and she tried to tell me that had been offered to select customers only. When I explained I had received the text she said I would receive the 40gb if I used there service to recharge ie website or app. Im not sure how selective they are as I have three $150 plans with them and all three plans received the bonus 40gb text.

  • Does anyone know if I can take this overseas and use it for a year? I am relocating to the UK and want to keep my phone number, and may potentially get 2 factor authentication texts from now and again

  • This is so tempting but I’ve read porting from Vodafone is a pain…. anyone done this recently care to share the experience?

  • Surely somewhere will have these for $135 (or less) soon.

  • I activated this but for some reason my app shows data 240 GB, any idea why ?