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[eBay Plus] 15% off Eligible Tech Items @ eBay (15% off iPads/MacBook | Sony WF-1000XM3 $279.65 @ Wireless1 eBay)


Fun fact - did you know that ebay started "eligible item" deals in late 2018?

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEDT) on 2nd March 2020 and ends at 11:59pm (AEDT) on 20th March 2020 (“Offer Period”).
3.Conditions. The offer entitles Plus Members to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible items listed on, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
4.‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed at:

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  • Lovely

    • +9

      Fun fact - did you know I stopped looking at ebay "eligible item" deals in mid 2019?

      I also paid $1 for ebay plus late 2019 and am yet to use it.

      I don't shop there anymore, can't be bothered dealing with ebay and silly mystery discounts is part of why.

      • +1

        amazon is much easier and less scammy..

  • How do you check if you still have eBay+?

  • +3

    I thought 20% off was supposed to be coming soon?

  • +30

    Urgh, "eligible items" and no way to search these deals. Why can't ebay at least make these coupons searchable? It would probably increase their sales.

  • +4

    I needed an item (smart bulb) and it's cheaper somewhere else without the need of a discount code…

    • would be good if you share the something good with compare links with OZB.

  • Only Wireless1?

    • Does it include everything from them?

      • I think not only wireless1 and only Eligible Tech Items.

        The title a bit confused.

      • +1

        No, I just found an LG monitor on their store and it didn't have the discount, whereas a set of Steelseries wireless headphones did.

        • +1

          I don't think big ticket items like monitors, PC cases etc have the discount anymore and they no longer come with free shipping for eBay plus members.

  • +19

    Every second week eBay has a sale that isn't any good. It's all a marketing tactic!! Stop posting deals, that aren't really deals!!

    • +7

      I agree. Last few times it was cheaper to get some parts in store than it was on ebay with inflated prices. From the same store too.

  • +18

    It's becoming a bit like Catch

  • +13

    we should band together and not support ebay until they have better deals and better search function

    when do we want it NOW
    dental plan… lisa needs brace…. dental plan…lisa meed braces

  • Was looking for an Orbi RBK50 but no deals with that…

  • +11

    I don't have time to search…sort your stuff out ebay!

  • +11

    "Eligible" with no search facility = no deal

    • good point, I have copy some valuable comments inc yours forward to my contact in ebay, I have been told they will try to improve it. if you need anything from allphones, you can search here or pm me if you need help

  • +6

    everything wayyyyy overpriced as usual.

  • +7

    the usual ebay tactics while there's no real deal when it's "eligible items only" and no searching method to find those items.

  • +4

    No not again and again with this eligible bullshit, sort your stuff eBay.

  • +5

    Another BS rubbish promo from ebay stayaway. If OzBargainers can't find a bargain, how can the everyday user?!? I for one have blacklisted eBay.

    1. Ebay wants its members to go for Ebay plus membership for a shipping free and or 20 % discount.
    2. Once the plus membership has grown Ebay started 10% discount most of the time and 15% discount instead of 20 % these days..
    • +2

      2.Once the plus membership has grown Ebay started 10% discount most of the time and 15% discount instead of 20 % these days..

      You forgot to mention bullshit "Eligible" only, which is why everyone is getting pissed and over with this.

  • +2

    i have $50 giftcard and $10 voucher come on eBay give good real promo, take it and go !

  • +4

    vote with your feet/wallets etc and don't buy on these sales

    the muppets at eBay will finally figure out why their sales and 'conversions' keep falling

  • +3

    Router im looking at on Wireless1 doesnt have ebayPlus while other items do? Thats a bit shifty

    • RT-AC68U?

      • the big boy GT-AX11000

  • +6

    We used to get 20% off tech sales every few months. Bunch of sellers listed. Easy custom search.

    WTF happened? eBay Plus happened.

  • +2

    I would assume that eBay international is lot more competitive than in oz

  • +4

    I don’t see any bargains listed, and with price jacking and “eligible muster items” this is making a mockery of ozbargain. This is too frustrating.

    • Hi pinchies

      I can see your frustrations, You can check related deals for some repost deals, also feel free to mention what do you need, We will try our best to get you the best possible deals. Thanks!

  • +3

    Just no

  • +2

    No special here as per usual with these targeted sales..

  • +5

    Fun fact - did you know that ebay started "eligible item" deals in late 2018?

    I am not sure what Im meant to do with this 'fun' (or pointless) fact.

  • 4.‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed at:

    Code can't be applied to 1 of the items that I want to buy…sigh…

  • +3

    I guess the Amazon threat was negated so no more site wide discounts, even their subscription based discounts have been narrowed to everything aligning.
    The ebay monopoly doesn't work out for end consumers.

  • Always appreciate your deal posts dealbot, but frustrated with eBay’s practices. Ultimately, if it saves someone a few $$$, I reckon it’s a good deal, but a pain to manually search for specific products.

  • +4

    eBay offers for a far better discount in other countries, without even need to sign up for these eBay Plus bs. Meanwhile, we get offered these kinds of deals in Australia.

  • Hoppin on the neg train. Had an extensive look and can't find a barg.

  • Cannot find good price sofa cover that is eligible, unless I pay double the price for this 15% off. :(

  • Jack strikes again

  • +5

    Wow the OzBargain pushback is finally growing against eBay's sh*tty deals

  • Wireless1 website had a couple of promo codes (as of yesterday) - couldn't find where to enter them though, and shipping fee made me go to their more expensive (for this item) ebay store… since when did they charge ebay plus for delivery?

  • +1

    What a Waste of time.

  • +1

    Why can't we stop posting these 'eligible' deals? Nothing is ever eligible anyway. If they are, stores are prepared for it and price jack. Waste of time

  • How the hell are you supposed to find out what the eligible deals are?

  • Have a sale on … customer can't tell which actual products on sale… it's like going to a shopping center and seeing those up to 50% off sales… Who bothers walking into those shops anymore… ebay going the same way. People can't easily search for what they want.. why bother?

  • +1

    Every item I choose from the URL go to checkout, then this code cannot be applied for this item!

    • Likewise.

  • we're all tired of hunting for 'eligible items'

  • This is getting stupid..

  • Egg hunting any day over these recent eBay $hit d3al5.

  • I don’t see any bargains, neg to oblivion forthcoming.

  • The arlo camera I was watching has jumped from $250 to $300. Waste of time.

    • Hi bensl

      which Arlo camera you after, we have been lower the few prices after deal start, there recorder showing we have increase any arlo price, feelfree to PM me if you see any doubt.

      see Full Arlo list, some mayout of stock not show up will be restock shortly.


  • +1

    Let's boycott ebay

  • can't be bothered posting comment here yet i have to, for the sake of negging it. lol

  • Dear God, NO GOD PLEASE NO!

    Enough of the "Easter Egg Hunt" deals…

  • +1

    Amazon here I come. Buy buy eBay.

    • Hi Crocbgn

      personally I have shop on both eBay and Amazon, agreed some product Amazon are cheaper, eg water, drink and other items, and we also selling on both platform, with this 15% off discount code definately cheaper to buy in eBay, feel free to PM if not the case.

  • Why wireless1 some item eBay Plus free delivery some not?

  • good shit ebay

  • Bought a +1K item with this code today. Cheers op.

    • whats the item? come on dont be shy

      • DJI drone

  • It's is good to see lots of people start to neg this so called eBay "sale".
    Hopefully it will encourage eBay to up their game when they start to see diminishing traffic to their site…

  • Lets beat the positive votes for this useless deal

  • The Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB from Computer Alliance is $594.15 with this coupon code.

    You can get $62 back from the Samsung SSD cashback promo which brings the final price down to $532.15.

    Think this is the cheapest price for this SSD at the moment.

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