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Samsung RU8000 Series 8 (2019) 55" UHD TV $840 + $40 Metro Delivery ($0 Sydney C&C) @ Appliance Central eBay


eBay 20% off promotion on this tv - matches the historical lowest price from 6 weeks ago.

According to rtings.com this is a good all rounder of a tv with good Samsung remote and interface.

The store is based in Villawood in Sydney. If you want to click and collect you need to purchase through eBay. I called the store and they confirmed this is the process as it’s eBay who pass on the 20% discount and not the store itself. $40 metro delivery not bad though.

I rang JB and they would not price match the eBay price.

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    I got the 65" at the end of last year through these guys for $1,250. It's great tv for gamers and even has steam link support built in. It's no LG C9, but wildy cheaper.

    What came as a real suprise was the ability to get 120hz at 2k PC gaming when directly plugged in through HDMI. Steam link only seems to work 1080p 60hz.

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      Oh I didn't know SteamLink was built-in. I have very low expectations of "smart TVs" but I think it's still really handy to have a built-in SteamLink even if it's only at 1080p 60Hz! Worst case I will not use the smart TV features and instead stream games using my own powerful external box (like a games console)!


    This or the Hisense R7? Rtings doesn't have the R7 unfortunately.

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      If you ever have the choice between Hisense/Haier/Huawei/Xiaomi/ZTE/Lenovo and Samsung, always choose the Samsung.

      Samsung has a better reputation for reliability. And a smart TV from South Korea is less likely to be used for cyber attacks compared to a Chinese brand (you probably shouldn't plug either into your network though!) Samsung have been divesting from China as much as they can (all Samsung phones are made outside China, mostly Vietnam these days), so they are less affected by COVID-19 supply shortages.

      Finally, you probably should try and avoid giving mass human rights abusers like the Chinese Communist Party any money if you can. Since the 1990s South Korea has become a vibrant open democracy and it's good to support countries which don't get ahead by hacking and stealing like the CCP gets accused of every day.

      As for TVs, Samsung and LG are world leaders in OLED technology. They were the first to mass manufacture them and continue to make the best displays (they supply most monitor manufacturers including iPhones, Macs etc). What you do with your money is your business though, so definitely make up your own mind!


      I just got the 50R7 from videopro eBay for $549.60 pickup using this code.


        Any particular reason the R7 as opose to one of the Samsung? Besides price?


          Price and screen size, for my space. TBH they looked pretty similar screen wise and if I was going the larger size I might have stumped extra for Samsung, although I would prefer local dimming..

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    Just to add, this TV has Apple AirPlay built in, which is cool


    I am not familiar with Samsung version numbers. This is the RU8000 which is Series 8 so that is 2019 TV right? And the RU7100 was Series 7 which is 2018?

    So is there a 2020 / Series 9 version of this TV? Some kind of RU9xxx model? If so, what are the differences?

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      The “Series” designation isn’t by year, but by pricing tier. RU7100 and RU8000 are both 2019 models. 7100 is entry level and 8000 is more midrange with 120Hz, FreeSync support, and slightly better brightness.

      The 2020 models aren’t available yet as far as I know.

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      Going by previous incarnations, the 2020 version is likely to be the SU8000.

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    this is not made in Japan so is of poor quality and engineering.


      Mind elaborating a bit further please?

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        Samsung TVs have a pretty good reputation. OLED displays are made mostly by LG and Samsung, but manufacturers in China are recently getting in on the action. Japan has a well earned reputation for high quality products (especially Sony).

        Samsung being the number 1 consumer electronics company is a newer phenomenon and South Korean and has a slightly worse reputation than Sony for quality (see the the exploding Galaxy Note issue from 2016), but they are a company that makes overall make very good products. Like Japan, SK has a perfectionist culture where everyone works very hard (too hard actually. They don't have enough children). Importantly, South Korea and Japan don't have state-backed industrial espionage systems and both play by the international rules unlike other nations in the region so you know the products you buy weren't built using stolen technology (Huawei became big based on stolen Cisco and Nortel designs after the People's Liberation Army hacked Canadian company Nortel for about a decade. Nortel went out of business because of this. Look it up, it's true!).

        In short, you're pretty safe buying a Samsung, LG and Sony TVs. Check the exact model on productreview.com.au and watch some YouTube reviews just to be sure though.


      Are you from 80s or something?


    is the 65 inch was 1k id buy it


    I have a 65 inch one of these. This TV will automatically scan for new devices whenever there's a new device added, but it'll also do it whenever it finds an existing device that hasn't been "set up". It also happens randomly.

    Specifically, I have issues with my Nvidia Shield. Sometimes when I turn on the Shield, the TV (instead of switching to the Shield) will "scan for devices". It's infuriating. I can't find where to turn it off.

    The TV doesn't have a selection for the Nvidia Shield, despite having brands like Boxee and Xiaomi. If I select a random device it'll stop scanning, but because the device isn't correctly set up the HDMI CEC remote controls stop working.

    I'm genuinely tempted to sell the TV, but love 1440p 120hz. Not sure what other TVs have this, especially at this price range.

    Other than this weird HDMI scanning issue, the TV is really quite nice. Refresh rate and response time is amazing for gaming, and we find the blacks deep "enough" for us not to crave an OLED.

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      hisense r8?


      Have you tried unplugging everything from the power socket, leaving it for a minute, and then turning everything back on with the Shield in a different HDMI port?


      Hm, this would be enough to dissuade me from a purchase to be honest. I use my Shield religiously. Anyone else running a similar setup that could weigh in?


        strange, i have a 10 year old 1080p sony lcd tv that does not do that with my vodaphone tv, you would expect the newer tv's not to have these little annoying issues


    This code is working again - same price/details, expiration showing as 26 March
    Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/UA55RU8000WXXY-Samsung-Series-8-...