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$15 off a Spend of $35 (First Time Users Only) @ LatitudePay


Firstly, I know this is my 3rd post and 2 have been for LatitudePay but I am in no way associated with them. I found this when redeeming my first deal at catch

Similar to the below deal without the card. Only available to new users.


I used my first time bonus on GTA5 for PS4. Best $9 I spent in my life.

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Referral: random (1170)

$10 credit to both referrer and referee's account after first purchase.

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    Any idea if this works on a Catch account that hasn't used LatitudePay but the LatitudePay has been used previously on a different Catch account?


      I added something over $55 to cart and it automatically took $15 off when I selected LatitudePay, before the login popped up. Though it's the first time I've used LatitudePay on Catch.

      Checkout didn't work in Chrome; for some reason after I input my details into the login popup box it would do nothing and refresh. Worked in Edge, with installments showing and successful checkout. I hope it stacked with this! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/525747

      Bonus double cashback from Cashrewards at the moment, too.

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    Credit check warning: do not use latitude pay for just $15

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    Sadly as a previous 3 times a month orderer on Catch, since it was sold to Westfarmers, I'm unable to keep up with the massive and continuous price increases.

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    I got hacked through latitude pay yesterday recurring transactions that escalated in amounts beware. Account now suspended and under investigation


    $9? Don't you mean $20?

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