This was posted 2 years 5 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 Voucher (Min Spend $10) When Joining Free IKEA Family Membership


Not sure why previous posts have been expired, but I have signed up recently and received my voucher in the email on the same day.
Voucher expires after 30 days

A $10 voucher issued to a new IKEA Family member to redeem on any valid purchases either instore or online within 30 days from the date an IKEA Family member joined the IKEA Family Club. The voucher can only be redeemed once by the eligible member. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher.
Redemption of $10 reward
To redeem the $10 voucher instore, members must either present the original voucher email to an IKEA staff at checkout to scan, or scan the barcode from the voucher email at the self-serve checkout. Alternatively, to redeem online, enter the coupon code in the field box before you proceed to checkout.
The member’s IKEA Family membership must be scanned at point of redemption.
There is a minimum spend of AU $10 to redeem this voucher and can only be used in a single purchase. The $10 voucher must be redeemed within 30 days from the date an IKEA Family member joined the IKEA Family Club.
The redemption cannot be made when purchasing an IKEA gift card.

Full t&c's here

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      That one expired.

      Thanks just signed up and received $10 voucher.

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    They only use your email address for uniqueness; so join the even bigger family :-)

  • Can use for foods?

    • Not usually…

      But there are low-prices in the Damaged/Returned/As=Is area

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      i did.

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    I met a woman, who works in Public Svc
    in a small Outback town, we both miss
    access to IKEA.

    Why aren't there start-up's or other
    Forwarding co's, that ship IKEA stuff
    to rural & Outback AU…? :~/

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      Ikea deliver so no need for a third party. Most areas I believe are covered. Plus there are thrid parties if you Google you can find them

      • Maybe it's different now, but when I lived in Darwin, it was cheaper for us to buy all our furniture when we were down south and get it couriered up, the delivery fees from ikea were ridiculous.

    • I've seen IKEA resellers on ebay sometimes. Super expensive and all that.

  • Does the voucher expire?

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      The $10 voucher must be redeemed within 30 days from the date an IKEA Family member joined the IKEA Family Club.

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    To save you all the time and spam, it’s a generic code:


    The barcode to scan in store.

    • Oh my god, thank you.
      Absolute legend.

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      so, does that mean we could technically use it over and over again?

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        You need to scan both your IKEA Family Membership barcode, as well as the barcode here. I believe that it can only be redeemed once per Ikea Family account.

        • So, you need two barcodes: family membership barcode and the barcode cnut posted to receive $10 off. What's the use for the code cnut posted? Am I missing something?

          • @DisabledUser27274: I assume you need to scan your family card first and then use the barcode.

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            @DisabledUser27274: If you do not scan a new membership barcode, no discount. And also it won't work with an old membership.

    • Cheers Cnut, looks like it would work without having to sign up and input a membership number!

      IKEA wanted to charge me a $20 service fee to buy one light bulb click and collect though. Not sure what that’s about…

    • Registered and used the $10.

      After scanned the barcode at self service, the system needs staff to attend to approve it and scan your membership code.

    • New code IFW6352

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    Oh bugger, not again.
    Last time this was OzBargained, they got rid of this promotion real fast. I am afraid my Broden ride is about to be over!

    This has been running for about 2.5 months (maybe more?) now and me and my missus have been visiting IKEA almost every week grabbing something good, always being "new" IKEA Family members.

    In my attempts to not get lynched by OzBargain for Brodening, I will share some tips to make the most of this deal:

    • Like @chrism238 said, only your email counts as a "unique" identifier and because IKEA is outsourcing their IT security department to the cheapest possible center in India, they do not bother to check for spammy or easy-to-abuse email addresses, like,,, etc. so you can easily keep creating new email accounts
    • When registering, make the most of the auto-address-fill function in the registration form and just enter random numbers and choose a random address, just make sure it's in Australia. Nobody checks this anywhere.
    • Use a random Australian mobile phone number when registering. Nobody checks this anywhere.
    • Make sure you tick that you want to receive all the spam advertising material for your account to make sure you can receive the coupon.
    • After registering, the longest it took to receive the coupon was 10 minutes. If you haven't received it yet, you did something wrong or their system thinks you are trying to abuse this.
      In this situation, you can try updating your "Interests" in the profile and check random things you are "interested" in like bedroom, living room, bathroom, kids etc.
      If you still don't get the coupon email, try again with a new account.
    • If you look dodgy to the cashier, they will ask you to open the email in your phone to confirm you are a new member and not trying to abuse your friend's or someone's discount. Be prepared for this.
    • This can only be used once per new account and cannot be reused, thus, you need to keep making new accounts.

    Some top deals to consider:

    Cheapest items to help you reach $10 if you need to:

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    • how many times have you used the 10 dollars credit?

      • Pretty sure more than 6 times each of us. But it's all done on new, throwaway accounts.

        • Nice alot of effort I suppose for $10… takes like bloody 15 minutes to walk through the whole store. Unless you cut through the back registers or are already there shopping its not going to be the greatest incentive to rock up, park, walk through the store, grab item, pray that a staff member wont haggle you for your email… Will try it on food :)!

    • Wonder if they take notice of the amount of times a credit card has been used with the discount, but I guess you could always use cash in that case.

      • We always used our debit cards, never had any problems.

      • +1

        This is never an issue. You over worry.

    • really curious, was having a chat to my missus about this. why do you feel the need to constantly use it and get new things and take advantage of this type of system?

      it’s just being greedy at this point if you’ve used it 6 times to get free things, personally i don’t understand the point of it.

      • +2


        Uh oh, now I am in trouble, haha!

        Well, it's a fun game to me - figure out how the system works and find the most efficient way to abuse it.
        As you abuse more and more systems or those "new member" discounts, you start to see the same patterns and you can find ways to do something more easier next time. So this was another experience for me.
        Also, we didn't always get items to barely hit the $10 - we also bought some king size quilt covers and pillowcases, knives and items costing more than $20.

        We had 2 ugly old lights in our bedroom, so we upgraded it to that upstanding light.
        We had those $1 buckets from SCA that we used as bins in some rooms - we now upgraded it to those Small Pedal bins.

        It's not that we are poor, I just seem to be addicted to squeezing out the most I can from the situation. We are on OzBargain after all!

        • +4

          nahh don’t stress im not gonna report you haha

          but to me, as much as you call it an ‘experience’, it’s still abusing the system, and it’s the greed of such actions that ruin it for others when a new member deal is removed early or a deal is revoked.

          • @salemance: "Abusing the system", what, a whole bunch of effort for small change from a multinational worth 100 billion who doesn't give a cost-benefit single shit about idiosyncratic outliers?

            Get over yourself.

            • +1

              @kiteo: you alright there buddy? did you get upset that i said it how it is :(

      • forgive him/her salesmance. s/he is from sydney.

      • lmao, "greedy". the family that owns IKEA hoards billions of dollars in wealth.

        have you ever considered not licking the boot?

        • wut haha not licking the boot at all bud.

          they ‘hoard’ the billions of dollars they earned and you’re upset? nice mindset you have there haha

          • @salemance: You're the one who said greedy. This family has far, far, far more wealth than they need.

            If you are suggesting that a billionaire family is not greedy, but somebody who wants to save $50 is greedy - I'm afraid you may have bootlicking-induced brain rot.

            The single family that has 100% ownership of IKEA sets the example of using (abusing) legal means to reduce their tax bill. Customers should follow this example.

            If you're not aware of IKEA's dodgy tax structure (dodgier than most multinational corps, even!), have a read:

    • When I started to scan it 2 people came over to "help". It worked and then before paying the machine asked for a staff member to approve the discount.
      Not that easy to broden with the level of intervention required.

      • +4

        Rookie mistakes that we also did. Here's some tips how to avoid it:

        • Use self-checkout and pay by card. They usually only have one staff who is always in a rush so they will be more motivated to just "approve" it and keep going
        • Scan your items first, scan your membership second, and scan the coupon last - once they get the prompt, they will see that you have done everything else and they will just "approve" it
        • IKEA seems to be (mostly, atleast to us) sending emails with errors, usually with a missing membership QR code or attached outside the message. Some emails I had to forward to myself after downloading the QR code attachment and inserting it inside the email text to look more legit.
        • QR\Barcode scanners are a bit finicky - they will not scan a QR\barcode that has a black background around it or if it is too much zoomed in. Make sure you phone's screen is on maximum brightness too!

        This way everything can be done quickly and with no problems with minimal staff intervention.

        • Thanks for the tips!
          I think one to add is to go at a busier time when the check outs are all open. I went around 8pm, not the best.

          • @Sage: And go through different self-checkouts each time. All while checking yourself out.

            …No? I’ll find my way out then.

    • I may start getting my shelves. They're $60 total, but come in pieces you can get individually. I could go each week and get them bit by bit, I can't set them up until Feb anyway.

      • haha which shelf is it? why not just go multiple times in one day over a crowded weekend(reducing the amount of visits)?

        • I was actually thinking I could enlist some friends to help, but then I thought they'd probably want to get stuff. I'd need to pay $10 each for the sets of shelves, the other bits would be free if I get them with other items. I actually want 2 of them, so I could get the cross bars together. I'll probably just end up going with a friend and getting both of them for $50 each.

          • @Miss B: Yeah that might not be a bad idea, getting friends along to do it. Also, do multiple trips on something you miss out.

            They change people at the self server every half an hour i think.

  • I received an email. Is the barcode the membership card and the QR code the voucher?

  • +3

    Anyone have trouble signing up to Ikea?

    It always comes up with password error no matter what password I try to use.

    • me too

      • me three. Wonder if going to the instore kiosks will help? Probably not if they load the same webpage anyway

    • +1

      Same here, been trying since last night. I was planning on going today but now I think I'll just buy what I am looking for from other furniture shops.

      • So you drop IKEA because they don't give you $10 discount?

        • No, I drop IKEA because I wanted to join their IKEA Family for the transport and assembly insurance and they infuriated me with their error. It has nothing to do with the discount.

  • Does this still work?

    New code: IFW6352

  • Not working anymore. I made an account few days ago, but never received the $10 voucher.

    • Just made a new one right now at the kiosk instore with a throwaway email, got the voucher straight away.
      Maybe they stopped website registrations?

      • Thanks, I'll try.

        • Just made 2 accounts through their website, it is working properly.
          Also got the discounts straight away.

          • @Blue Cat: Got stopped by a check out lady today who insisted she wanted to see the email date but my temp email address already expired. I think I just got rooked =/

            • @MadMaxBargainRoad: Ouch, hate that! Have you followed the essential tips from my previous comment here?
              Especially this one:

              Scan your items first, scan your membership second, and scan the coupon last - once they get the prompt, they will see that you have done everything else and they will just "approve" it

              • @Blue Cat: It's just the person I reckon. Anyway, I will just download the original email and open it in a client. Maybe they will start ID checking you soon lol

  • Has this stopped working?

    • +2

      I signed up last night but haven't received a voucher yet. Even had a popup say the below:

      "Sign up for free and get $10 off your first purchase *Must be opted-in to email communications in your IKEA Family profile to receive your email voucher. For full terms and conditions, visit"

  • anyone receive this 10$ voucher now? seems expired cause no response from IKEA after signup.

    • +1

      Use a different email provider.

  • +3

    Current code IFW9412

    • Can this be used in conjunction with click and collect?

  • +1

    For anyone not getting the email voucher:
    - Download the ikea app and log in
    - Press the "offers" tab (on the front page at the top)
    - Press "IKEA Family"
    - Press "JOIN TODAY - IT'S FREE!"
    From here there are two routes you can do depending on whether you already have an ikea family attached to your account or not:

    1) If you don't already have an ikea family account:
    - Press "Join now" to create an ikea family account
    - The voucher will be emailed to you immediately after you're done

    2) If you already have an ikea family account attached to your ikea account:
    - Press "Log in"
    - Click on "Delete my IKEA FAMILY membership"
    - Then go back to the app home screen and repeat the steps followed by steps for 1)

    • I signed up yesterday on PC but haven't yet received the voucher.
      I signed up via the app today with a new email but also no voucher yet.

      • +1

        I just received the voucher from my account that I signed up with via the app!

        • I tried signing up via app and it says page not found?

          • @seug123: Same thing happened to me, but went to IKEA website on the phone browser and joined. Got voucher instantly.

  • I can't use this for Click and Collect but able to for Delivery. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Same problem, can we just head to the store and use the code there?

      • Is that new? I'm sure you used to be able to

  • Unimpressed with staff member asking me to find original email containing my new member voucher, I only had screenshot of it for easy access purposes (searching email inbox could take forever).

    He even had the nerve of touching the screen of my phone, I hope he didn't have asymptomatic symptoms of COVID19 or better still, SHOULD realise that we are in a pandemic?!

    The QR was valid when another staff member came over to ok it.

  • Trying to get this to work online but there doesn't seem to be a section to input their code for the $10 they emailed me. The code is a 7 character long jumble but I can't seem to find where to put it at the online checkout. Any tips?

    • I derped. You have to apply the code before you go into checkout, also means I can't get the shipping discounted

  • WTF getting batteries picked up from the Perth store costs $5 delivery.

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