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Logitech G920 (& G29) Steering Wheel for Xbox One/PC (& PS3/PS4/PC) for $266.86 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Been waiting for a non-eBay plus coupon for this product, and here we go thanks to dealbot for the PLATEAU code.

Steering wheel has come down to $266.86 delivered with the PLATEAU code from the Gamesmen eBay store (please don’t forget to apply it at the checkout). Compatible with Xbox One and PC. As usual, don’t forget cashback (ShopBack). Finally pulled the trigger on this one. Enjoy.

Original Coupon Deal

Also for the same price is the Logitech G29 for PS3/PS4/PC (credit to hybridx) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Logitech-G29-Steering-Wheel-PS3-...?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • PS4 Logitech G29 version too

    • Nice. I got too excited posting the deal and purchasing that I forgot to ad that! (I’m not associated with The Gamesmen, but I wish I was lol)

    • Yeah I got that one a few days ago, still works for PC and is apparently a bit better all around (apart from the colors) vs the G920

      • Oh damn, did not know it worked with PC. I’m a PS person…would not have minded the other logo…oh well

        • It does, but more games have active xbox controller button support. IE, it is more likely a game will show the xbox buttons on the screen than the playstation ones. This can matter for games with quicktime events and tutorials.

          • @RI4V4N: Quick time events in a racing game?

            I use the Playstation one and the only buttons that can be confusing are the Cross, Square, Circle, and Triangle buttons that show up as 1, 2, 3, and 4 on most games. It's not hard to learn which ones they mean though and I am never confused when I see them.

      • still works for PC and is apparently a bit better all around (apart from the colors) vs the G920

        It isn't, they're the same device albeit that the G29 has some PS4 only features like rev lights.

      • Gamesmen kindly refunded and I purchased the G29 instead. Thanks again for the info

    • And with a Mayflash or COOV adaptor, the G29 works with the Nintendo Switch as well!

    • Oh come on, the next generation consoles haven't even been announced/released yet, you can't cancel these out just yet.

  • How come there is no shifter??

  • I have the PC/PS version of this with shifter collecting dust, used couple of times, never felt the connection, would rather drive a prius in real life than a ferrari in a game. Really should sell mine (ACT). lol.

    • Probably good for kids! I always wanted one when I was young, now I dont feel like using it even if I was given one for free.

    • I use the PC/PS version on Asseto Corsa and Dirty Rally and have heaps of fun.
      The problem with Sim racers is you really need to tune your experience to get it to feel right.

      I would much rather cut a few laps in my sim around Bathrust when I would drive a Prius.

    • Just curious how much you'd sell it for if you were willing to ship it to VIC?

  • Ah frak, I should've waited a week or so, could've saved twenty bucks.

  • Would definitely recommend this at this price, its a brilliant system and the feedback is real strong. I play Forza on 80% feedback and still struggle to control spin outs and the such when they happen! The only problem I find is that when using cockpit view on Forza Motorsport 6, Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Horizon 3, the wheel on the screen only spins about 90° whereas the wheel in your hand can spin up to 700° iirc. It takes you out of the immersion a little bit but I usually just turn my maximum wheel spin down to 100° as it's much easier to control the cars at high speeds anyway. I'm unsure if this is the same for new Forza games or other sims.

    Just keep in mind that it does take up a lot of room in the house and may not get played often. Me and my dad built a little racing sim set up with PVC piping for it about 4 years ago and sometime I won't play it for weeks on end so it's just sitting there taking up room. But if you have a spot for it then definitely get it! Oh and be sure to play with a sub woofer, it's 100x better.

  • this is so bloody cheap. i paid $349 with the shifter from last deal

  • Good price. Great with PSVR. (Driveclub is recommended, wipeout is fun but nausea will follow lol)

    Also, you don't need a shifter. It's not that great so save your money. If you're expecting it to be the same as a manual car shifter, you'll get disappointed.

  • bought one - thanks OP

  • now it's $311.06