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[iOS] Free Little Green Boat Children's Book App for iPad/iPhone (Was $2.99) @ Apple App Store


Written by an Australian author and inspired by his trips to the beach with his son, this fabulous story is perfect for adventurous kids aged 3-8.

The Little Green Boat is part book, part game specifically built to make use of the digital strengths of the iPhone and iPad. It includes:

  • A theme song
  • Interactive buttons (great for meeting Australian school syllabus requirements)
  • Sound effects
  • Animations
  • A parent guide to using the book for early learning
  • Treasure, monkeys, crocodiles, dolphins, helicopters, waves and more

The book stars Willy Nilly, a little boy whose everyday activities spiral into epic adventures as his wild imagination blends with reality and we see the world through a child’s eyes. A trip to the beach on a hot summer’s day becomes a thrill ride as Willy discovers a little green boat resting on the sand. He jumps in, but is washed out to sea by a giant wave and needs to enlist some dolphins to help him out. They lead him to a secret island and a treasure map, where a way home awaits if he can brave the monkeys, bats, crocodiles, bridges, caves and mountains.


"Just bought this and read it to my 5-yr-old and 3-yr-old and they both loved it! They went nuts for the catchy intro tune and had a great time pressing the little button." - Wilsaahhh

"What a fun adventure! The kids loved it and I think this story might go on repeat for a while!" - Selikas

"We loved this adventure with Willy Nilly, especially when the dolphins helped Willy. My son was giggling throughout and excited to find out what happens next." - Kids Gifts and Toys

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