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Apple Homepod $299 @ JB Hi-Fi (OW Price Beat $284)


Looks like a decent deal for the Pod. Cheers to Price hipster :)

Apple Homepod $299 @ JB Hi-Fi (OW Price Beat $284)

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    Thats a decent drop - almost certain there is a homepod 2 around the corner

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      I hope they make significant improvements if thats the case.

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        I'm actually pretty happy with mine, got it for around $350 6 or so months ago. It does its job - sound it produces is great.

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        What improvements would you expect? I heard that the sound is excellent.

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          As a speaker: The sound is incredible, I would compare it to my parent's Yamaha soundbar with bass speaker. I am planning on getting a second one so we can have one on each side of the TV.

          As a smart device: Could be better, can't do a lot of things I can do from my iPhone that I had expected it would.

          • @khesanh: Did you know you can handoff music/podcasts from your phone to the HomePod by putting your phone next to it?

            • @SirDale: You tap your phone on the top of the speaker and it starts playing through the HomePod!

        • the sound is really great.

          but the rest of it is very shit, wont play australian radio, have to fiddle with apple tv almost everytime to use it with and it's dedicated to apple tv.
          worst apple product if it wasnt for the incredible sound i'd take it back

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            @millusions: I read somewhere in a new tvOS update that there is a new option in ATV settings to force the HomePod to keep its Apple TV connection.
            Give it a search.

          • @millusions: I listen to radio stations (Sydney based) all the time with no issues, I never have to fiddle with Apple TV and like you say - sounds awesome.

            Love how it knows who wants to listen to music and chooses based on their preferences, and controls all our smart home devices beautifully.

            One of my favourite Apple products!

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          Id like it to work better with appleTV which is the main reason i bought it for. like you know Siri play netflix, siri turn tv on/off, etc

      • Love mine, sound is fantastic

  • anyone recommend getting 2 for stereo sound ? already have 1

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      I only have the one however from all reviews and reports i have seen getting another significantly adds to the sound and experience.

    • Yes.

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      Best get 3 for thereo

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        Mike Tyson would still get two.

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      I have a stereo pair and love it. Sound is excellent. Great soundstage and very clear bass. I play things like jazz, acoustic, pop etc nothing too heavy

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    I hear the new one makes coffee as well..

  • Pull the trigger, bought one 2 years ago, decent, recommended to buy if you have all apple devices, playing with android it sucks. Home App is good and siri is dump dump but usable

    • Really feels like they cut a large part of the market out when they don't make it compatible with Android devices.

  • HomePod 2 coming….

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      Even if this is true, it will be overpriced as Apple usually is with launch of new products.

  • Waited so long for this that I have invested in a better sound system (Bose) and smart speaker ecosystem (Amazon). Wondering what better can this speaker add if I spend on Airplay Ecosystem knowing this one doesn't want to work with non-apple music streaming service and won't be able to control anything like my TV etc.

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      Should work with Spotify now, right? I can tell Siri on my iPhone to play whatever through Spotify

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        Tested just now
        Ive got Bose soundtouch10 in one of the rooms which recenlty got updated with airplay2 support, can confirm saying “hey Siri, please play Spotify in bedroom” and it works :)

    • Controls my Sony TV

      • Do you see your Sony tv in HomeKit?

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    Good job OP, I have been eyeing off one for a while. Got alerted by Price hipster (sign up if you don't have it) and knew it was a great price. Officeworks had very low stock and based on my past experiences I did not wait and got it done asap. The store I went to Garden City (QLD) only had 2 in stock and they sort of made a big deal about the price match (when in the past they did not care at all, aka apple watch 5 at Xmas time). They only had white, going to swap this with my echo dot (currently in the kitchen), I know the sound will be a lot better! Also given I add a lot of my stuff into homekit via home assistant all of my devices are easy to access (for the echo I had to create other workarounds like using Node-Red). Very happy!


  • This or the sonos 1… already have two sonos ones and like Alexa but always wanted one of these hmmm

    • If you've invested in Sonos already, stick with the Sonos.

      • True. I think you’re right. Can still link via airplay but having Alexa and Siri in same house is but dumb

  • they need to sell this for $99 in ebay hourly sale, might consider.

  • Homepods for $600 a pair, maybe you are better off getting the Edifier S3000Pro for $10 more from this comment here. (eBay Plus only).

  • Just asking as it is a speaker discussion, as a music lover, I prefer 2.1 set up over anything, great bass and amazing output from stereo speakers. What are your thoughts? As if I’ll buy this, will be definitely 2 to enjoy stereo output.

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      Depends how fussy you are with audio.
      IMO HomePods are glorified 360 degree smart-speakers (probably one of the best smart-speakers). Only thing impressive was the bass for its size. It gets loud, but when loud the DSP compresses the sound more.

      If you are fussy and need proper Hi-Fi speaker sound then IMO go with conventional bookshelf design speakers.

    • If second hand isnt a problem, go to stereo.net.au and check the classified forums.
      Audiophiles are serial upgraders so there's a steady supply of quality speakers in amazing condition, which would blow away anything you could do with a pair of smart speakers, or computer speakers. Theres a beautiful pair of Monitor Audio speakers up there right now, pair with a nice amp and you'll have something that lasts for years

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    best sounding (but dumbest) smart speaker lol, oh and before you neg I own 2 and they actually sound amazing in stereo

    • I totally agree. Sounds great but Siri is pretty dumb and slow.

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    with the plunging AUD, this must be the lowest price in the whole world.

    • Picked one up at JB yesterday. Staff didn’t even know it was on sale and were surprised with the price. They had to double check

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up. A decent enough discount - got this instead of a stereo system as we aren’t too fussed with audio quality, big volume or bass. This is perfect!

  • Does anyone know the price of these in Costco?
    Also, if anyone knows of any stocks in and around Campbelltown NSW area in officeworks? I had a look at their site and it shows zero stocks and also not available for online purchase. Makes me think, this is a clear out for newer model.

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    Officeworks have now beaten this price by $1.