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iPhone XS Max 512GB $1116 (12/24/36 Monthly Repayment) + Plan Fee @ Vodafone


Vodafone is doing promotion of iPhone XS Max, you can get 64gb, 128gb and 512gb for same $1116 (12/24/36 mth repayment) + plan fee.
If you only wants the phone, then try your luck to buy outright in store
Sign up with lowest plan and cancel it when you get phone. ($1116+$40)

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    No deal, plan fee is overpriced

    • No plan cancellation fees..

  • OP are you saying go in store to a Vodafone store and buy it outright and they’ll give it to you for $1116?

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      This happened to previous google pixel deal, not sure about iPhone, that's why i said to try your luck.

      • Do you know how much the plan cancellation fee is?

    • Vodafone have no contract on the service plans as it is month to month ie No locked in contract on service plans if you purchase the phone which is done as an interest free payback over 12,24 or 36 months. T&C are that only the first month of the Service Plan is required and then you can cancel the service plan. the only obligation is that you need to pay back the phone whatever is outstanding.

      • Oh sh*t I thought I can just pay the phone over 36 month

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    New phone coming this month

    • With these quality components, storage … price?
      You are guessing. The rumours are for a new low end model.
      This is a good price for the 512 no question.

    • This month!! They normally come out around September, later in the year.
      Besides that, there have been massive delays on the next iPhone due to the Corona virus.

      • I think his referring to iPhone 9/ SE2. The flagship iPhone comes out in September announcement.

    • I wouldn't bet on that

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    Is this the 2018 model? I'm losing track.

  • I would use the money to buy some toilet paper instead of the useless phone.

    • Can use bidet…

      • iPhone 9 will have one built in.

  • Would the phone be locked to Vodafone only?

  • Thanks. Need a new one to replace my old ip8

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    Damn Im still using my 6s. Honestly I cant be bothered upgrading, but battery is gone and things are slower.
    But what I am going to actually do on the latest phone that I dont do on a 6s? Photos might be better sure, but otherwise I cant really come up with a valid reason to upgrade.

    • +1

      Same, my old 6S Plus was playing up a bit so I took it to the Apple store a couple of years ago (before the 2 year post-purchase period ended where ACL generally applies).

      Was expecting to pay the discounted $39 replacement battery fee at the time or get it for free under ACL but surprisingly they decided to just give me a completely new replacement 6S Plus (likely a returned 6S Plus with brand new outer casing and battery) for free after they did some tests on my old one.

      Still runs great. A relatively inexpensive battery replacement will likely keep your 6S going strong for a couple of years.

  • any end date?

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    There is 100% cashback at shopback for 24/36 months plan with handset if anyone interested

    • how does that even work with the 100% cashback!?

    • Hi, I'm interested in this, what cashback do you get back? Surely not 100% of what you pay?

  • Did anyone get bumped down to a 256GB model?

    They said they had no more stock of it (even though my original order was for the 512GB) and asked me if I would still be willing to accept the month to month plan with the 256GB model

    • Damn, missed out …
      Not so much a deal with half the storage.

      • Yes now it's pretty similar to the Good Guys 12 months Telstra plan offer if you cancel that immediately (but with Space Grey as only colour option for XS Max while the Vodafone options are Silver or Gold only)

  • I received the package today but there's only the Sim. When will the phone be delivered? Their whole call center don't answer at all

    • same here. only the sim. no phone. seems like we might get charged as this sim automatically activates after certain days

      • So does anyone know what to do because there's no way to contact Vodafone whatsoever?

        • Still not receive your phone?
          Have you tried online chat?

          • @jassssone: What's the link for the chat? Thanks

            • @winniepoohspying: There is no direct link for online chat, when you stay on phone or plan page for few minutes, then online chat will be poped up, don't know if it's still same

        • I have used their support link > compliments and complaints.
          used the online form and enquired (complaints).
          got a reply after 2 business days. apparently no 512GB version in stock. asked them to cancel the plan.
          haven't receive the confirmation yet.

    • Same here. They put my order on Back Order and sent me the sim. No ETA of when the stock would be back. It wasted nearly 3 hours of my time to cancel my plan. Vodafone's customer service is the worst and I will never use them again.

  • This is the reply after 2 weeks

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have reviewed your order this afternoon and unfortunately it looks like your order has been cancelled due to the iPhone XS Max 512GB becoming end of life.

    This means that we have had to cancel your order As part of this process we will waive all charges that will generated for this device.

    Once this process is completed you will be able to place a new upgrade order through your My Vodafone account.

    Kind regards,

    Really waived the charges, charges for service not provided.

    • When did you put order? and from store or online?

      • 14th of March order put through over the web. Finalised on the 15th over the phone. Due to verification issue.

        • When i bought it they showed the serial number of the one i purchased on the contract. Thats so weird, where did that phone with my serial number go?

  • Yep got mine cancelled after many weeks of waiting. Had to follow up through their "complaint" form on the web and a week later received the email saying the phone is out of stock! Not happy.

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