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40% off Everything @ Volta Charger


40% off everything flash sale.

*Volta 2.0 + 2 Tips (1m 5A) $37 $22.20 + Shipping
*Volta Right Angle Cable 2.0 + 2 Tips (2m 3A) $37 $22.20

Shipping cost depends on location, approx $8 within Australia via Express
First time poster, might need help with reformatting deal…

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    Hi Op give so examples with prices also what cost delivery.

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      Thanks for the suggestion! I've just added some examples to the post.

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    I supported these guys when they first started on Kickstarter due to the creators passion, but these are honestly the worst cables I’ve used. They offer “life time warranty” but they charge $8 shipping for replacement. The cable in itself (the wire) is fine; but the magnetic tip that goes into your phone constantly break. I’ve had about 5 or 6 that broke for no reason (no drop etc). Also the few days that it worked, the cable always jammed my finger from the magnet part. It always come undone when I try to charge and use my phone at the same time. I have since moved onto Blitzwolf and lasted years. Have not looked back since.

    Worth mentioning this was in 2017-18. They might have improved by now

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    I don't know what the rules are for cross posting but my objection remains:

    I have a lot of Volta cables including 1, 2.0 and XL and I have a significant issue with the company. They say that they develop their own products however none of them provide backwards compatibility. So I have three generations of cables which don't work with each others tips. Not really one cable to rule them all.

    I bought a bunch of XL cables recently for the PD capability and I had issues with a couple. The guy offered to sell me some soon to be released XL 2 cables for $15 rather than replacement. Once again, no backwards compatibility so I'd have to replace all my cables again, or just run different cables for each defeating the purpose of a multi device cable solution.

    Due to the constant upgrades, overpriced nature of these cables and the lifetime warranty- which you need to pay shipping for- I have a significant issue with the company. They may say they develop them in house but they appear to be rebranded versions of things available on Ali Express for half the price, and their latest spec cables seem to be last to market vs Ali Express too. Their XL 2 will be 100w PD with data, which has been available elsewhere for quite a while.

    Don't fall for the marketing and just buy the things straight from China and save your hip pocket.

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    A cautionary warning for anyone considering this deal - this company is pretty dodgy. Bought a Volta XL cable for my iPad pro last year. When I plugged in the cable, I had no issues and the cable worked, however when I tried to remove the magnetic tip from my iPad Pro, it would not budge. The manufacturing tolerances must be terrible because I ended up using a pair of pliers to remove it (giving myself a heart attack at almost damaging my brand new iPad Pro). I emailed their customer service and was dismissed. Tried to post an honest review on their website which they removed. Never again!