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Unlimited Broadband and Extra Mobile Data @ Telstra


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Unlimited broadband and extra mobile data for our customers

These are uncertain times and we don't want you to worry about staying connected. To do our bit, we’re offering:
❇️ Unlimited data for our home and small business broadband customers (ADSL, NBN, Cable) until 30 April June 2020
❇️ 25GB extra data available for 30 days for our post-paid personal and small business mobile customers
❇️ 10GB extra data available for 28 to 30 days (depending on your plan) for our $40+ pre-paid customers
❇️ Unlimited standard calls within Australia for eligible pensioner customers on landlines between 19 March – 30 April 2020.

FairPlay Policy applies. Data for use in Australia. Mobile offers end 31 March 2020 (prepaid), 19 April 2020 (postpaid)

All offers will be available from this Thursday 19 March. We want to make sure you have a way to stay in touch and keep business moving during this time. For more info on how to apply visit: https://tel.st/coronavirus-support

Edit: Updated link. Postpaid and prepaid mobile can register your details on the form to receive the data. An SMS will be sent out once the extra data has been applied. Broadband customers do not need to do anything. Thanks koalafied.

Edit 2: Broadband offer extended to 30 June 2020. Thanks to dealbot.

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  • +41 votes

    Time to download and archive the Internet!!

    • download responsibly

    • Please don't abuse it - the economy is relying on people working from home at present.
      In some respects I see why they are doing this… but IMO this is actually not a good idea!

      As a precaution my team is stuck at home having had the joy of coming into indirect contact with someone who later was found to have COVID-19 at an event… My internet has already been suffering, patchy/slower than usual in business hours, and restricting my ability to work effectively from home doing screen sharing and conferencing is dropping intermittently. Telstra say there are outages in my area… (like I didn't know from the performance drop!)

      Internet contention will be high enough already - there will be a shortage of bandwidth just like the toilet paper… but imagine if it was offered for free it would be worse - some people will abuse it and take it all! The network has limitations and we should be encouraging people to conserve it so it is available for those that need it to continue functioning / working… Unfortunately I fear this generous offer from Telstra will do the opposite at a time we should be rationing resources.

      • Most people are already on unlimited plans though. So I doubt this will have much of an impact. It's basically free pbulicity for Telstra but in reality, apart from the mobile data, the home based internet shouldn't be impacted much.

        • Most people are already on unlimited plans though

          Citation please?

          • @abb: In my opinion (which could be wrong!) a lot of households would be on unlimited. As soon as kids, games or streaming are involved the 500GB plan with telstra will be insufficient. I understand not everybody has kids, games or streams but streaming has quickly become the norm.

      • Who did you vote for in 2013 if you don't mind me asking?

  • Does this apply to boost mobile customers?

  • Perfect timing for those with italian VPN….


  • I'm on "Data Plan Extra Small". Does that mean I will get extra 25Gb?

  • +26 votes

    Hard to believe there are still customers on metered ADSL/NBN connections in 2020.

    • Yeah there are still people like that

    • It's not their fault NBNco have led an extremely slow rollout

    • +16 votes

      Even harder to believe that people still use Telstra as their home broadband supplier even after moving to the NBN

      • Boomers (including both my parents and my in-laws, until I recently moved my parents to iiNet).

      • Or people in rural areas, where the other companies dont have the CVC to support their awesome plans

      • Ive been on 100/40 FTTP unlimited NBN plan for $89 a month with telstra for many years. When i initially used another provider it was garbage at peak times. Telstra has been flawless.
        Unless i can get this same plan with another provider for $70 an month i wouldn't consider moving

        • I was with Telstra for 2 years and switched to Aussie Broadband because of all the hype at the time.
          I can honestly say Telstra was better and regret signing up for two years with Aussie.

        • From what I have been told, NBN Providers buy capacity off NBN Co but are then are free to put as many people as they want onto said capacity.

          Not the most unbiased source, but I got told by a mate who works as a Telstra tech that they are one of the only providers to not overfill the capacity purchased.

          My experience with Telstra has only been good! I got the 50/20 tier and usually get 55/25.

      • I'm in a Telstra Velocity area…. No choice.

      • plenty of people not able to connect to NBN yet. 1 more year here.

    • No. I'm on SIM Data only for the Galaxy Tablet.

    • I believe the majority can hardly go over 100GB/month.
      I download/upload quite a lot (NZB automation user & light-weight data hoarder) and have about 60TB NAS storage, yet I find the 500GB cable plan is enough almost all the time for me. It is pretty good that Telstra has 3 free double data top ups.

      • It's attitudes like this that encourage Telstra to continue with archaic practices like data caps. Why should anyone be okay with such artificial limits when nobody else imposes them? They aren't a State-owned company anymore, it's time for us to stop giving them free passes for acting like shit.

        • It is pretty classic price discrimination to me. Cheap and deliberately less desirable good for those who arent willing to pay too much and an marginally better yet more expensive option for those who really need the upgrade or simply dont mind paying more.
          It is actually better for almost everyone. Lower entry price for low demand users, more profit for Telstra, while the rich ones dont really care. Only those who dont have a choice and really need the pricy upgrade have to eat it up.

        • It is pretty similar to paying $$$ to double ur iphone storage when it literally costs apple peanuts in BOM.

      • The average on nbn is about 260GB a month.

  • Boost members?

  • Hope others match this, come on Aussie Broadband.

  • I am a Telstra NBN customer so hopefully this applies to me

  • Unsure if this applies to mobile broadband customers?
    Edit: scratch that. Looks like it applies!

    • Yeah it does.

      We are also giving our consumer and small business mobile customers more data. Post-paid customers (both handheld and mobile broadband) can receive an extra 25GB of data on their plan to use in Australia within 30 days to facilitate the need for a more mobile workforce. Post-paid customers can apply for the extra data via our Telstra 24×7 and My Telstra Apps from Thursday until 31 March and the data will be available within 24 hours.

  • Be good if they sorted congestion out first. I’d like to be able to use the unlimited ADSL I am paying for :(

  • They literally just switched me over to unlimited downloads, from the 1.5TB plan.

  • Thanks OP - Great find!!!

  • That’s great and all but unlimited should be standard. Telstra charges a minimum of $75 a month for 500GB a month for 25Mbps. It would see a very minimum financial change to have all networks be unlimited. Especially considering there are countless unlimited plans for cheaper that aren’t Telstra.

    If the network has 0 issues during this time both mobile and fixed line. Then it’s proof data caps are a financial position and not a networking one.

    • I pay less than that for unlimited 100Mbps, (with Telstra).

      Suggest you call them up and ask for a better deal, or you'll cancel and go elsewhere.

      • So what is the best plan with Telstra at the moment?

        I am coming to the end of my plan next week.

        Thanks in advance.

      • That can’t be with the NBN. If you’re on the NBN that’s all they have.

        • If your on NBN Telstra halved its maximum upload speed from 100 to 50.

          Without changing prices.

        • Thats right….still the old Bigpond hfc network.

          Thing is though, we get NBN next month, and were concerned about having to pay more on the NBN but they said they will give us the equivalent speed at the same price for staying with them.

          Will be able to confirm if it's Telstra fluff, or not, next month.

          • @sir_bazz: check the fine print, they said in the spiel that everything will remain the same, yet fine print said other wise about the speed, asked on phone and in store and get different answers every time, they even sent me the hardware (self install HFC), out of the blue, and keep sending me messages to install it, got till oct to do something, it annoys me seeing people get 100mbps for less than what i'm paying now and they want to charge the same and drop me down to 50/20. Add insult to injury, phones have been out for almost 2 weeks, I swear its just to force the hold outs onto NBN, i'm in inner melbourne, how long does it take to fix a so called cable break?

    • That’s great and all but unlimited should be standard. Telstra charges a minimum of $75 a month for 500GB a month for 25Mbps. It would see a very minimum financial change to have all networks be unlimited. Especially considering there are countless unlimited plans for cheaper that aren’t Telstra.

      If the network has 0 issues during this time both mobile and fixed line. Then it’s proof data caps are a financial position and not a networking one.

      The private sector exists to make as much money as possible while delivering as little as possible.

      Religious morons believe the Government when they claim that this will result in cheaper services that are better in some way.

      That's how how morons roll: they claim they aren't losing money as they are.

      Oh and Telstra charges as much as it can charge you. Some people are paying way more than this.

  • Thanks telstra. You are worthy of my business.

  • unlimited data could back fire and put a strain on the networks

    • Definitely agree. Last thing we need now is people using the internet for non-crucial things, while a large portion of Australia needs it to work from home and have meetings by teleconference.

  • I was switched over to unmetered (not "unlimited") data on Telstra HFC a few years ago.

    There was this wiered period where Telstra switched everyone paying more than $99 to unmetered and then quickly abandoned the idea.

  • How about unlimited data for home mobile broadband on Optus… Come on Optus! 500GB won't be enough with the amount of stuff we stream these days.

  • No wonder today when I made the phone calls, the system responded:
    The network is congested…


  • Would be nice if optus follow