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Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 18 Pack $8 @ Big W (Selected Stores Only - Australia Wide)


Seems to be back in stocks at Big W while stocks last.

Randomly check it seems to be Australia wide.

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    I just want to be able to buy toilet paper like the good ol days….

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      Just like that little fat kid from Hey Dad.

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        Unable to buy any toilet paper at supermarkets for 4 weeks. No stock in Sydney!

    • It’s amazing isn’t it

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      You know, I was thinking- after all this shortages etc hopefully people will stop using toilet papers as game items at BBQs, picnics etc. I've always hated seeing all those toilet papers wasted just so the kids could have some fun throwing them.

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        I never knew this to be a thing

    • With a deep discount preferably

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    I picked up an 8 pack of quilton today from woollies in highpoint for $7.50…shouldve checked Big W but didn't want to spend any more time in the shopping centre than was absolutely necessary. Was just happy to finally see it on the shelves for the first time in a while.

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      Same. At this stage I’m just happy to get some toilet paper. If I can get a deal like this it’s a bonus but I don’t like my chances.

    • Picked up the same on Sunday. As we were approaching Woolies for our weekly shop, saw a stream of people each with an 8-pack under their arm, realised that they must have just re-stocked the shelves and sent the wife straight to the toilet paper aisle while I went in the other direction for a trolley.

      Nice to see that they're not price gouging at all… /s

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    Will run out soon

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      Impressive double entendre.

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        That's gold medal toilet humour in my books.

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    When we can buy toilet paper again does that mean coronavirus is defeated?

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      No, that means common sense is prevailing :D

      • Common sense wouldn't agree.

      • Need a resurrection spell for that.

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      It means the hoarders have no more money, or their garage is full that they can't park their car inside.

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        And that they have filled the car inside the garage with rolls also.

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        The whole reason that the hoarder hoard is that they don't need to venture out as shit hits the fan. As it has.

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          Need a lot of paper to clean up once fan has ceased rotating.

    • It means coronavirus has made hoarders constipated

    • It means hoarders moved on to other scarcities. Perhaps, towels (THGttG).

    • It means the virus won.

    • Yes, it is the cure. The more people can buy the more protected they will be.

    • If you are concerned about toilet paper perhaps your question should be - has the Coronavirus been defecated?

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    decided not to buy as I still have 2 packs left to let others have them

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      Can ozbargain start awarding people with virtue signalling points in addition to the normal up-vote system?

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        same thing

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          Username checks out

  • State Wide? Which one? Lol there's no mention of which State..

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      All states.

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    This will come down in history as the first generation of tissue horder.

  • Such are the times… Availability of TP is a featured deal on OB :(

    PS: what is the regular price of these packs… haven't had a chance to buy one since long time… so can't recollect.

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    Rockdale NSW shows in stock, called and they said sold out this morning

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    Even online said they have stock with toilet paper instore. Mostly they don't. Coz I assume they just update the stock level once a day.

    • Suppliers reduced pack size whilst retailers increased prices and limited quantity, so, TP hoarding become less attractive.

    • I use to work at big dubs and it updates every 2 hours

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    Has anyone actually picked up a pack from BigW today?

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      I got some today at Kingston (TAS) Big W. There were about 20-30 packs there (1 per customer).

  • -1

    I'm sure stocks are better these days
    eith 1m out of a job, 1m to come
    toilet paper is the last thing people need

    • +4

      People are pooping at home now, instead of at work.

      • I'm going to go into work to poop from now on.

  • +1

    None at Campsie, just checked in store

    • There's never anything at Campsie.

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    None at rockdale but shows in stock

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    no stock at dapto

    shows in stock online

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    No stock, called the store and was told system error.

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      Someone from TAS got it this morning. My local sold out again.

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    People might go hungry but at least they'll have TP

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    Hard times when a pack of 18 for $8 seems exciting….

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    Good time to do fasting :-)

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    you know you should not post this to encourage more people onto this toilet paper thing, truth is, people who have genuine need now facing higher chance of missing out. people can neg how they want but as an Aussie, I just said what is righteous

    • I agree, but to be fair my wife managed to pick one of these up 2 days ago as she walked past BigW, they literally were just putting down a pallet.

      None too soon - we were so low we were literally about to be in the poo.

  • Their stock count is hours out, they had stock before it was showing on the webpage. Mirrabooka store is still showing stock, but it ran out around 9.30 this morning. Webpage started showing stock around midday.

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      You poor bastard if that's your local

      • +1

        Sadly it is as of two weeks ago, but not for too long :)

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    Went in and was told they sold out since this morning and to call before coming in.

    The site isn't reflecting actual stock levels.

  • Not worth it since many people rush to buy this even they have spares at home and will not consider others who really need it!

    • Yeah got given a 20 pack from a friend who works at Coles, as wasn't sure if the Amazon subscription would actually follow through. They did, so gave the toilet paper to my sister and her family who couldn't find toilet paper anywhere for weeks even driving half hour away to other supermarkets. They had literally one roll left. It's really sad to think that so many people won't have any and haven't for ages either.

  • In stock at Canberra City, Civic

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    This is a joke. My local store shows in stock. Went in, got laughed at for asking. Store still shows in stock. Disappointed in BigW.

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      Guessing you mean you looked online? Lol I'm a retail IT infrastructure manager (well was, I guess since we were all. Stood down yesterday) and trust me there is no point looking at online stock in a store vs actual store for quick moving products… I highly doubt bigws systems would be true live indication on in store stock they would very likely have many old systems that then require middle-ware which adds lag.. Even worse if any of it is flat file or something ancient like that…

      Use a phone much better ;]

      • Your are under the impression they will answer the other and tell you.

        I've called big W in Kingsway as well as cash and carry, none of them will tell me if they have stock or not.

        Been told the items are moving so fast, it's pointless for me to call.

        • Yeh well the staff are putting some aside for themselves…then it's definitely pointless to look online if they can't even answer on the phone… Australian retails (can't speak for overseas) online presence is usually put together with sticky tape and lots of smoke and mirrors… Hehe

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    Call ahead. Staff are holding them. I see them walking out with the TP even when saying sold out lol. Not that I'm blaming them because with how they're treated lately I can understand the stress. But they're buying at end of the shift but holding through the day (which is a loophole of what they're told, cant buy on shift but can hold in back lool). So, dont listen to online stock levels stated and call or walk in.

  • +4

    I picked up a pack, had to request it from a staff member (still took some convincing). They insisted they wrap it in black plastic so people couldn't see what I bought - supposedly customers have been getting hassled/assaulted over toilet paper. I haven't been shopping since this nonsense has started but genuinely didn't realise things had gotten this crazy.

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    screw you horders wtf is wrong with people, closest to me is 1 hour drive, we havnt been able to get any for 3 weeks.

    • It's going to get better cause Scott Morrison said so…

      • Got to have a go to get a go

  • +15

    "calm down, there is no reason to panic, our suppliers are working around the clock blah blah blah"

    3 weeks later, still no toilet paper anywhere…

  • Maybe a good time to release my TP made from 100% natural Gympie Bush on to the market….

  • +3

    There was never a shortage of toilet roll, it is just a logistics issue caused by selfish "I'm alright jack" people whose grandparents would be ashamed.
    Imagine telling a 16 year old in the trenches in 1914 that lied about his age to do his part, that in 100 years humanity would be called on again to fight a new war against an insidious disease, and all they had to do was sit in their houses on their arses for a few weeks! And they bitched and whined and denied their elderly basic necessities to boot!

    • +4

      On the one hand I'm very glad we don't live in a time when boys are expected to lie about their age so they can be senselessly mowed down by the thousands, seconds after exiting a trench for no good reason.

      On the other hand it is sad that we have people like Bondi Beach Man who can't refrain from leisure activities for a few weeks for the greater good because "I own the beach!"

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    Thank you heaps OP. We were down to 2 rolls for a family of 4.
    Missus and I went down to our local (Perth northern burbs), the shelves were empty but I whipped out my phone and went to the service desk.
    When I showed the girl at the counter that it was in stock, she did not seem surprised at all and said calmly to me "Let me just have a look for you out the back".

    I was the only customer at the service desk, she came back a few minutes later with a black garbage bag with an 18 pack of Quilton inside of it, scanned a barcode she had sitting next to the till, I paid my $8 and showed the door greeter on the way out ;)

    It felt like I was buying some illegal goods, but at least I can take a dump now.
    Even though I was there with the missus and we could have got 2 packs, I did the right thing and only got one.

    • Which Big W you went in?

      • I went to Whitfords Big W this morning as we haven't been able to buy any bog roll for 4 weeks.
        Website was reporting "in stock" and surprise … there was none in stock.
        Someone needs to create a with a live map of toilet paper.
        The only advice I've been given is to rock up at opening time and hope for the best.
        Yep so about that social distancing. Everything is setup to the contrary.

        • +2

          Yep so about that social distancing. Everything is setup to the contrary.

          Except the dicks that will continually walk past you and squeeze in between you and a shelf or products in a pile on the ground.
          I feel like just screaming "GTFO MY SPACE!" but I think I'd be the one pretty quickly being told to GTFO of the shop.

    • I managed to pick up a 20 pack from coles this morning (Last one on the pallet)

      Walking back out to the carpark and the amount of people eyeballing my haul I was expecting to get rolled

  • Wouldn't trust the Big W website saying there is stock. Been their done that before

  • In southern Adelaide I have been checking Coles, Woolworths, BigW and ALDI for TP for the last two weeks, several times a week. There is zero stock.

    Are people eating it instead of instant noodles?

    • My wife saw some TP at woolies couple days ago, free to grab one each. Lots of stock

    • Anzac Highway/Plympton Coles had a whole batch of 4 packs this morning. 1 per customer. Might be worth a shot.

    • +2

      I am also southern Adelaide, and havnt seen it on the shelves in a month, although I'm hardly shopping now, routine has totally changed. I curse all the crazy hoarders but luckily my crazy hoarder mother in law went to 50 different shops to get us some basic supplies or we'd be running very low by now.

  • Website says in stock but I called them was told it was unavailable.

  • Guess I was lucky, my last 2 runs at woolies had more than enough stock. Last run was only 30 mins ago at south melbourne woolworths

  • Just found out that the load of toilet paper for all big w stores just got smashed leaving nothing behind, some reason online is incorrect.

  • Just paid 7.50 for the same paper in 8 pack at Woolworths where they are striping the huge bags and unpacking the 8s

    So almost double the price, but not complaining.

    I must admit it's weird buying stuff and not even looking at the price. did that this morning for tissues, toilet paper and an urgent purchase of kids Nurofen. My ozbargain spirit suppressed!

  • +2

    yeah, says stock online, but none in store…

  • -2

    already have bog roll from early feb, not worried.

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