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[eBay Plus] Bose 700 Headphones $399 | AirPods $99 | RM Williams Boots $399 | Xiaomi Air Purifier $179 | LEGO SW $199 @ eBay


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PS. Before you go and buy the $10 SD cards @ Harvey Norman, I believe there will be micro SD cards for 99 cents that haven't been mentioned in the article.

Thursday 19 March – 10am AEST

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones 700: $399 (RRP $599.95, save $200.95)
    Link to item. Promo code PAJ17.
    100 available each at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm.

Friday 20 March – 9am AEST

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H: $179 (RRP $299.95, save $120.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PDB16.
    300 units available Expired
  • Zinus Memory Foam Mattress: $249 (RRP: $399, save $150)
    Link to Item. Promo code PNA13.
    200 units available
  • 300W Folding Solar Panel: $199 (RRP: $289, save $90)
    Link to Item. Promo code PJJ19.
    200 units available
  • Suunto 5 G1 Fitness Watch: $199 (RRP: $449.95, save $250.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PFC91.
    300 units available
  • Zinus Ironline Queen Bed Frame: $199 (RRP: $299, save $100)
    Link to Item. Promo code PZX58.
    200 units available
  • LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander: $199 (RRP: $367.40, save $168.40)
    Link to Item. Promo code PPM15.
    100 units available
  • Parlux Ardent Ionic Hair Dryer: $179 (RRP: $219.95, save $40.95)
    Link to Item. Promo code PGA58.
    300 units available

Friday 20 March – 10am AEST

Note: The Apple Airpods, R.M. Williams Boots and Dyson V7 all share the same coupon code (Maximum of 1 Transaction Per Coupon).

Friday 20 March – 11am AEST

Friday 20 March – 12pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 1pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 2pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 3pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 4pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 5pm AEST

Friday 20 March – 6pm AEST


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    • Why would you checkout even though the code did not work?

      • Time is of the essence

      • Because you either get it for $99 or you get your money back?

    • +1

      Wireless1: Doing something wrong for 3min and $1,000 in the pocket doesn't feel too bad, huh?
      - eBay AU: Tell me about it. Let's do it again at 2pm.

      • +1

        Lol, wireless1 sold 80 Airpods around 10AM and is now sold out…

  • OP, any word on the SD Cards?

  • +1

    Just got another pair of RMs for 400$ not behd.

    • Did you put your code in the 'Gift cards, vouchers, coupons' box?
      Says 'Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.' for me

      • Code just worked for me now for a pair of RM Williams.

      • Weird. Worked for me, not sure if that was just the "weve run out error". Another weird thing - they charged me 7$ postage then refunded me.

        • Just worked fine for me.

  • So it seems you have to choose between the AirPods and RM Williams? Same code is being used but limited use of 1

  • +1

    I lost this sale from Titan Gear SO MANY TIMES.

    I genuinely need Airpods. I have to revert between two iOS devices for work - one with lightning and the other with aux. I feel defeated… haha

    • +8

      I genuinely need Airpods


    • Why? It should be lesson because from last time it was the same situation with all.

    • Ive used those amazon truebeats with success a few times, have you tried those?

  • People talk shit here that deal is fake and they always stand first to take the deal again and again.

  • RM WIlliams code not working too?!

  • so wrong link at 10am.. FAIL..

  • Omg i was provided with wrong link from ebay and accidentally purchased.. two..
    one cuz i pressed wrong
    Second with promo code n pressed
    But yeah.. panic purchase..
    I did ask to cancel straight away but would it be alright?
    What am i supposed to do? Suggestions? sad ☹️
    Today Ebay just lost one faithful user..

    • +1

      The seller will cancel. You and 50+ other people are in the same boat because of useless ebay

      • If the seller do, they will lose the PayPal fee due to new T&C.

        $7.51 per item at $249. 80 units sold, that's $601.68 out of pocket.

        • No they don't. If the buyer submits a cancellation notice no one is out of pocket as the seller fees are refunded to the seller.
          Just go in and choose "request to cancel"

    • I did that last time. Titan Gear will refund you.

  • Do you guys think it's going to be the same seller at 2pm?
    I'm pretty sure these guys stuffed up the link on purpose.

    • +1

      Will be the same seller so if you have the item on the checkout page, you have a decent chance of getting one provided you enter all payment info before hand and start spam click the checkout button around at 1:59:45 until you see the success or failure page…

      • Thanks mate, but unfortunately I do not have the item in cart, credit goes to ebay for screwing up the link and sending me to Wireless_1 instead of titan gear.

    • +1

      If you still have the checkout page with titan gear airpods, don't leave.
      Put the code typed in, when the bell rings again at 2:00:00pm, apply the code then and checkout. easy

      • I wish buddy, but I have Wireless_1 airpods in the cart atm. </3

  • Anyone know if the code will be same or different at 2pm?

    • different

      • Thanks

      • I think they might be the same otherwise they'll not be able to stop people who already purchased one from buying another.

    • No last time from same deal, same seller: titan_gear the code was same for whole day.

  • I actually tried to buy the wine. Code "wasnt ready yet" now the wine is removed from the deal page. Quality ebay.

  • I think eBay did this on purpose. Maybe the store will be changed next drop at 2pm and titan_gear will sell lots of them at $249.

    • This is what I think too! Switcheroo. I don't think eBay will switch sellers again but we'll see. All Airpods have previously been from titan gear

  • any of you experience the same thing? at 10 AM sharp, code didn't work, and finally at 10.02 code works but it sold out.Y_Y

    • Read the comments above.

    • eBay throw wrong seller on the page at 10:00:00am. Eventually it got changed to proper one at 10:02:00am

      • no both time seller was same

        • +1

          no, it was wireless1 but the sale was on titan gear.

    • Code didnt work for me at all, still isnt working lol. I had wireless_1 airpods in cart, you probably had the actual titan_gear ones.

  • +2

    So this is in AEDT not AEST as listed? Now I'll have to try again at 1pm AEST!

  • Just bought the air purifier. Many thanks for posting op :-)
    Only downside is it doesn't have a UV-C light for sterilisation as the Ionmax ION420 Electric Air Purifier does https://www.ebay.com.au/p/22034416522 but it's still a great price!

    • i don't c the point of having UV-C light, most of the virus can not live in the air at high enough levels to be a risk.
      even if they can, i don't think the air purifier could suck it in be4 u do.

  • Bought my first pair of RM's - thanks OP. For all the other ones out there who have bought - yes I did go into a store and got fitted.. found it interesting that the best fit for me was RM/AU 9.5, which equates to a US 10.5, even if normally I'm a US 9.5. Do most of you find that this is the case for you?

    Also since I just dropped $400, is there a way of checking if they're real RM's? Or is counterfeiting not a thing with them? Sorry if being paranoid!

    • Seller is trusted I wouldn't worry about fakes, never heard about counterfeit ones.
      I just grabbed a pair, they are great shoes.

  • How long did it take for AirPods to sell out ?

    • About 90 seconds.

      For the first two or so minutes, the link from the eBay Plus landing page lead to the wrong listing. It wasn't until after that, they then corrected it. However, it didn't stop 50+ purchases of the full RRP (of $249.95) on the wrong listing.

  • +5

    Good Service from Wireless 1:

    Hi XXX,

    No worries, we will have your order cancelled and refunded as per your request. You will receive an eBay message once the cancellation is processed.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Please note, we aren't actually part of the $99 deal, ebay had by mistake put inn the wrong link for the deal.

    Kind regards,
    Wireless 1 Team

  • Is the 2pm AirPods supplier going to be the same as the 10am?

    • yep and code is same.

      • How do you know? Has it been like this in past Airpod deals?

  • Is the Dyson V7 Motorhead good value at $319?

  • What was the airpod code?

    • The 10am code was PJP71 (which is shared with R.M. Williams Boots and Dyson V7)

      No idea if they will keep or change the code (most likely same code based on past promotions).

      • ah cheers mate! Hopefully they dont

      • do you have a link by any chance?

    • Same as the Dyson v7

  • Has anyone who purchased the eBay Plus with a $50 eBay voucher been able to redeem it at the same time?

    • In the Black Friday deals last year, I got an Apple Watch using the $50 voucher.

      • In this case, we needed to put in the coupon code. But I'm glad you got a deal! How is the watch holding up?

        • It was a present for my girlfriend. She loves it!

  • +15

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123932436002 - airpods back in stock now!

    Mod edit: Code is PJP71

    • +1

      ooft no idea why its in stock but got one thanks. Did they put the stock back up too early? It was meant to drop at 2pm

      Hopefully not cancelled

    • thanks mate!

    • Thanks Mate!

    • Thank you so much, just happened to see you post and got one!

    • code worked and bought! thanks

    • Bought one too. Thanks

  • Got a set. Winning! Makes mandatory quarantine at home worth it! :-D

  • +1

    OMFG, got one, its in stock again

  • Lol just checked and like I can’t believe it’s in stock. So breeze through checkout and bam, $99. Must be new tactic by eBay to release outside official hour.

  • Can you get another set at 2pm if you just got one

    • Nope, it shared the same coupon code and it Single Use.

      • how did people get three last time (NOV 2019) ?

        • I don't think anyone got 3 of the same items, unless they used different accounts.

  • randomly checked the page and it was back in stock! finally got myself one of these after so many tries in the past!

  • +1

    eBay stuffs up in our favour for once.

  • They have sold way more than 100 in this latest drop

    • Makes me worried!

      • -1

        bet it gets cancelled. zzz

    • 1118 sold

  • Ok so thats weird, refreshed page for Airpods and it was open. Code worked no problem. Transaction complete.

  • Just to update, I was able to order the Airpords for $99 at 12:05PM AEST.

  • just ordered 1 now