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Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 18 Pack $8 @ Big W (Selected Stores Only - Australia Wide)


Seems to be back in stocks at Big W while stocks last.

Randomly check it seems to be Australia wide.

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    Got excited, thinking this was Amazon. 😟 Also, this is in store only. No option for pickup or delivery.

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      You need to check amazon frequently, they’re not sending out notifications when it gets restocked, presumably because it sells out so quick.

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        I forgot that I had a subscription with Amazon to the 48 pack and a delivery arrived on my doorstep today. Eat that you hoarding bastards! :D

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          Are those actually getting fulfilled though?

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            @Munki: Didn't think they were as they've been out of stock for ages. Guessing with a shipment they received they fulfilled subscriptions first and then put stock back online.

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              @Shads: That would be sweet because I forgot to cancel my subscription from my previous purchase and should be expecting one in April! I have enough to last me til then, so I'm hoping they're actually fulfilling their subscriptions.

              Cheers mate.

              • @Munki: Sweet, I have my 6 monthly TP and tissues subscribe and save due in April too, fingers crossed!

          • @Munki: I got my 45 pack on Wednesday. Supposed to come on Friday, so pretty good service. Subscription service of course but maybe the toilet paper they had back in stock last week, they saved quite a few for the subscription customers only.

        • Subs are still getting filled? C’mon 11 May, hurry up and arrive! We’re running low on poo tickets (and we’re outside the delivery zones for Coles and Woolies if they do start back up).

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          My delivery was delayed 2 weeks, but finally arrived. Ridiculing me for my Amazon subscription on Quilton was a popular sport among my family last year. Now they’re all bowing down to me…

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    Can’t add to cart

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      In stores only. Otherwise sold out in minutes.

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        Of course it will sell out in minutes even in stores

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            @mapax: Nobody is sending it overseas.

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                  @DisabledUser222687: Calling me racist, how original. Stating the truth is racism is it? I am referring to a country that has caused deaths and economic ruin through lying and deceipt. Some countries will never recover from this. A lot of people will loose the home they have worked 10 years and 6 days a week, given up time with friends and family to achieve. That will all be wiped away. This is the beginning. This is not the first time so obviously you are too young to remember or are just trying to win points. Either way come up with a better argument than racist (Mod: Personal attack removed).

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                    @barblade: wow a virus is caused by a country(when its a victim as well) and not nature it self? maybe you should google H1N1 and find out how USA cover it up and spread that around the world by no lock downs? not one blamed them for it? nor did any one blame the spanish for spanish flu…or Africans for HIV. YES, you are a racist.

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                      @Creamsoda: Fun fact.. Spanish flu didn't originate in Spain

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                      @Creamsoda: Look little Mr Google this and Google that calls me a racist. I have a wide spread of friends and my direct family is of all nationalities so you are barking ip the wrong tree. I don't live in Aussie town and stick to 3 meat and veg. I am well travelled and have stayed away from tourist areas to understand the cultures a little better. I am talking about the Government of China (soon to be ours) . America has a lot more than H1H1 to answer for, they are bullies. I felt utter shame when travelling when I heard the shooter from NZ was an aussie. I wanted to appologise to all for what a countryman had done to others not defend him. I am talking about a Govt who locked up whistle blowers for economic gain over human life even their own people. Who are holding trade talks with the (let's open trade routes and not finger point) conversation. Who have had for years Uyghurs concentration camps running as reedecation centres and have now reassigned those workers to run the country while the rest are in lockdowm. I would love to see the Uyghurs death count from this but I'm pretty sure you can't find it on google. Anyway let's pick up this conversation in 6 months and see who the winner was. Peace out.

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                        @barblade: I'm on your side barblade, but in order to bring a touch of balance to the universe I must interject that Australians treatment of Aboriginals (stolen generation anyone?) has left a lot to be desired in the past; our past history is not blemish free and we should hardly virtue signal. Moving forward, how can we learn from this mess we're in? We can't prevent an invisible virus from coming across quickly, but we can limit it's affect by limiting our dependence on other nations for our financial stability.

                      • @barblade: I come to site with the hope of finding a good bargains and all I get is a dose of your ideology.

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                      @Creamsoda: you need to stop believing everything the western media feeds you.

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                    @barblade: If you don't like the country, please make sure you don't use anything that's made from the country as well.

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                      @dreamy89: User name checks out. Pretty flawed logic that because we use a countries products that they make money from, they don't have a social responsibility to alert the world of the seriousness of another disease rather than hide it? If this was a workmate who came in to work with a highly contagious deadly disease knowing that it would cause death to other people in the workplace is that okay? Maybe you are lucky not to have lost your job yet or have a family member not allowed to have urgent surgery due to this. We are lucky we live in a country with assistance. There are many countries that this will cripple and never come back from.

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                        @barblade: You can blame China for everything (should actually blame CCP but anyway), yes we "steal" baby formula, yes the virus originated from China, yes we bought all the masks in January when it went public. But truly, nobody is sending toilet paper to China, nobody in China understands why there is a toilet paper shortage in Australia.

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                          @dellalu: Don't know why he is so obsessed with China. This is the wrong site for him to vent his shortcoming.

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                        @barblade: lol for the business the first priority IS to make money, social responsibility is a good to have. Australia hit 100 cases in early March which is well after the world has already been made aware of the pandemic, so perhaps you should focus your frustration at the Australian government rather than under-reporting from China.

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                    @barblade: Caused? Rich, even for the internet…

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                    @barblade: Ignore the CCP shills on this site. We know they've been sending Australian stock overseas, not to mention several getting caught by customs.


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                  @SonOfATightASS: They don't use ordinary post. They have their own freight forwarders.

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                  @SonOfATightASS: These buyers aren't popping down to the local post office with 40 cans of baby formula and saying Hi Eric can ya send these for me? They are well planned and have the own resources. Next you will be telling me people don't send drugs overseas. ;) I am only aware of this after the frustration of having this happen when I had to look for formula for the 1st 6 months of my daughters life.

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                    @barblade: Sorry, i thought this thread was about toilet paper, we have gone off on a tangent.

                    • @SonOfATightASS: Considering the mess the country is in (and it's getting deeper), we may be needing a ton of toilet paper to clean it up.

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                    @barblade: Sending formula overseas is perfectly legal. Blame it on stores allowing mega buying and government making it legal if it makes you angry

                  • @barblade: Chinese military personnel have been spotted loading baby formula and face masks onto a warship before leaving Sydney Harbour.


                  • @barblade: I have seen a man of certain appearance rock up with female friend (apparently not related to each other) and put 6 cans each on the checkout conveyor belt. Yes, a dozen cans. When the young female checkout girl said there was a 2 can limit per person (at that time) the man carried on alarmingly, and threatened to complain about her to the manager. This was a quiet Sunday afternoon and no manager appeared. The checkout girl even told them they could return to buy more the next day. I was at the point of ringing security myself as the man’s rage was looking quite serious, and thinking if I tried to intervene I may make matters worse. I have not witnessed such behaviour at a checkout before. I gave the girl my name and mobile number to pass on to her manager if needed. No one needs 4 cans of baby formula a day! This was a profit making exercise to take financial advantage from desperate people who can little afford it. It is very shameful behaviour.

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                  @SonOfATightASS: There's a freight forwarder near Melbourne Central. All they do is ship stuff back to china. You can tell who they are buy looking for a shop with every single sign in Chinese.

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                @BlackCurrent: That's a private company, not individuals flocking your local Coles. More importantly, that piss poor excuse for journalism even hides in the article that "the bulk purchases and shipping were perfectly legitimate". But we all know how impartial Fairfax and Co are…

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                @BlackCurrent: yes, welcome to capitalism they sourced it directly from 3M in Jan/Feb. why can't companies source goods internationally in times of need? if 3M is willing to sell in bulk why can't they? just like we are currently sourcing the same thing from China in our time of need? you wan't to be capitalist when it benefits you and a communist when it doesn't?

                double standards and hypocrisy at its finest.

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              @DisabledUser222687: 8 shipping containers were found in WA full of toilet paper and baby formula only last week. It's definitely getting shipped OS. Niave to think otherwise.

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              Nobody is sending it overseas.

              Correct. The average idiot can easily tell the quality of toilet paper meaning there is very little value in counterfeit toilet paper.

              Chinese lost confidence in local powdered milk after the 2008 melamine milk scandal. Parents will pay a significant premium to ensure safe food for their children, hence the attractiveness in exporting it direct to China.

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                @mathew42: And thus stealing it from Australian children.

                • -5

                  @BlackCurrent: How is it stealing when it's been purchased?

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                    @sidesw1pe: It is stealing because it was meant for our children but someone, buying on behalf of someone overseas, bought all off our shelves and our children were left without it.

                    • +9

                      @BlackCurrent: Definitely very frustrating not being able to buy baby formula when needed. However, calling it stealing is over the top. I think the solution is to regulate non-commercial export of daily essentials

                      • +2

                        @juser10: Agreed about regulations but will our spineless government be able to make this decision? I think not.

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                          @BlackCurrent: The rise of China is a fact. The priority of our government is to find the right balance between benefiting from this rise economically while protecting the Australian way of life. Easier said than done, obviously.

                          • @juser10: This is very true. We have a vulnerable economy, especially now the mining boom is over. Global capitalistic greed with everyone wanting the latest tech etc., and our need for powerful allies due to our geography and population size, gives Australia little choice but to pander to ‘foreign interference’ and influence.

                            It’s a shame this economic stability comes at the expense of Australian land, property and assets - and soon ‘Australian’ identity.

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                      @BlackCurrent: Your logic is out of this world.. Tell me again how is this stealing when they pay for the good? What laws of the land did they break? The last time I checked is that we live in a capitalist society.

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                  @BlackCurrent: if it's stealing why have they not been prosecuted?

                • +2

                  @BlackCurrent: It's paid not stolen

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                  @DisabledUser341837: Toilet paper is typically not considered medical supplies.

                  • +2

                    @mathew42: This is true, however I would consider medical supplies much more important. It shows a documented trend of selfishness by a part of the Chinese Australian population. That section’s inability to do right by the country they live in, including abiding by the law, is common and concerning. I’m referring to first hand, professional experience as my source, as well as media coverage.

                    To rant a little, I’ve seen this myself in Sydney’s predominantly ‘Chinese Australian’ populated suburbs. Shocking food safety standards and hygiene, very poor construction development standards, and minimal environmental conscience. Regardless of efforts to educate, I’ve found there is an unwillingness to want to adapt to Australian standards.

                    Anyway, the threshold for this idiocy relative to seriousness is clearly not toilet paper, and I’m surmising here; it’s probably not worth reporting on in that article.

                    • @DisabledUser341837:

                      however I would consider medical supplies much more important

                      Fair point. It will be interesting to see how quickly (and cheaply) China start sending equipment and staff to other countries. USA could very well loose it's position in the world based on this.

                  • @mathew42: The ways Australians push, steal and fight each others for toilet paper, you would think they are high value items like medical supplies. Very proud to be Australians in this trying time.

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              @DisabledUser222687: I can understand and believe baby formula being sent overseas, but not toilet paper because China is the largest exporter of toilet paper according to

              • @juser10: Hoarding in China causing a shortage perhaps?

                  • +13

                    @BlackCurrent: I am saying they didn't steal our TP. You do realise majority of Chinese looking people at Woolies are Austalians? They are having to go without TP just like the rest of Australia. If you want to put Australia first, it has to start with you first. Australians come in many colours and sizes. Accept it and be proud of it.

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