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R5-3500X / RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC [B350/16/240]: $1318 + Delivery @ TechFast


TechFast has a small number of 2070 Supers ready for shipping in their 10-14 business days handling time. It is $270 cheaper than my last R5-3500X/2080 Super deal, again the best price TechFast can offer given price increases and low Aussie dollar, so it's a good saving for a graphics card that performs very well. Limited to 20 units at this price. Enjoy :)

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2070 Super 8GB Gaming PC

Ryzen 5 3500X
RTX 2070 Super 8GB (almost certainly Galax Dual Fan)
Biostar B350 motherboard
16GB 2666MHz RAM
240GB 2.5" SSD
750W power supply
Leaper Mid or Flair case

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  • Is it fast enough to run new Half Life?

    • recommended specs: ryzen 5 1600/gtx1060..so yes :)

    • '… new Half Life'

      Half-Life 3 confirmed

    • Based on the recent reviews:

      "looks and runs incredible even on low settings with hardware sliiiightly below minimum specs (GTX 1060 6GB)"
      "I'm playing on a Rift sourced by a RTX 2070, M.2, 16gb Ram, and Ryzen 2700. I was able to turn the graphics preset up to ultra. […] the performance is 90fps."
      "im getting solid 120fps with 2080 super."

      • Is 60fps the target for VR games as well?

        • No, it's generally higher as the LCD or OLED (depending on which headset you are using) runs at pretty much bare min 72hz (Oculus Quest) through to 120 or even 144 on the Valve Index.

          The Oculus Rift S, runs 80hz LCDs from memory, and the Windows standard spec is 90hz.

          So, yeah everything is over 60 in VR.

          I recently got hold of a Quest and it's really cool, it doesn't even need a PC to run a lot of decent games/apps. But you also have the option to tether to a gaming PC wired or wirelessly. It's the most flexible unit around.

          • @Grish: To add to what Grish said:

            Good article: https://www.pcgamer.com/half-life-alyx-best-gpu-best-headset...
            "VR games are locked to the same refresh rate as the headset, so they're either running full-speed (90Hz on the Index) or half-speed (45Hz). Nothing in between. […] Valve dynamically adjusts the render resolution depending on what card you're running."

            So apparently, to avoid motion sickness (I guess due to the images coming to your eyes at an inconstant speed), regardless of the card's framerate, the VR system will lock it to some constant multiple of the headset's supported refresh rates (which on Valve Index is min. 45Hz "half-speed", up to 90Hz, …, 144Hz). If the card doesn't make this speed, then you'll get dropped frames and jitteriness which is very uncomfortable. The Half-life: Alyx game then automatically adjusts its resolution, based on the card's capability, to fit this refresh rate.

    • HL: Alyx looks amazing. Need to find a deal on a VR set.

    • I am currently running it on an i5 3550 with a 1060 3gb and while it can be a little choppy in some scenes, its still super fun to play. It would look so damn good running on this.

  • Last month Ryzen 3600 with B450 and 2070S was 1299+Delivery. Virus and AUD tanking, it will only get worse, get a PC if you need one asap!

    • Nah, recession is everywhere and the demand is low. The price will go down.

    • Not necessarily. Manufacturing levels are down a lot, demand plummeting true.
      AUD is recovering a bit now and it sounds like these parts are based on the worst rates (ie 1 to 2 days ago)

      If we consider hardware manufacturers are taking a massive hit, are they (in the medium term) more likely to raise prices when people are hard up, or absorb some of that loss to encourage spending? I don't have the answers, but it isn't black and white.

      Sure, production is going down a lot to meet less demand, and that can affect it too.
      But I think a lot of panic buying is going on right now.

      All depends how urgently you need it right?

      90% of people won't even be thinking of buying any hardware right now
      Cash will be king in the next months


    • Also note heaps of people are currently buying computers because they have to work from home (overheard a clerk in JB Hifi talking about this). So if you don't need one then hold off to preserve the supply flow. Probably bad things will happen long-term if we crash the supply flow of computer parts.

      So, do you need one? What are you doing?:

      1. Hording parts to take advantage
      2. Hording parts because you're worried about price changes
      3. Making up reasons to buy because you want to, upgrading something that still works for its purpose
      4. Buying earlier than expected because you're worried about pricing changes, for an optional purpose
      5. Buying earlier than expected because you're worried about pricing changes, for a primary purpose
      6. Immediately need one right now for a primary purpose

      At this point, if you're around class 3 or lower it's probably acceptable.

      (Edit: Didn't know demand is going down. Keeping this here because I like that list.)

      • WFH people ain't gonna be using gaming PCs for work.

        • Don't doubt the stupidity of Humans. That would be stupid; something a human would do.

        • care to elaborate?

          i am not exactly a gamer, but if im buying one, i need something that i can use to play CSgo/Dota/ + edit some videos/ photoshop/ Premiere Pro + use AutoCAD/Revit

          I casually do a bit of everything.

          Can i get some recommendations for that coz im pretty much lost

        • Lots of parts and raw materials are shared between gaming PCs and normal PCs.

  • Loving my 3600 and 2070S. 3200 ram recommended. 3440x1440 monitor just arrived today, now it's serious.

  • You'll wanna upgrade the CPU, the 3500X is quite a bottleneck on the 2070 Super. The 3600 is enough.

    • I did, but it's not really. It affects 1% lows which I was concerned about for maintaining frame synch.

      My opinion comes from YouTube reviews, not 1st hand.

      • This is the problem. I have a 5700 with the 3500X (temps are fine) and sometimes the CPU maxes out with the GPU at 70%. Assassin's Creed Odyssey can't hit 60fps on low because of the bottleneck.

        • Ok. What ram speed?
          My experience is only from lots of comparisons, there are games that are more brutal on CPUs.

          • @noone025: 2666Mhz set to CL16 timings. Yes, yes 2666Mhz is not very good but it is less of a bottleneck and more of a… slowdown. Meaning I'll lose 5fps rather than capping out.

  • Looking for an LG 32GK650F to match this. Would it be a good match? Does anyone know somewhere with reasonably priced stock?

  • Please forgive my stupid question.. What does it mean when I don't go for the Windows 10 activation (ie. No OS)?

    And will no add-ons be a decent setup (for work/some gaming use)?

  • Refunds if non-essential businesses close?

    • As per the PM, all businesses are essential, but they can't allow those that bring large groups of people into close contact, or individuals into close contact, to remain open. There's no indication, quite the opposite, that businesses like ours will be affected.

  • Almost exactly the same build was going for $1149+shipping in late January. Can anyone estimate when component prices will start to settle down again?

    • the beginning of jan saw the AU dollar at about its high in the last six months, so I would guess when you see that happening again

  • is it cheaper to buy components or prebuilt PCs now?

    • Keen for some insight aswell

    • Depends who you talk to ;)

      I am a beginner/n00b, I have built with the help of others two PC computers in my 39 year life. The last was around 7 years ago.

      I compared what techfast was offering (and a few others) then looked at parts list (used MSY as a guide) and then calculated it from there.

      In my situation, the cost to build was - in my limited researching - came to about the same as what techfast was offering. I am not too fussed if xy brand is better than yz brand so whatever products/brands that techfast is using I am hoping they use relatively good products. [I did end up buying one btw]

      Now, if you are an enthusiast which it seems many are on this forum, then my situation might not be workable for yours.

    • It depends. I've ordered a different model to this deal, and the techfast price was about $40 more than buying the cpu, gpu and motherboard. And that was from different suppliers, and didn't include shipping. So for around the same price I get a full working PC, and can optionally replace parts as needed.

  • so not a huge difference! got it, thanks guys :)

  • Does anyone know if the current restrictions / lockdowns due to the virus will affect shipping times to Sydney?

  • Sorry if this is not the place to ask, but would the 3500X be strong enough to handle demanding strategy games such as paradox and total war games?

  • Just ordered one of these after getting a quick response from Luke via email support.

  • What's the default power supply for these builds?

    edit: and which brand is the 80+ gold?

  • Has this been increased by $50? Comes to $1,358 with code applied…