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Free: Click-to-Save Online First Aid Course with Certificate @ St John Ambulance


Seems to be a few Oz-rehasholddeals lately so I thought I'd have a go at posting one to give the others a break.

This deal has been around for a while but it may be something useful at this time given all the health concerns.

Stay healthy and look out for those around us!

Credit to TA for the original deal.

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    How "real" is the certificate? Is it the one that some employers ask to have?

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    St John Ambulance is a reputed organisation.


    Anyone else having trouble downloading the certificate?

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    Just did this yesterday, at the bottom of your certificate it states, "This course was completed online and did not involve practical assessment of first aid skills.
    St John WA recommends that all Australians undertake a first aid course
    involving practical demonstration of first aid skills."

    So they are hoping most people will want to upgrade it and that is where they will make their money.

    Still good to have and educational.

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      The basic idea is for the vast majority to learn skills that could potentially save a life. Having some knowledge really heaps and it especially helps a communications officer guide someone through an emergency.

      But this is definitely not meant to replace the provide first aid course as practical assessments need to be complete eg CPR.

      Associated with St John WA


    I still have the page opened from last deal 😏

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    I have finished all the lessons, took the online exam and passed. However, there's a critical error at the last step not generating certificate.


    Good informative course


    It's good for personal knowledge. But in real job world, not a single organisation accept it.


    Great little course (30 mins) based around providing first aid at a road accident scene.
    The basic messages are simple, effective and provide a basic framework for assisting an unconscious person who is not breathing, also basic treatment of bleeding wounds.
    It is not intended to be something for your CV, but something useful in the above situation.
    Do it!


    Have just completed it. I might just go ahead and do the full course since it has been like 15 years since I did the last one.

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    Fun, both informative and simple… I would encourage people to try it for kicks, it only takes a few minutes and it can always help to have the basics down. :)