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[PC] Free - Total War: SHOGUN 2 (Was $44.99) @ Steam


A very positively rated game free to keep from April 19 3pm. You might want to set yourself a reminder via Ozb.

In the darkest age of Japan, endless war leaves a country divided. It is the middle of the 16th Century in Feudal Japan. The country, once ruled by a unified government, is now split into many warring clans. Ten legendary warlords strive for supremacy as conspiracies and conflicts wither the empire. Only one will rise above all to win the heart of a nation as the new shogun…The others will die by his sword.
Take on the role of one Daimyo, the clan leader, and use military engagements, economics and diplomacy to achieve the ultimate goal: re-unite Japan under his supreme command and become the new Shogun – the undisputed ruler of a pacified nation.

Mod Note: It appears that the start date has been pushed to 27 April 2020 – 17:00:00 UTC (28 April 2020 - 03:00 AEST)

Editor Note: It appears as free as of 19 April 3 AM, but you cannot add it to your Steam account.

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    Awesome - thanks :)

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    Not sure if my PC is going to be able to run this, but I'll give it a crack. As I booted up Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War in the last week or so I saw that I had played over 250 hours of each, so there's a fair chance I am going to enjoy this.

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      Take a look at Ultimate General: Civil War. If you enjoyed Total War Napoleon you'll love the game.

  • +19

    Nice. This is my favourite total war game. Definitely worth it for free!

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      What do you like better than the previous games? I've rolled through most of them in the last couple of weeks to kill some time, I think Napoleon is my favourite in terms of gameplay but I like the size of the Europe map in Rome 2, and the theatres in Empire.

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        Rome and then medieval 2 for mine. Huge maps

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          Rome and then medieval 2 for mine.

          I also have fond memories of the first RTW. Conquering the entire campaign map as any faction, even one of the dominant ones, was a truly epic undertaking on harder difficulty levels and the early-game struggles against adversaries on all sides were quite gripping and made painting the entire campaign map in your faction's colour all the more rewarding. The amount of units that could be on-screen and the insanity that could result when you had 4 different factions involved in the one battle, particularly sieges with War Elephants and Onagers, it was glorious. The unit animations during battles were extremely well done, with units being sent flying by cavalry charges, elephant stampedes and siege weapon hits Not to mention, I really liked that you could view your cities in 3D at any time without battling in them, as the larger cities looked quite impressive once they were fully-upgraded and it was a much better representation of city progress than low-res upgrade icons and tech trees.

          I never got the same vibe from TWR: II; the sh!tty attack animations and the way the armies clipped through each other during charges really ruined the aesthetic of the battles. The Sane Critique series comparison between RTW and TWR: II really highlighted how many steps back the sequel took from its predecessor. I'm sure a lot of that was fixed by the time the Emperor Edition came out but the bad taste in my mouth from the post-release clusterf*ck of TWR: II didn't inspire me to stick around for 5 years until TCA finally polished the game to the level promised at release.

          • @Gnostikos: I played 2 briefly on release, but didn't have much time to go crazy like I did with the others. When I re-visited later it was a lot more polished, much better game. You're right in your point about how hard it can be, due to the number of factions, you think you're in control and then it all falls apart again..

          • @Gnostikos: I applaud you. I never managed to conquer the map, always got to that stage where there was simply too much unrest, I resort to decimation for rebellious cities which buys time but just made it worse long run. I think I'd suck at being Ceasar

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              @perfectlydark: OMG, same here. I'm a nice guy really but goddamned if I wasnt slaughtering cities left and right just so I didnt have to deal with their stupid rebellions. Makes you sympathise with Caesar after a while.

      • +1

        I am also completely in love with Shogun 2, and is easily my favourite as well. The cultural influence feels really authentic/traditional and it's recent enough that the graphics are pretty good too.

      • +1

        The map size being small and restrictive in Shogun is the best part, because every decision you have to make is a big one, and every time you expand you create headaches for yourself from multiple angles. You can't just roll over huge land masses squashing barbarians and absorbing resources until you're a big fat unstoppable superpower.

        I like Shogun and Napoleon about equally.

        • Hmm that's a good point - it will be a different challenge I guess. I remember playing STW1 but that was so long after release that the age of the game really showed. Can't wait.

    • I second this, amazing game. I've come back to it a few times since I've owned it, and I rarely revisit games. Great mechanics for raiding forts.

  • thanks

  • 5AM UTC is our 3PM isn't it? (Sydney)

    • Fixed, thanks.

      • Thanks for posting!

  • +1

    Wow thats an awesome game to get as freebie, was my first total war game and it got me hooked to the series

  • I've still got the grand master edition for this.

    My personal favourite solely because of the included chess set.

  • +2

    Awesome deal! One of the great strategy games, probably has the best balance of systems of all the total war series imo

  • When I try and get it I'm offered to buy for $44.99….woops, in 12 days, sorry :)

  • I love this game. Cheers OP.

  • Looks good, thanks OP!

  • Finally a worthy free game from steam.

  • +1

    I absolutely loved the first one.

    Things went smoothly once I got a Geisha.

  • Thanks! how can I not forget it. can i set a reminder here. :)

  • anyone know if the downloadable content will be free as well?

  • Hmmm, looks like I picked this up in a Humble Bundle already but good on em for giving this away.

    I'm looking forward to getting Three Kingdoms.

    • +1

      This is from 10 years ago. Three Kingdoms is the newest game. You'll be waiting for 10 years for it to go free…

      • +1

        That is true OzBargainism.

        • @fuzor… did not mention I was waiting for Three Kingdoms to be free. A good discount will do me (much like how I got most of the other Total War games in my collection).

          @baldur… so true, though, I'm just keen on a good discount for Three Kingdoms as I do want to give it a try. It's currently number 5 on my Steam Wish List behind MK11, Life is Strange 2, C&C Remaster (which I'll likely get on Origin though) and Streets of Rage 4.

  • Will it be free for iOS steam?

  • Thanks gonna use the reminders

  • Thanks OP! Just added it to my wish list (I think that will help when the day comes as a reminder?)

  • +1

    How do you view future deals on games?

  • Been waiting for Transpose to go on sales on PS store for ages. Who knew developers prefer to give away a game than putting them on sales…. >_>
    You all PCVR players better get this critically acclaimed game!!!

  • @dealbot: Freebies with different start dates are better suited to separate posts so we can use the reminder function properly

    • I agree with you but site rules state to combine posts which is why dealbot puts them in one post.

  • sweet … thank you for the post

  • Thank you for posting. Was about to buy a total war game and saw this

  • does this come with the DLC?
    This site is selling https://www.kinguin.net/category/761/total-war-shogun-2-coll... that includes the 8 DLC

  • +2

    Easily the best Total War game and great fun to play with friends.
    Game play speed is not ridiculously fast like the newer games, balanced units and interface and control is modern unlike older total war games.

  • what kind of game? could be my very first steam game i dont even have steam account yet hahaha
    i dont like the shooting first person type like counterstrike

  • +1
  • +3

    I think its been pushed back to 27th April

    • oh nooooo

    • +1

      Disappointed oh well reset the reminder. 3am oh gess.

  • +4

    it says free on the steam store page but won't add to account :(

    An error was encountered while processing your request:
    There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account.

    guess I will try tomorrow in case its too soon.

    • +1

      Free on 27th April.

    • Thanks, got it now :)

  • Lucky I didn't wait and bought the game last week for ~$10.
    Easily the best strategy game I have played in a while and mind you I was playing TW3K before that but this is a much polished game

  • Oh damn, reset reminder I guess.

  • +12

    An error was encountered while processing your request:

    There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account.

    • +1

      Same thing keeps happening on my end too

    • Same here, error. Original post does say 3pm so will see if it works then

    • Me too. Hopefully it clears up.

    • Same here

  • +3

    got to keep waiting until the 27/04


  • Nice

  • +3

    "There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account."

    • +1

      see above replies :)

  • How do you know this is going to happen?

    • OP posted a second URL in his comment:

  • please share more games, we need them at this time

  • -1

    At at 1200(AWST)/1400 (AEST) still is $44.99

    • +3

      3am tonight as per the description

      • Thanks for that. Did not see it.

  • Didn't go free on the hour…

    • Last time it's like 6 mins late for me on another deal in steam.

    • +1

      The window title is saying: "Save 100% on Total War", but it's still not FREE inside :)) weird :))

  • +1

    3:16am 28/04 currently. The price is still $44.99.

    So much for putting a timed reminder.

  • +7

    The window title is saying: "Save 100% on Total War", but it's still not FREE inside :))

    The promotion is about changing the title… lol

    Edit 1: When you search for "Total War: SHOGUN 2" in the search box, it appears as "Free", but click on it, and it's still not Free =))

    Edit 2: Go here https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/34330/view/219938... and see it's -100%, and it's still NOT FREE :))

    Edit 3: Go here https://steamcommunity.com/app/34330/eventcomments/226469111... and see people are calling the developer is a liar :))

    Edit 4: Go here https://steamcommunity.com/app/34330/eventcomments/226469111... and see that there is a person who tried to purchase as he thought they won't charge him, and he got charged =]] LOL

    Edit 5:

    Originally posted by CA Ella:
    Sorry, folks - we're experiencing some delays in the deployment of this - please bear with us and we'll keep you updated!

  • Ah thats a good game, sadly wish it was on gamepass.

  • +1

    Their twitter feed is going a bit berserk about this - something's obviously broken. Check back in a few hours, I'd say.

  • From their Twitter:

    Sorry, all - we're experiencing some delays in the deployment of this - please bear with us and we'll keep you updated!

  • +2

    Fixed now!

  • +4

    It's up now - got it!

  • Got it :D

  • Never played this. Is this like Warcraft 2 or CC as I quite enjoy those types of games.

    • +1

      No, but its an evolution of those type of games, its more complex than those games.

      You have a turn based campaign map where you organise your finances, construct buildings in your cities, hire and assing assassins or other special units, choose technologies (arts) to advance in over time, and move your military forces. You move your armies towards cities or other armies and when they encounter another force, it takes you to a real time battle screen. Battles is where the armies fight on a large scale, up to 20 units vs 20 units, and those units can be made of up to 300 soldiers.

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