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Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Classic 750ml $11 + $6.95 Postage @ Catch


Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant 750mL
Use as a gentle antiseptic to kill germs on the skin
Contains chloroxylenol
Suitable as a household disinfectant to use on surfaces
Use in the bath, in the home, in the laundry and more
Kills 99.9% bacteria
ARTG No: 61404
Expiry Date: 01/08/2022

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    Was $7.99 at Aldi a month ago. $18 a bottle is no bargain unless you're extremely desperate.

    • im so glad i got these from aldi back then. Even that was a crazy thought; assuming the worst could happen (worst being panic buyers raiding shelves)

    • And like everyone else our bottles of Dettol from Aldi are in the cupboard…unused.

  • This one or bleach better ?

  • if anyone need it urgently, and only few cents different with COTD $11
    (shipping cost was not taken into consideration) i found out after shipping cost, COTD is a expensive than woolies

    go to woolies,

    i had been to 2 woolies in the past 72 hours, and both in stock, casey central and cranbourne north

    PS: not sure if the stock item availability was updated on the website or not.
    was on cranbourne north last night, still in stock, at least 4pcs

    so might be worth to check it if you happen to be there

  • +6 votes

    Shipping is $8.95 but I still bought one…I know it's not a bargain, plz forgive me on the betrayal OzBargainers…I looked at 4 different supermarkets but couldn't find a bottle…

  • Ah, good old Dettol, my go to liquid for the cane toads!

    • Explain this please? :)

      • From the RSPCA website

        The following methods can be used without formal training:

        Hopstop® is an aerosol spray that has been specifically developed for killing cane toads and is commercially available for this purpose. When applied in sufficient quantity it appears to be an effective, easy to use and relatively humane method. Although Hopstop® contains the same active ingredient found in Dettol (which causes extreme skin irritation and possible pain), it also contains a chemical which reduces this irritation. Dettol is considered inhumane and should not be used.

        • Not really worried about how "inhumane" it is on cane toads, thanks Mother Nature for designing and building such a wonderful environmental disaster, and thanks Qld for sending them south.

      • 100% Dettol sprayed directly on cane toads kills them.

  • Was $10 in Coles, now those really need it, desperately. *sad profiteering :(

  • Thanks OP. Been impossible to find. I picked one up.

  • I found a bottle in the back of the bathroom cupboard the other day; boredom drives one to clean out cupboards … and grow a new lawn.

    As I am running low on Dettol handwash now (I was buying the large refill bottles you cannot find now) I was wondering if I could mix neat Dettol with a regular handwash solution.

    Would anyone know the correct ratio please?

    • +2 votes

      I suggest visiting nearby supermarkets first thing in the morning, or early afternoon as I've seen & bought 1L refill bottles from Coles, and WW recently @ their normal price.

      The active ingredient Chloroxylenol isn't something I'd be looking to regularly expose myself to, so I wouldn't recommending mixing it for use in hand/body wash. (search page for Chloroxylenol)

      Dettol, Palmolive and other hand-wash liquid's don't use Chloroxylenol:
      Chloroxylenol 48 mg/mL (4.8% w/v).

      • Wow, many thanks for those informative links. Had wrongly assumed the Dettol ingredients and the same branded handwash were the very same! I have not actually been able to find our refill bottles for some time now; appears the hoarders have been buying them all. I like the Dettol anti-bacterial brand, for when we return home after shopping, in the kitchen or after garden work so have the little pump bottles handy everywhere. We try going out at different times for shopping but still cannot find all we usually buy, so we shop twice as frequently than before Covid19. Not by choice.

        Ps. I would never have considered putting Dettol in baths or rinse cycles (washing machine).

  • Rip off. Simple vinegar, eucalyptus oil and water in a spray bottle does the same thing. Cost less than $5 for all ingredients as well.

  • Is this orange juice delicious? I ordered and will give it a go.