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Sony IER-M9 Professional In-Ear Earphone $1050 Shipped @ Addicted to Audio


Great earphones, the ier is a great deal normally over $1600 and about the price of the lower model m7 from Sony and other retailers. I prefer these over the Sony ier z1r. Not as good a bargain as the m7 but they need a cable upgrade to get close to the sound of the m9.

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    Nice. $50 left over from my Centrelink payment for 2 weeks.


    I tried the m9 a while ago. Amazing sound, not enough bass for me, ended up going with Westone w60. Might be able to recover enough bass with some eq if you have the option.

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      Hmm, coming from CA Andromedas, I think the bass is more than sufficient (probably the best BA bass of the IEMs I've demoed and I'm someone who enjoys bass especially with DDs from XBA-N3 and Xelentos) while giving up just a bit in the upper frequency. Sound stage is a bit more limited than the Andros but if I had the option buy Andros or the M9s at the start again, I would've went M9 and skipped Andros entirely.

      I would suggest to not buy IEMs you don't like and relying on EQ in the first place imo. Either demo them or figure out somehow if it's the tuning for you.


        Wow so you don't like the Andromeda? yet to listen but with all the hype I was thinking of getting a pair this year. I currently run the Sony MDR EX1000 and I love them. Just with they made easily accessible replacement cords

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          I didn't say I didn't like my Andros. I was stating that if given the choice of 1 of 2 if both options were presented, it's the M9 because to me, it's the IEM that better suits my sound preferences (again, I preferred Sony's custom BAs' bass response). The good side is that Andro resale value is pretty decent as I was only down $250 from my original purchase price after 1.5 years.

          One more thing that I almost forgot to mention, have a try of the M9 and Andromedas. You'll see how absurdly comfortable the M9s feel in your ears (extremely light).

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            @Satirical: I really think the Sony ier m series is really under valued. I'm still up in the air about the z1r, it's not as comfortable compared to the other two and still not sure about the extra cost for the sound compared to the m series.

            The m9 is amazing, the m7 is actually quite close if it came with a better cable I would believe it would be better received overall at half the price of Andromedas from a2a. It pairs well with the z1r cable which in itself is an amazing cable. As you mentioned the m series is amazing fit. I have the m7 as a daily for comfort I think it's the best as even lighter then the m9 but the other two look easy nicer.

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              @1slyB: Hah, Sony was already quite generous with accessories imo with two sets of cables, hard to fault them considering even TOTL IEMs from some manufacturers are stingy as heck with accessories. I thought about getting the Z1R cables but for me, the M9 cables have sounded great. The only change I made was shifting to the Z1R's white/clear silicone tips as it removes the weird pressure seals the default silicone ones give for my ears (which is supposedly fixed with a tiny needle prick if it affects you).

              With regards to the M-series recognition, you'll notice the Sony M-series threads over on Head-fi really only took off in the last quarter of 2019 when the IEMs were released months before that. Z1R hype just overshadowed these I guess considering how popular that thread is. Couldn't find a good fit for the Z1R and it's a shame considering I like how they look, but poor fit => poor sound for me.

              Also, it's not just me who transitioned to these from Andros and finding the M-series sounding great:


        Andromeda are amazing for what they are. Which I which I would explain as reflecting an almost over ear soundstage in an iem. But Andromeda have like, 0 bass.

        Sony m9 bass is fine for vocal, rock, probably orchestral music. But in my opinion just doesn't have the sub bass necessary for EDM/IDM and arguably some hip hop.

        But yeah, of course avoid eq if you can. But a little eq depending on the track never hurt anyone.

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    Can you bring back the SONY WF-1000XM3 for $199 ?

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    M9 and M1A, just realised Sony named these after popular guns.

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    they need a cable upgrade

    Oh of course because cables have so much influence on the sound you hear.


    Lots more headphones 30 to 50% off (or better)

    Not an endorsement of any of these headphones, but

    Shure 846 bt1 - $999
    Fostex TE100 - $700 (demo)
    FOSTEX TH500RP - $600
    FOCAL ELEAR - $599
    SONY MDR-Z7M2 - $538
    FENDER FXA7 - $399
    WESTONE W20 - $228
    CARDAS A8 - $179

    Might be more that I missed. Love a good half priced headphone.

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    worth every cents.. we got this for out father-in-law who was born deaf and he suddenly can hear again! 10 out of 10 will buy again!

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