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Dell Alienware Advanced Gaming Keyboard: AW568 $55.20 Delivered (Was $169) @ Dell eBay


First time posting so please be gentle. :|

Same deal post went around last year for $79.51 so for anyone that's missed it, here it is again.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Would have prefer if the Keycaps lit up too, not just the keyboard itself.

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    Pretty cheap, thanks OP.
    It'll match my Alienware laptop

  • Using the Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard, really want to get one with palm rest or get a palm rest that fit it.

  • This keyboard any good

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      The question mark key should work, at least. Might be a good upgrade for you.

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    Too slow, Been ozbargained

  • Back in stock

    • Hi mate, Where did you see this?
      I'd be keen on grabbing one but still says sold out

  • I just got it… Good for the price.. Would sell easily on fb market

  • Back in stock.

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    Back in stock and grabbed one :) Thanks op!

  • How is kalih compared to cherry mx?

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    Review from Tom's guide:

    The Alienware AW568 is a workable, if bland, peripheral with a few attractive aesthetic touches and a few notable drawbacks.

    Good game performance
    Less than $100
    Attractive design
    Mediocre software
    So-so switches
    Better options in price range

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      But is it in 'this' price range?

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      Best option in the "price range" of 50?lmao

      • They won't review the product based on the price of Ozbargain?

        He just copied the article for reading. FFS

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    I wish I hadn't ordered the Kogan one now.

    • The Kogan has nicer switches

      • no way, this is Kailh… the highest rated Cherry MX clones whereas Kogan is Outemu…

        • No way chief. General consensus including myself would prefer Oetemu with Kalih coming in last of all choices.

          • @AusNugz: Don't know where you meant by "general consensus" but even Velocifire website rated Kailh as higher than Outemu and they sell a lot of Outemu.

            Razer also had been selling Kailh before they start making their own.

      • But it looks hideous!

  • Aw man, missed it twice.

  • Thanks heaps

  • OMG,. Im too late

    • Still showing stock to me

  • Seems to be back in stock again. Showing 12+ quantity

  • back in stock!

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    Back in stock.

  • They really have a lot to clear out.

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    Thanks OP, great price

  • Just bought! back in stock baby! Hope its good. I've currently using stock Dell corporate Keyboard so hopefully a big step up

  • Showing out of stock for me

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    Good deal for $50, can compare with the kogan red now to see which switch I like better. Thanks.

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    damn sold out already.

  • Did I seriously miss it a third time? Serves me right for not turning on comment notifications.

  • Back in stock

    • Still says no stock for me, and the number purchased hasn't increased since I last looked..

  • Shipped yet?

    • No shipping info atm…

    • Got mine today

      • Also received yesterday.

        That not really a palm rest XDD

        It is less noisier than my Kogan RGB keyboard.

        • Same here, I got another sub-$100 Outemu Brown KB and this one is much much more quieter… Just no RGB on the keys though but I don't really need it for the time being…

          • @4iedemon:

            Just no RGB on the keys though but I don't really need it for the time being…

            Not really need it.

  • Does anyone know if there's a way to set the lighting to static rainbow? I can get static light (one colour) or rainbow wave (multiple colours moving). I want to set it to multiple fixed colours.

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    Mine came, no wrapping. Just the post stamp on the box

    Pretty average shipping

    • Same

    • May be the guy have 100 of the same keyboard in his truck to deliver XD

    • did it come through Auspost?

      • did it come through Auspost?

        I think is courier from Dell and it won't allow PO Box.

        • Ah i see.. I just received notifications from Fastway Courier.

          • @4iedemon: Ah actually the Fastway Courier was for something else haha…

            I just got it now…

  • no way to change colourso ther than installing drivers? i dont want to be installing drivers on my work computer…

  • Installed the Alienware command centre but where to run it from Windows? Not auto run Search couldn't find it.

    EDIT: I think Windows auto installed it for me when plugged it in. I have to uninstalled it and reinstalled to get the app back in program folder.

    But still can't get rainbow colour even already set in command centre.