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Balducci Spaghettini 500g $1.49 (OOS), Palmolive Gold 4x Soap Bars $2.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Pasta Sold Out as of 5:03pm AEDT

Pasta for those having trouble finding it - Out of Stock

Limit of 6 per customer which is great for large families (like mine).

Note: delivery seems to be around April 12

Also found Palmolive Gold 4 pack soap - $2.49 or $2.24 with S&S
- Good for if you can’t find liquid soap or need to stock up. Deodorising protection too!

Pancake Shake $2.79 increased to $2.90

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  • Got one.
    Thanks for the post!

  • Can't checkout. MAybe sold out.

  • Thanks. These in stock notices are helping lots if people.

  • Unable to add to cart either

  • Hi ordered 6 pack spaghettini and got an invoice for $8.94 but got charged $11.66 on my Amex. I'm a prime member and delivery was free. Weird

  • I reckon they only have a few for sale and I suspect that they are only selling a few items at a particular time to generate artificial demand.. Similar to toilet rolls.. Ordinarily it would definitely take more than a few minutes to get sold out or out of stock.

    Reckon they are profiteering from this.. Pfft. Amazon

    • Had around 200 clicks when it went out of stock - with a limit of 6 per customer, it could've been up to 1200 packs sold in that time.
      I'm assuming most people clicking would be wanting to buy.

      But most definitely generating demand and profiteering I'd reckon. They're basically in a monopoly market - Coles/Woolies only deliver to those in need, eBay relied on Coles.

      • How are they profiteering? That looks like a normal price for that pasta…

        And how are they generating demand? The demand already exists…

  • I genuinely don't understand the run on pasta. If you have to self isolate, people can bring you groceries. The shelves are stacked with fresh produce at normal prices. The run on mince was a hilarious byproduct of the run on pasta but mince is back on the shelves and pasta is still getting raided.

    What are you doing with all this pasta?!? Eating it with butter? Is this some kind of 1920s fetishism at play?

    People that are on a budget are getting so completely screwed by this bougie hoarding madness. The pasta thing is incredibly stupid.

    • If you have to self isolate, people can bring you groceries. The shelves are stacked with fresh produce at normal prices.

      Speak for yourself.
      2 packs of pasta is only one night's dinner in a large family and shelves here are still quite barren. Or at least, except for the pasta that's like $4 a pack. Much more than pasta too that's gone.

      I'm willing to pay $1.49 because pasta is around at least $1 at the shops anyway.

      But yes, I agree anyone trying to budget (ie most people on here) are having a really tough time.

    • Some people can only cook and eat pasta you know. They grew up eating pasta.

    • I'm more confused by the lack of flour

      There is zero shortage of already made bread within the bread sections of the super market.
      If you weren't a bread maker before, no idea why you would now be one in 'isolation'

      How many additional cakes, pancakes or other home baked products are the hoarders making

      • Willing to bet that about half of the pasta is just gonna languish on a shelf while the family of four types have to figure out other ways to bulk up meals without costing a fortune.

        But yeah, some people have suddenly entered a situation where they have to cook and realise they don't actually know how to. That's a pretty good point - totally didn't think of that.

        The flour thing is very weird. There was a shortage of bread for about a week but I can only imagine how chonk some people are getting baking all their damn hoarded flour.

        That being said, some people really love to bake things but just don't have the time.

        Voila, now you have time.

      • Bread makers have gone up in demand 700% or so, most likely everyones sold out now.
        Bread makers use around 4 cups of flour per loaf and its a set and forget, ready loaf - perfect for those that can’t find bread. Only now, everyones got no flour lol.

        Potatoes, noodles and beans/lentils were also being cleared out of my local (three other cheap things to bulk up meals).
        Still plenty of eggs fortunately though. No puff pastry though, so a lot of omelettes and no quiches lol.

        • But who cant find bread? My local Coles has zero toilet paper but their bread section is running as per normal.
          There seems to be zero change to the bread section in supermarkets, but for some reason people are hoarding flour and buying up bread machines? Crazyness

          • @SBOB: The way I see it, people are scared to leave their house and bread is one of those things people can’t fit in the freezer because they’ve stocked it with mince and frozen veg lol.
            It’s crazy times indeed.

      • Yeah I can't get any flour or pasta at all.

        Not sure why people making rounds on them

      • You can make pasta with flour.

        • I'm aware of what you can make with flour.

          But if you weren't s fresh pasta maker before I find it hard that you would now be bulk board buying flour to make pasta . There's no shortage of 'fresh' pasta in the fridge section, which seems an easier choice for the hoarder level of society.

          My local Coles has had empty flour shelves for weeks now.
          Managed to find a shelf at a Woolworths today with minimal stock, so crisis averted on cake baking my wife and daughter had planned.

  • Pancake mixture is the regular highest price ever- https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07GJP2KRT

    • Yeah, I realise it's probably not worth it but I already had included it at that point, so didn't bother about it in the title. Thanks.

  • Hoarders aside, who actually enjoys spaghettini?

  • Don't wait to be told…

  • PP, I'm glad you were able to get hold of some pasta. I ordered some soap - thanks for posting the deal.

  • None left

  • pastsa! my palms are sweaty

  • Balducci is not pasta, it's absolute utter cr*p. Yuck

  • A couple pastas back in stock

    Edit: gone

  • Palmolive back in stock