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Logitech G29 / G920 - $328 @ Harvey Norman (Price Matched at JB Hi-Fi)


Been in the market for a sim-racing wheel for ages; just really got into it on GT Sport. (G29 = PS4/PC, G920 = XBOX/PC).

I was trying to hold out for a specific sale but I had to really look around to find something. If anyone knows of any other deals or potential steals please let me know!!!

Harvey Norman is selling them for $328, far by the cheapest I've seen. I went to EB Games Dapto for a price match yesterday but they declined saying the gap was 'too significant'. However, JBHIFI gladly matched Harvey Norman's price.

If you're looking for a shifter with it too … that's the option I went with; JBHIFI sells it in a bundle (online only) for both the G29 and G920 - you'll need to put the shifter and the wheel into your cart, and the discount will be applied automatically, it's online only so you will need to click and collect. I picked mine up for $399 at JB-HI-FI Wollongong, and received confirmation that it's an online only deal and not available in store.


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Note that either will wheel work directly on PC.

  • Hmm i think they were 260 or so a year or so ago. Just wonder if there is gonna be new release for Series X. I mean, i know every peripheral on Xbox One will work on Series X so it shouldnt matter really but u'd want to be sure with such an investment i guess!

  • What's the best budget-priced stand for these wheels, does anybody know? Or can they easily attach to a desk (without scratching it up)?

  • For those of us currently missing the suburban traffic - I propose that we each purchase one these, agree on a suitable driving sim and spend half an hour stationery on in a queue, before doing a u-turn and heading home. It's important to keep routines up at the moment, guys.

  • Cheaper at Gamesmen ebay for Plus members same link as this

    • Yep, I considered this but I don't have Ebay Plus but I didn't want to wait for the wheel to be delivered (or pay postage if I got it off of their website). So I thought $399 was reasonable as I got it today, whereas if I got it off of gamesmen for $388 with postage ($15 I believe?) it works out to be more expensive, but I think its free postage on ebay. I guess it's down to personal preference at the end of the day

      • The shifter is quite bad. Much better off to save money and not get it.

        • Ooops, oh well. I paid via zip, and they now offer mastercard payment online to your zip so if I wanted to return it id get refunded cash rather than if I paid via giftcard in store (paid via zip) id have no flexibility via giftcard. I was just sick of looking around to be fair.

        • Agreed. Only buy if you must have it.

          • @Piranha2004: Should I return it then? Like if I don't need it then I don't see the point - thought id get it for rally games etc. Add a bit of diversity to the setup/functionality of the wheel (I know there are shifter paddles):)

            • @bigchungus: I'm not sure what their problem with the shifter is, I think it's quite good for the price.

              I used to used it as not very effective (because it's not analogue) handbrake for rally games. Not much else to go with if you use the flappy paddles as gear up and down.

  • Theyve been 278 at HN on pricehipster