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Bosch Spark Plug FR8LC $0.04 Limited Store Stock Only @ Repco


Costs just 4 cents. Low in stores, but can get in delivered for just a mere $5 or price of 1 Spark Plug.

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    only for holden cruise and 3 bmw's…….

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      Not if you are my customer. One of the mechanic shops I supply to uses a bkr6eya-11 on every almost vehicle that comes into his shop! So much so that I thought he was servicing a whole fleet of Toyota’s.

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    So cheap parts, true OZB spirit buy the plugs now later purchase BMW and install these :-)
    Still a deal though.

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    Thanks bought 10

    Now. What are these used for?


    I could only get 2. Out of stock now.

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    4 cent Ninja Rocks!


      Are ninja rocks are a real thing? How does it work? Do you crush up the white part and just through it at glass? How hard do you have to throw it?

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        Yes they are a real thing.

        Modern car windows are made from tempered glass, designed to shatter into a million tiny pieces rather than big shards. Tempered glass is made by rapidly heating and cooling the glass, the result being very strong glass that can take a lot of shock. The curvature of the window means the inside stores a lot of energy.

        With Ninja Rocks, being the broken shards of ceramic, the ceramic is harder than the glass and can overcome the surface tension of the window. You can throw the ceramic at the window with minimal force and it will shatter. This is why those glass breaking tools you see in bus windows have hardened steel tips to easily break glass - you only need to overcome the surface tension and it will shatter. You can even jam a screw driver into the corner of a car window and with enough leverage force it will shatter.


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          Just to correct some part of this, the use of tempered glass had been around since the late 1930s so suffice to say all car driving around no older than say 50yrs would definitely have a form of tempered glass.
          But as for the rest the ceramic rocks do work (I'm not a thief fyi)


    Can’t see what these are compatible with… is this a common size for Japanese engines (e.g., corolla, cr-v, etc)?


    I absolutely do NOT need these… but the price is so tempting…



    Seat Type Gasket
    Thread M14x1.25
    Hex Size 16
    Reach 19
    Resisted Yes
    Gap 0.7mm


    No deal, I'm seeing 5c not 4c.