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Spend $100 - $249.99, Get $20 Voucher | Spend $250+, Get $50 Voucher @ IKEA (in-Store Only, Free Membership Required)


NOTE: Promo to obtain voucher is valid until 23/3. Promo to spend said voucher is valid 30/3 - 27/4.

A nice deal if you were already planning to buy from Ikea. To maximise the savings, buy the goods at every $100 (or $250) increment and combine it with the $10 Ikea Family sign-up promo for each transaction. Since each transaction exceeds $100, you'll also get another $10 voucher from their quarterly spend promo too.

Only valid in-store at the two VIC stores of Richmond and Springvale. Nationwide confirmed


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    How do you get the voucher? I went today and don't 250+ and never saw any voucher on the system.

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      Was at Springvale today with signage near the sofas (at least). Asked to make sure and the voucher is printed at the very bottom of the receipt.


        Yes, you are right! it has no barcode nor anything, si i just thought it was random text! Thanks!


      "In-Store only"

      Has IKEA finally opened an eBay shop
      (or, better for them, an online shop)?

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    Make sure you keep your ORIGINAL receipt. We had a similar offer in SA. I was advised that it would be saved to our membership from one of the store clerks and misplaced the original receipt. Which was complete bs, as silverrat23 mentioned its printed right at the bottom of the receipt, although we never noticed. We even received automated email reminders to spend our vouchers, but couldn't because their system didn't allow them to reprint the code and because we'd lost our original receipt it was void. I tried politely arguing their T&C's however the call centre refused to budge. Ikea are pri*cks to deal with and extremely arrogant.

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      I found that, when trying to Return something, once.

      It became easier only after I mentioned the thought,
      that I might take the matter to Consumer Affairs.

      (Dunno how effective that might be, after they told
      us they couldn't slap Subways' wrists for serving a
      Sub on a folded-up cup-holder, taken from long-time
      storage on a bottom-shelf, very near a dusty floor?

      No, we didn't notice it, untila person walking by
      [with better eyesight?] told us about it… Subway
      REFUSED to Refund cost of Sub, even after our ser-
      ver admitted her error… No wonder Subways are
      closing [in USA]. Or fav' restaurant slaps us!)


    Still have the $29 voucher from the Feb 29th deal. Can we use that to pay and be eligible for this deal too?

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      My total was less than $250 with the $29voucher from the Feb deal. Note that the new voucher is for matching spend, and received the $50 voucher CS said to keep the voucher. So you need to spend min $50 to get the $50 voucher discount, on next visit. Still not bad as its easy to spend that amount at IKEA. Must be hard times for them.

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    The offer is only once per day, I tried splitting up my order and the person at the check out ended up crossing out my voucher on one of the receipts so be aware if you're going to try and do the same.


      I split mine across 4 payments via self scan at Springvale earlier today. Left with $170 in vouchers for next visit, which we've got our items planned to buy.

      Was a bit confusing to make sure I had everything scanned, but double checked and actually sent Mrs out to get another shelf for a wardrobe to bring the last one to over $100 to get the last $20.

      Thanks OP!


    Just got an email with the same offer, and I'm in NSW; so I'm thinking it's nationwide?

    Edit: Seems that the terms in the email still point to Richmond/Springvale in VIC. Maybe it'll be updated.


      I got it, I'm in WA. From T&C:
      The Promotion Period for all the other stores is 12.Mar.20 to 23.Mar.20 inclusive. A qualifying purchase of must be made during this period, with the IKEA Family Card scanned atpayment.


    They had the flyer for this promo hanging at Rhodes NSW


    Can anyone else confirm whether you can self scan to get multiple vouchers in one day on the same family card?

    Also if an item is purchased with gift cards is the eligibility based on the item price or discounted price paid? eg. $129 item less $70 gift card = $59…would it be eligible for the $20 gift card still?

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      Can confirm your first question. We put through 4 seperate transactions without issue and received vouchers on all of them.


    Will this offer still be valid via click and collect?

    Edit - checked T&Cs: This promotion is
    in-store only, purchases made on IKEA.com.au do not qualify.


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    Thanks for this OP. I'm decking out a studio office at home and needed a variety of things (~$600 worth).

    Last weekend, I did two lots of just over $250 each, so got 2 x $50 vouchers.

    Will get the other items as soon as the vouchers activate. $100 is a great saving!

    BTW - If anyone has misplaced their voucher, you can retrieve and print it again from the IKEA website.



      Great tip @GaelicAU!


      Cheers, thanks for that! I didn't realise the code was on the receipt and went and chucked it!


        I lost my receipt but I have digital copy of the receipt. However the store manager in Richmond is asking to show the physical copy. Is there a way that we can claim it without getting assistance from the store during check out.


          Not sure how this works. It seems the voucher on the bottom of the receipt is redeemed in store kinda manually. They take the receipt and just scribble all over it and hand it back. They then scan a generic voucher from a book they have which discounts your purchases. Might be worth trying to print from website and see if you can redeem again ;-)

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