My Mask Listing Removed by eBay but There Is 3,500 Others (Profiting from Human Tragedy)

I am a firm believer in facemasks to combat viruses and I have an Ebay store so I bought some masks in bulk off Ebay, most havent arrived after 2 weeks but I had some so I listed some for sale. I am providing something now that others are not because they seem to have difficulty in providing.
I just received an email from ebay that my listings have been removed as Profiting from human tragedy. But a quck search for disposable masks reveals the same 3,500 ads. So I am not selling anything that these 3,500 people arent.

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  • How much was your markup? That probably has a lot to do with it. I’ve seen a pack of pasta for $80. Clearly scumbag territory.

  • A fair few people seem to be hoarding and selling at markup, making a bad situation much….much…. worse.
    I suspect you'll get little sympathy from around here.

  • Doctors: We're running out of masks!!!! Use them wisely !!!!
    hellopam2019: I am a firm believer in facemasks so I hoarded some…. to sell

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    One down, 3500 to go.

  • Finally a good news coronavirus post.

    Did they remove your toilet paper listing too?

    • I am a store owner and saw thousands of others, but I have no interest in toilet paper or other items. A nursing home bought 200 from me yesterday, because, unlike others, i promised prompt supply. Buy from most of these others and you will wait weeks, but these are the ads they are allpwing to remain

  • I might call that nursing home and ask if they want the rest, for free

    • How about you give the rest to the nursing home for free and return their money instead of ripping off old people

  • Ebay stated that it's removing listings that are blatantly scalping, which means you were selling at a huge markup.

    Eat it. You got what you deserve.

  • Why don't you contact local hospitals and see if you can donate them. I know in WA there is a shortage, and we are one of the less affected states.

  • I dont recommend buying from these listings unless you want a long wait because thats what I found when I did. I have just tried to cancel an order by writing to a seller

  • Did you use the money you scammed from the online course to buy these masks?

  • I paid for my course and I paid for the masks. If I want to give them away I will and if I want to sell them I will. Anyone could buy them from the thousands of listings. Just dont hold your breath waiting for them

  • I doubt with your motive and concern about being stopped from profiting that you will donate !

    • the nursing home was good enough to order from me so they will have first option. They supported my business so I will support them

  • Gotta go back to work so i will ask for this to be closed

  • WHO says:

    If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.

    Are you in direct interaction with a sick person, OP? Or just parroting rubbish that you believe strongly in wasting masks?

  • If you run into an ahole in the morning, you ran into an ahole. If you run into aholes all day, you're the ahole.

    Guess which one you are Pam?

    • You dont know me at all. The assholes were the ones hoarding the toilet paper. I have a legitimate store and there were apparently many masks for sale, no shortage on ebay

      • we all know you're an ahole seeking to profit from the health crisis. dont hide behind others to legitimise your behaviour

  • I wont be commenting further.

  • I wanted some for me to use
    most havent arrived after 2 weeks
    A nursing home bought 200 from me

    Most haven't arrived but you already sold 200, but you only bought some in bulk for you to use… If "most" haven't arrived, and the 200 you sold is only a small portion, just how many did you buy for "your own use"??

    Yeah, I'm not buying your story. You are not part of the solution, Pam, you're part of the problem.

    I hope when this is all over, you are stuck in a house full of useless shit and are drowning in excess toilet paper, pasta, rice, face masks, more toilet paper, hand sanitiser, frozen meat, methylated spirits, isopropyl alcohol and seedlings from Bunnings that you just cant sell. Cant wait for that post.

    And your whole post is like pleading to the police officer that pulled you over for speeding and someone else goes past who is speeding;

    But what about them, officer?
    I don't care about them, I caught you

    Your whole post could be summed up in one word…


    • those items are in short supply. The masks in Ebay are not

      • I would beg to differ.

        As someone who uses face masks at work for things like chemical handling and painting (during normal and not silly seasons), when our supplier has a back log of orders that are weeks away and I cant get any from any local sources like the hardware or PPE safety gear companies, but I can get on ebay and Gumtree and buy them for a 3000% mark up, I most definitely consider these things in "short supply".

        When the market has been monopolised by greedy people who are looking for nothing more than to line their own pocket at the expense of others safety, or people are buying things they don't need or buying things they need in quantities they don't need in the hope of "profiteering" from their purchases, I absolutely consider these things in "short supply".

        They may not be in short supply on eBay, but the price of these items is bordering on extortionist.

  • The excuse that "others are doing the same thing and have not been stopped" is pathetic.
    You made a conscious decision to profiteer from a deadly health crisis.
    You are much worse than a regular scalper because lives are at risk.
    You should truly be ashamed of yourself

    • Stay safe everyone, WEAR your mask, wipe your shopping trolley and gas pump. Thats all I was trying to do, help people get masks, I left bad feedback for the ones that made you wait weeks to help others, my feedback is 100% because I do the right thing by people

      • If you made the masks it would be a different story, i cannot see how you "helped" people get masks? You mean you helped the ones that could afford to buy from you?

        • I helped them because most of those other ads take their money, give a tracking number and then dont send them for weeks. I sent by express post next day. thats how

          • @hellopam2019: Sorry, i don't understand the world of black-market trading too well. However i can't believe adding an extra middleman to the process would expediate the delivery of essential masks. And the argument that others do it so its not wrong just doesn't sit very well.

            • @benny082: I ordered weeks ago and some eventually trickled in and only then did I make them available

              • @hellopam2019: So you saw a crisis coming and looked to exploit it, i understand the reasoning but now you must realise that hoarding these masks could cost lives. There are front line workers out there risking themselves without protection, protection that is just sitting in your garage.

  • oh, not you again

  • I'm a firm believer of wiping my bum with toilet paper so only due this belief I filled up my garage, floor to ceiling with toilet paper that I hoarded from Coles and Woolies even when there were people at the supermarket practically begging for one roll as they have genuinely run out. Nothing wrong with it as I'm a believer right?

    Now eBay has removed all my listings where I was selling a toilet roll for $10 still much cheaper than the others were selling. This is totally unfair don't you think?

  • You should be dobbed in. Take your supplies to your nearest hospital where they are desperately needed. I've spent the last few days reporting numerous Ebay listings.

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