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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7 Camera Black With 14-42mm, 45-150mm & 25mm Lens Kit $944 ($18 Ship; $0 Perth p/up) @ Camera Electronic


Flat-Rate shipping: $18 for orders over $250; if you're in Perth, you can pick it up from $944

(They show an optional aftermarket Remote Cont: $69 but it's screen did not impress reviewers; ver 2 is available. @ ~$150, from memory, with brighter screen)

Mirrorless 4K (photo + video) camera from ~2015 Nice User interface (lotsa buttons + 2x knobs; "all programmable" :reviewer)

Oh, altho "well built" it's lighter due to use
of plastic, even on the part of the lens, that
hold it to the camera.

This Perth vendor adds a 25mm lense (priced way above $200 on eBay), that few, if any, even offer

They charge fees for { 1% plastic card | 2.5% PayPal } save $$ by Direct Deposit

We're comparing it (as others on YouTube have) with Canon M50 (M50 seems to AutoFocus faster, in HD mode "neither does well in 4K video mode")

If any1 has this model Panasonic OR Canon M50, we'd be happy to read your comments, thanks…

(Amazon wants more: it's priced at almost a Grand
for a kit with just 2 lenses)

Why did I pay for Prime, again?!?

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    please add more brackets


    7 Lenses? What are you talking about?


    This is a pretty decent camera for the price (however this isn't an amazing deal), 4K is nice although there is no inbuilt stabilisation.
    I purchased this exact set-up (with the same 3 lenses) for $887 in 2017…


      Some Reviewers say it has
      reasonable [if lens-only] stabilization

      That has to count for something


    I have to point out I bought exactly this bundle in January 2017 at Digidirect.(To save people I just searched my flagged mail and find my invoice.) The bundle included G7 body and these 3 lenses. It cost me less than 800AUD.
    Now it is April 2020. This price is SIMPLY RIDICULOUS.

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      Are you assuming that the Aussie $
      has the same value Today?

      I get your point, that G7 is older
      today, but what compares with it,
      in "bang for the buck"?

      Oh, and… any issues with it?

      'worth AU $800, when you bought it?

      Are all 3 lenses Made in Japan?


      [Dunno if Canon's M50 was avail.
      when you bought; likely wasn't.]


        Say, Brain Trust, is there a Cheap
        but Good RECORDER (Not musical) for
        its Video? It'd need to have an HDMI
        Input suitable for 4K, or at least HD


          This 2015 camera is very old. It is about same age as iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6. Think about it.

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        What on earth is with your formatting?


      Have to agree with OP, Aus dollar was worth around 75c USD in Jan 2017 while it's currently around 60c. That is an approximately 20% drop in the value of the dollar and this is just under 20% more expensive than your deal in Jan 2017. Sure, it means the price basically hasn't moved in 3 years since your deal but you could have simply got an exceptional deal at the time. It isn't as good of a deal as yours in Jan 2017 but that doesn't mean it is a bad deal worth negging. It is currently the best deal for this camera and lenses.

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        This is not a good deal regardless.

        The G7 is a 5 YEARS OLD camera and it was a mediocre camera back then. This package is barely worth $600 today. It's closer to $500 if there isn't a free 25mm lens thrown in.


    I was looking for a camera around $500 with reasonable auto focus . Even canon m50 is sold around $900 now. It was sold for $575 just a few months back. Now there is no way it coming down to a price closer to that again. I am Unable to justify spending $900 on a hobby during these times. I am not even sure if I will have a job next week.

    I miss 2011. It has been down hill from there. 9 years man. How many more years do we have to wait? Damn.

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