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Nvidia Shield 2019 Model for $255 Delivered @ Centre Com


NVIDIA Shield TV - NVIDIA® Tegra® X1+ processor with a 256-core NVIDIA GPU and 2 GB RAM, 8GB, 4K, Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2 and CEC support, MicroSD card slot,Android 9.0, Built in Voice Control

Also available pro version in some stores for 369

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Centre Com Online

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  • Pity there's no deal on the Pro. Its listed as $369. Too expensive.

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    Kinda tempted as the older shield doesn't support Netflix Dolby Atmos.

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    Note that the non pro only runs 32 bit Android of that matters to you

    • As opposed to 64bit Android? And why is that beneficial on this device?

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        Many apps don't work on 32 bit

        • Right. So the pro version is 64bit - better future proofing.

          • @bOngOCaT: Yep. Dolphin emulator for one, I'm not aware of others but it's a strange oversight. Gaming would be one of the Shields biggest draw cards too.

            • @scuderiarmani: Generally speaking the older an SKU is the cheaper it is to supply.

    • non pro only runs 32 bit

      Wow. 32 bit in 2020, wtf were they thinking.

      • Money! Get people to upgrade.

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      Nvidia's statement on the matter:

      "For an app to be Android TV-compliant, it must support 32-bit. As a result, SHIELD TV supports all Android TV apps. By moving SHIELD TV to 32-bit we were able to bring it to a lower price point without impacting the user experience for the vast majority of our users.

      SHIELD TV Pro continues to support 64-bit for enthusiast users who want to sideload the rare instances when an app is 64-bit-only. Both models support all Android TV apps, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and our new AI Upscaling feature."

      So for basic use as an Android TV box, the regular one is fine

      • “ For an app to be Android TV-compliant, it must support 32-bit.”

        For now.

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    Can you play steam games on this?

    • If you install the steam link app you could. But that is streaming from your PC to the shield tho.

      • I'm curious of other user experiences with the app. I have found it to be so laggy that games are unplayable. Contrast to the Steam Link which I found to have nearly unnoticeable lag.

        • I've played games on my samsung tablet using the steam link app and haven't had unplayable levels of lag (lag is noticeable compared to playing directly on the PC but it's not bad). Steam link with an ethernet connection is much better for obvious reasons. If the nvidia shield were to be connected via ethernet I don't think it would be a problem.

  • Great to see some Australian stock. Similar to Amazon price https://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-Android-Streaming-Performance-...

    • About $268 delivered after conversion and delivery.

  • This or Apple TV?

    • Apple TV is only good if you are locked into Apple ecosystem. I have Apple TV 4K and think it's junk. There's also a huge lack of apps for Apple TV compared to running normal Android Apps on the Shield.

  • Seller pulled out th deal

    • Looks like they will increase price or it was never the 2019 model.

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    With rumors of a Chromecast Ultra running full Android with full certified streaming apps on board to be released for Google I/O (now cancelled event due to Coronavirus), the amount of time these are relevant is diminishing.

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      Any idea if it will support dolby atmos AND dolby vision?

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        It was only reported on 9to5Google website yesterday about the existence of such a Chromecast - but given the price point of current Chromecast Ultra around $100 and the competition from Amazon Fire Stick, ATV, NVidia, Mi Box S - it depends on whether Google go with a chipset that supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision given its 2020, lets hope so.

  • how come centrecom have stock of the shield pro but no one else does? i want one!

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      Can't be local…

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        Will need adapter to fit AU power then.

  • Yes it does support atmos and vision, the earlier shield version supports atmos only. shield (previous or latest) is one among the limited devices that can play atmos content from Netflix.

    • Previous version does NOT play Netflix Atmos. There's a workaround using Kodi to enable Atmos passthrough but the UI is terrible

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    Sorry I was wrong, not the previous version nvidia I was lucky with the Xbox one x to play atmos from Netflix.

  • They cancelled my grandfathers order on the 2017 model after he paid for it weeks ago citing they can't get it anymore..

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    Looks like they jumped the gun - official Aussie launch next Thursday apparently:


    • Good to know oz is finally allowed by the yanks to have one - how many months is it now? We're a third world, third rate dumb country these days.

      • Third world refers to a nation that's not backing Russia/China vs U.S in the cold war, You are mean to say we a are a developing nation.

        • No third world is a phrase that can be used to describe a class of economically inferior nations.

          Having deliberately pissed of our biggest trading partner for racist and America first interests I think its appropriate.

          Zero tax for big American companies and billions spent on unnecessary American weapons to fight America's wars would also suggest a very stupid nation.

          • @petry: Ahh I see what you mean now. We are on the out with the big two ideology countries.

            • @ickyboo: no we deliberately made ourselves economically inferior to suit the financial interests of another nation…

  • I am only after the new remote to replace my skinny remote which is not responsive. Does anyone know any other place where I can buy it? Their website always says soldout!

    • I believe the fire tv stick remote works.
      $25 from Amazon.
      Or your TV remote if it supports HDMI CEC.

  • Hows the vodafone android tv box that sells for $72 as an alternative?

    • It was great until they crippled the Vodafone TV with an "upgrade" that removed support for external NTFS HDD (gt to go FAT32 which doesn't support files over 4Gb). Vodafone is actually giving people their money back.

    • Vodafone box struggles with some 4k content specially when using audio passthru. Mi box is a bit better than Vodafone box but still wasn't smooth to my liking. Shield TV, though expensive, is much better and hasn't struggled a bit whatever I throw at it.

  • They advised it was pre-order only, with release date on the 19th of March.

  • Just bought a pro from Centre Com in Richmond. They have about 7 left in stock. They had it at $369 but priced matched with Scorptec which have it at $349.

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