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Razer Orange Switch Mechanical Blackwidow Tournament Chroma V2 $156 @ NinjaBuy eBay


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I think it's a pretty good deal for this keyboard but the cheapest I've seen was $148 for the Green Switch which is similar to Cherry MX Blue.

This one however is the Razer Orange Switch which is similar to Cherry MX Brown.

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  • I've got a blackwidow with the razer green switches. That thing is loud, I got tired of it in the end. The Orange switches sound like they would be much better.

    • My blackwidow green is still going strong, freaking epic keyboard. I bought it back when it was $99. I also have a Filco Majestouch brown Ninja which is much louder, and not sure if it was worth the extra $$$ over the razer. End of the day, epic keyboards if you get them for a good price. I think if you are getting into mechanical keyboards you have to realise they are loud, the quieter they are, the less mechanical they feel.

      • Oh yeah they feel great to type on, and some people really like the sound. I ended up switching to a roccat horde aimo with the membranical keys. 3/4 height keys with mechanical actuators pressing on a quiet membrane. I really like it for programming, there's so little travel before it actuates.

        • I got headphones on all day haha. The clicker the better for me, the clearer the click the better. Been programming with the Razer Blackwidow for almost 6 years now. The filco is my work keyboard, 8 highly recommend it for those that want long lasting full size mechanical keyboard, that thing is a tank. I prefer typing keyboards for Dev and gaming keyboards for gaming when shorter presses can help.

  • So many keyboards/ mouse deals recently on OzB.

  • anyone have thoughts on the Black widow compared to the huntsman?