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Dick Smith Online Telstra Prepaid HTC Wildfire S $199


Good value for $199, especially on the Telstra network. Comes in two colours as well.

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  • If you buy a pre paid phone locked to a network can you just remove the pre paid SIM when it's done and insert a currently owned SIM from that provider without any hassles ?

  • NOTE - this is the "WILDFIRE S", which is the newer, better version. The plain "Wildfire" is a lower-res screen (240x320) compared to the S with 320x480. There are probably other differences too.

  • Anyway to unlock it free like HTC Legend from Vodafone?

    • I'd like to know this too. Telstra's own unlocking fees are always too high :(

  • my brother has the plain wildfire phone.
    it was so slow, it couldn't even run Angry Birds
    don't know if this one is any better.

  • $80 more and you can get yourself a Huawei X5 unlocked, however that doesnt operate on the NextG network.

  • I just got myself a Huawei Sonic last month, $180 buy out, installed plenty of games into it and works perfectly fine for me. If you are looking for cheap string-free Android phone, this is a good bet!

  • Hey all,
    Bought one last weekend from the Telstra shop and put my own Telstra sim straight in. It's a nice phone.

    This model phone is $384 outright from Telstra, so this is an awesome price drop for Telstra network users who won't be affected by the network lock.
    Of course, if you are not a Telstra customer then go to your own carrier's store.

    I enquired about unlocking, here's a rough run-down:
    After 2 years unlocking is free. It was over $100 to unlock immediately, and $25 or so to unlock after 1 year.

  • I was gonna buy this then I thought do I need slow ass phone? Thanks to ozbargin I have a galaxy Tab I never use and a ZTE Bubble that does nothing plus my iPhone

    Plus the Galaxy 5 was just posted for $99 and has he same specs! Pass

    • Anyone know what model number this is? As I have a TPG SIM which is on Optus network and want to figure out if it will work on Optus city & rural networks.

      No helpful souls at 2x DSE I called!

      I see unlock sites charging $25 which I think is reasonable and for $224 an unlock wildfire S from retail outlets is pretty good value.

      Sorry, as newbie I didn't realise it would post reply to the last person and not OP.