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Bonus 10GB Bonus Mobile Data @ Boost Mobile


Thank you Telstra & Boost! After seeing this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/524638 from Twix I thought i'd try entering my Boost pre-paid mobile number (and my wife's too) to see if Telstra were also giving bonus data to Boost customers. We are on the $150 plan and both received a text this afternoon saying "Your 10GB bonus data to use within Australia has been added to your service." It has also appeared on my My Boost account as Bonus Data at the bottom of the My Boost page & the expiry for mine says 17/4.

Try this link if you are having troubles https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/COVID-19

The previous post said Boost wasn't included so I thought this deserved a post of it's own even though the link is the same, but feel free to remove this mods if you don't think it does.

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    I did the same, it worked!

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      So, how long did it take
      to get your

      • Confirmation eMail…?
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      Can't find the form?

      If you're not seeing the form on PC, I'm finding when I click the link, it goes to the page and instantly redirects to another COVID information page.

      If you copy the URL https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/COVID-19 and paste it in the address bar at the top it wont redirect are you can see the form fine.

      Tech note:
      They must be redirecting if there's a referrer address from another domain or something. The reason some people are finding it works in incognito mode is likely they are copying the address across, not actually the mode.

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    Any way to do this without the app?

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      Yes, you need to use the desktop site.

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        Thanks, this worked for me. From my mobile, I had to click the link and then quickly switch to desktop site in Chrome before it loaded the page.

        • Does desktop site require OR allow
          Login (ie, use of your Telstra ID)?

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      Just fill out the form via the link. You dont need the app

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        What link? I could be blind but clicked on the telstra page and it says via app. Tried to search a link on that page but cannot find.

        • It's the main link of the deal, not the two links in the text.

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          It didn't work on Chrome (kept redirecting) for me, but worked on Edge.

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          It's weird, the link initially loads a page where you can enter a number, but it quickly redirects to a page telling you to download the App.
          So you need to hit Escape as soon as the first page partially loads, then you can enter numbers and quick submit.

          I tried chrome, incognito and edge all had the same issue. Best way is to hit escape as soon as the first page begins loading

          Or use an extension that stops redirects (not clued up on that stuff these days!)

        • +1

          The link is weird. Remove everything after and including the ? and it works.

      • did you good ozbargainers get an sms, i did it two days ago still nothing

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    Also worked for me on Belong, or seemed to anyway.

    • How do you logon to telstra app if you are on Belong or Boost?

      • Go to website. Click on OP link.

        • Do I create Telstra ID and logon?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • Bestowal

  • How long does it take for the confirmation?

    • From the linked page:

      We'll send you an SMS to confirm once it's been applied to your account - it should take about 48 hours. It will be available within 48 hours and you'll be notified by SMS once it's been applied.

  • Thanks OP! Worked in Chrome for me and not in Edge/IE.

    • didnt show up for me on chrome but safari worked.

    • Form worked in firefox but not chrome for me.

  • +16

    Thanks for this. But why make people register at all. Why not just apply the extra data to everyone's account?

    • You wouldn't achieve an Ozbargain post with 600+ likes.

  • +8

    Not working on chrome normal mode but worked on incognito mode, registered as Boost customer, THANKS!!!

    • yew bewty, thanks for sharing

    • Brilliant!

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    So with this 10GB bonus data, do you have to use your hard earned data before it uses your 10GB bonus data?
    For example the OP has (I'm assuming) $150 80GB 12 month prepaid plan, if you have 80GB left and Telstra/Boost adds on 10GB bonus data, will you start using your 10GB bonus data first or will it only use the 10GB bonus data after you've used your 80GB that you had paid for first. Therefore by the proposed expiry date of 17/4 you may not have got close to using the bonus data?!

    • Good question!

    • +18

      Great question. It has automatically started using the Bonus Data first - so currently mine is 9.36GB.

      • +2

        How do you check if you had received Bonus Data on Boost Mobile app?

        • +3

          Click on the 'data left' heading and it opens to My Boost. If you have Bonus Data it will be at the bottom of the table there. It does take up to 48hrs to arrive though, in case you just signed up.

      • @Coastie Thanks, good to know!!

    • Its only for 30 days max. The Unused extra data expires after 28-30 days (depending on your plan) and will not rollover.

    • In reply to my own question, I have the 365 day 240GB Boost plan. I now have a separate section in "My Balance" called "Bonus Data" where there is 10GB with an expiry date of 18/4 and this data is being used and my standard data has not changed in a few days, so, good deal!!

  • Hopefully mine works.

  • -1

    is Belong eligible ?

    • +3

      Try it and let us know :)

      • It did not work for Belong Mobile. No SMS = Fail.

        • +1

          Can take up to 48 hours and some people aren't getting the SMS. Better off checking balance.

  • +1

    See how we go. Thanks for the post @Coastie

  • Can't see the form? Keeps saying use the app? I'm with Belong/Boost

    • +2

      Try incognito mode

  • +5

    Just tried with Belong and it confirmed on the form but it also confirmed Joe Bloggs on 0444 444 444 so I guess that doesn't say much.

    • +9

      Hey that's me, thanks sk3iron!

      • +2

        Anytime, happy to help. Also who'd you have to kill to get that number?

    • No way for Telstra to add data to your Belong account. Telstra and Boost share a billing system making this work.

    • +1

      $150 a year

      • +3

        Ah well that makes more sense!

  • +2

    No SMS yet

  • +2

    Thanks OP!

    Nothing to lose, 10GB to gain.

  • +1

    How to avail it on boost mobile? What link?

  • +3

    Thanks OP.

    Never would've bothered trying without reading about someone's success.

  • Thanks. Registered. Awaiting SMS :-)

  • +1

    Omg I can't get this form to show up on incognito or anything

  • Amaysim gave all their customers an extra 30G too.

  • using chrome INCOGNITO mode: shows the forms to be filled up.
    I have added my boost(12 months plan) & my wife's kogan(3 months plan) number there.
    Let's see which one worked.

    • +1

      My boost worked, and logically Kogan didn’t work(as it is not in Telestra network)
      Your 10GB bonus data to use within Australia has been added to your service. You can monitor your data usage via the Telstra 24x7 and My Telstra Apps. Thanks for being with Telstra Pre-Paid.

  • I am confused. I got to page, then login to My Telstra. THen i see screen no account found. What exactly do you need to do to redeem this?

    • Open the link from the title in a desktop page, and you will get a page to enter your mobile number.

      • THanks a lot. Worked.

  • +1

    Thanks, waiting for sms.

  • It seemed to go through with ALDImobile too, I'll see if I get an SMS

  • +1

    Nice, now if only they could massively improve their reception issues so that the data could be used or calls made.

  • Has anyone other than the OP received the SMS confirmation code?

    • no sms so far, did it 3 hours ago.

    • Yes

      • How long did you have to wait?

        • Sms in about 3 hrs.

          But i checked my account 2 hrs after registering, it alteady showed

          • @airpoe: Thanks. No SMS for me yet and I checked my bonus data and not sure if I got it. I already had 40gb bonus data from the last boost deal so not sure if it stacked

    • 16 hours later. Nothing. Boost.

      This is such an easy thing to automate. Telstra just make it easy so people don’t actually get it? They gave unlimited data on NBN plans without anyone needing to do anything.

    • I got my sms after a few hours. No data added yet though (did it yesterday afternoon). Some have said it may take 48 hours.

  • +1

    Cheers got some more on boost.

  • Thanks op

  • I couldnt see where to enter my mobile phone number on the desktop site. Anyone cares to show how please?

    • +2

      I used private mode via Mozilla Firefox on desktop PC.
      Entered name
      Entered mobile number

      • Thanks I saw it for a second then automatically redirected to Telstra main page for no reason. I guess just my luck.

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