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[eBay Plus] Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 500GB $160.65 Delivered (+ $16 Cashback via Redemption) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal

One of the fastest M.2 drives. Decent price with the current cashback offer @ $144.65‬

eBay Plus required for free shipping and 15% code.

Sequential Read Speed - 3,200 MB/sec
Sequential Write Speed - Max 1,900 MB/sec

Samsung Cashback Redemption page

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  • Seems expensive? I paid $143 about a month ago from CA Ebay Store

    Also I thought the Ebay Cashback doesnt work if you use an Ebay Coupon?

    • It's Samsung's cashback.

      • Ah that makes sense.

    • +8

      With the current stock issues and our sheit dollar, this isn't bad.

  • Centrecom had the 1TB for $299 less $31 cashback, I think the price is now $309 though but still good.

    Although you have deal with Centrecom….

  • +1

    Does this come with DRAM? How does it compare with Crucial P1? I know P1 is slower but what I am asking is for NVME, what are the main categories? DRAM and DRAM-less?

    • +1

      It has DRAM. This is pretty much the NVME SSD to get if you want a higher quality SSD. The other alternative is Adata XPG SX8200 Pro.

    • +1

      One of the fastest consumer grade NVMe SSDs at the moment. DRAM is there for sure. P1 is no match. Mixed reads/writes, 970 Pro can beat it, but honestly, for general public, it is unlikely you have those use cases. The only question is whether a new wave of PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSDs are coming…

      You are paying a premium for this SSD.

  • +3

    If you are using this for your gaming PC or home PC and not for any SERIOUS file transfers. Do not buy it, it'd just be a waste of money when you could buy other still great M.2 NVMe drives (TLC + SLC Cache) for $60 less.

    Apart from that good deal.

    • +1

      Any specific model to share for $60 less?

      • Even the Crucial and WD 500Gb drives don’t come out much cheaper than this.

      • Not at the moment. Kingston A2000 1TB was available at this price point last year.
        The issue with cost effective NVMe SSDs is that people purchased them quite quickly so retailers need to get newer batches and the price keeps going up due to AUD constantly getting weaker.

        However, most people don't need NVMe SSDs. There is very little advantage in general use. Honestly, I have an older Samsung NVMe SSD and it has compatibility issue with some boards (so not bootable) and on a NUC, it doesn't always boot.

      • Yeah Kingston A2000 is great. Have one in my system and its blazing fast.

    • This is actually great as a boot drive.

      It's not just about performance, this is also one of the most reliable drives out there.

    • +1

      I need to upgrade the SSD for a laptop that I use for office purposes.

      Can you recommend a decent 500GB M.2 for $60

      • 500GB NVMe M.2 for $60 is not possible but 250 is with Kingston A2000, WD SN500/550 or Crucial P1.

  • Hows the low Aussie dollar going to effect prices?

    • +3

      Weak dollar and a slowdown in manufacture should see prices go up.

    • This is imported, similar to almost all tech products out there

  • Make sure you read to Redemption T&Cs before you decide to take that into account. I ordered 2 Samsung drives and decided not to.

    They wanted BSB and Account Number and basically provided no guarantee that, when they gave it to their international associates, it would be protected.

    (I was going to pursue it, but haven't yet had the time. Sorry…)

    • +1

      Username checks out

    • They’re welcome to have my account details and all of $300 that’s left in there.

    • +1

      Someonehere might be able to help with an account to deposit that into ;-p

    • Um… you have loads in your bank account?

      Anyway, the best solution is to take the photos and give them to a fellow OZBer so another OZBer can claim instead. $25, $50 or $16 cashback… So many of us have so little in our bank account that we have no issue giving out BSB and account number information to get the cashback.

      Or, do a 50/50 split. Pretty sure someone would be willing to do it (by giving out his/her bank account details) to get 50% of the rebate without needing to buy the actual Samsung SSD.

  • ahhh i just bought this last night from futu online for 184 :( i cried when i searched previous deals and saw how cheap it had been.

    • Cheapest was 120 something after cashback, but a lot has changed since then.

      • I paid $121.65 excellent drive well worth the money.

    • I cried buying it for 145 :D

  • I bought the 860 1TB M2 SATA from CA as well last night for $203 after 15% off from 239 prices and $16 cash back rebate makes it $183 if I get it by 30 March (Rebate expires 30 March)

    not the lowest price level, but given the AUD has fallen from north of 70c to south of 60c making everything imported now 12% more expensive, I am buying at the previous x-rate.

    • Thanks just got one for my new NAS.

    • 1TB had more cashback. $32 I think.

  • I thought it was 1 TB for 160 for a second there

  • Is this faster then the ps5 ssd

    • Nah. I'm waiting for the PS5 to come out so I can buy it and use that SSD in my PC.

      • That SSD won't work outside PS5. That SSD needs extra DMA access to realise its potential. Also, Samsung 980 Pro announced. Honestly, most of us cannot properly max out 970 Evo Plus, let alone 980.

        The sequential boost is essentially through DRAM and SLC cache. For gaming, perhaps future gen games can take advantage of that properly (right now, most games don't take advantage of NVMe SSD).

        Most of us get NVMe SSDs just to brag.

    • No, it is not and not only that, it looks like it won't make the official cut for minimum external m.2 SSD requirement (yeah, I know, it does sound crazy as one of the fastest consumer NVMe SSDs cannot even make the cut - it just missed). However, we don't know whether PS5 will reject it or still allow it.

      With PS5, we know the next gen Samsung m.2 980 series are coming (PCIe gen4 support).

  • 1TB version has faster r/w speeds and better durability.

    • And it’s also much more expensive.

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