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LG OLED 65" C9 - $2995 Delivered (+ Bonus $200 Betta Gift Card via Redemption) @ Betta Electrical


Looks like the standard price for this unit is $2,995 but Betta are throwing in some redemption cards bringing the unit down to $2,795.

Terms and Conditions for redemption

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    Oleds are coming down; noice.

    If you watch movies in a dark room, the blacks are night and day with LCD;

    However, coming from someone who used to install home theatres for a job:

    If the room has ambient light, then you're probably wasting your money on OLED; the pixel can be off, but even a matte screen still has subtle glare.

    Basically; dedicated room or pitch black viewing? Oled.

    Lounge room with windows, or open plan kitchen with lights? LCD (to save money)

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      Just to add to this, I went from a series 7 Samsung from 2016 to a 2019 C9 65. I use my TV in the kitchen area, so there's a fair bit of light. The C9 is brighter than my old Sammy series 7 LCD by an absolute truckload. Just for perspective for those worrying about brightness. I do 50% of my watching after sunset, of which the tv is absolutely incredible with games, movies, streaming. I game over the weekend during the day and have no issue with glare or lights or sun, it's infinitely better than my old lcd.

      I think a point to yours, is that you can save money with LCD, but you will be compromising night viewing if you are picky - so at the end of the day, if you are not picky, then you should go LCD. I would say if you don't have a place to put a TV where there isn't the sun shining directly on it, or you are unable to turn a light off to watch tv, then you aren't a picky TV watcher, and you should buy an LCD.


        I am sitting on the fence at the moment on a series 7 Samsung 2016 to C9 upgrade. The recent price drops are tempting me. In your experience was it a massive jump in picture quality? Worth caving in at current prices?


          To be completely honest, unless you are incredibly picky about your picture, if you are noticing and hating the pixel backlight bleed, then yes it's worth it. If you are not, then you should save money, as even for me - I am very picky, but still felt that $2600 was too much to spend on the TV. Overall it was a huge upgrade for me, but mostly in the areas of 4k, HDR, processor speed, applications. I now can sit back and relax and not be distracted by poor performance of my panel or backlighting.


          Hey Catcher, I got the LG E-series when it came out (for non-ozbargain prices) and the jump in picture quality was night and day. However, if you aren't too discerning about picture i.e. don't actually notice the multitude of problems LCD has, then you could probably still go for a higher end LCD like a Samsung QLED etc. and be pretty happy. For me, OLED is like being back in the good old days of Plasma, except on steroids.


          I have a 55" Panasonic OLED. And a 65" LG OLED that literally is being delivered right now. I came from a 48" Samsung LED LCD TV .

          It's worth the money. It's OLED or it's nothing now. Games and movies are just stunning. The only case where I wouldn't recommend it would be if you only watch free to air TV.

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      The difference in black levels is easily perceptible in any light conditions. As to whether it's a waste, well that depends on subjective factors.

      The thrust of your comment is to suggest that (presumably blacks on) OLEDs don't perform better in all light conditions. That much is pure nonsense.

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        Not at all, just that at low contrast situations, it's subtle, and a potential $2k extra for a TV, over an LCD is, for most people, a waste.


    It's a $200 store credit essentially so it doesn't really bring it down to that price unless they just discount the telly and forfeit the cards..


    Went tv shopping yesterday and I’m getting a Samsung 82inch Q75R for $4000 at Jb. Anyone got any views between this Samsung vs the LG C9 77inch?


      Just do a google mate, if you are actually concerned of anything you would have looked at comparisons. OLED is the best display tech we have right now, but it's expensive. If you don't need the best of the best, the Samsung LCD is fine.

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    This is an incredible TV folks - bought mine back in April last year for full price ($5k) and it's basically ruined watching TV at every one of my friend's places - none of theirs comes remotely close to the OLED goodness.

    Would highly recommend this, anything under $3k for the 65" is a steal. Be sure to check out Vincent Teoh's review on this model on HDTVTest, it's probably the best video review out there, and Vincent knows his stuff.


    Just got this tv for $2800 at GG Tuggeranong and they also have a free delivery promotion. Price could even be 2750 if I bought something else, almost bit on a Sonos beam but I think I’ll wait.


    Does this apply to the 55?


    Title says $500.. isn’t it a $200 gift card?


    Hi, I just rang Myers (as I have $2000 worth of CBA points to convert) but the sales guy told me they dont have anymore C9's in 55 or 65 :( the 55" is $2000 and the 65" is $2999, so not exactly ozbargain worthy, but when you've got nothing else to spend your points on. And with myers closing for a month due to COVID19, i just hope they reopen, because I can only use my points in store.

    Anyways, are LG C9's going end of life soon or something?

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