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Virgin Prepaid Broadband Modem with 4GB Data $19 at Coles (Save $30)


Valid from 14th Sept. All T&Cs are on the attached image, or go to coles.com.au and browse the catalogue.

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  • Great price on this. I've a great Optus signal where I am so ill definitely be making use of this. Can this be unlocked easy enough? Want to use it on TPG's great value prepaid mobile broadband afterwards. Cheers tightarse!

    • Virgin on Optus, so TPG should be OK without unlock anyway.

      • Really? Cause ive heard that Virgin phones are locked to Virgin themselves and have to actually be unlocked to use Optus. Thought it might be the same with these??

        • Some Virgin products are, and a modem that is locked to Virgin only is the WiFi modem. Other modems such as the E160E or E169 are Optus locked, or at least that was the case a few years ago.

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    From the catalogue:
    "$19, save $30! Half price!"

    Maths fail aside, good deal!

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      That's the sort of half price deal they should have more often!

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    Their pretty easy to unlock, I used a website to unlock my Huawei E160e for free and worked like a charm :) All you'll need is the IMEI code.

    Try at your own risk though


    Anyways this is quite a good deal for the data alone… I swear with these deals you can get the modem + data cheaper than buying the data standalone…


  • What USB modem do you get? Will it work with an Android tablet?

    • You get a USB stick modem, most likely this one is the E160E, you cant put this modem on the Android tablet, you can use the SIM if its a 3G tablet, or may share the data from a PC, or a WiFi modem using the Virgin SIM

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    I love how this comes around every few months, saves you from having to stock up for the year.

    Buy, use data, unlock, sell on ebay = almost free data all year round for the ipad/mytab/galaxytab/etc.

    • It has to be activated before 31/10 and has a 30 day expiry. Any chance to extend its expiry?

  • Just in time!!

  • Just got one from coles, and why the hell I need to fill in a government form with all my details and even my credit card number on it, is this by law? since i never bought any prepaid products before.

    • The reason is due to the SIM and the government being able to track you in the event of it being used for criminal or fraud purposes. There have been several discussions on OzB.

      • Would have thought this information would have been required when you activated the SIM rather than for the hardware.

  • OK how can I tell I will have 4G data, someone from previous deal saying only got 1G after activation and Virgin said its Coles error and wont help!

    • Log into the usage meter which is accesable from virgin broadbands website with username and password you gave at signup.

  • cant find the appropriate T&Cs - is there a minimum time eg: 12 mths?
    what happens after 4gb used up - just go slow or do they bill me ??
    how much is it per month for 4gb after the initial payment?


  • The data can only be used in Australia I assume? Thanks.

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