Harvey Norman refuse to price match

I was after a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop and Harvey Norman sells it for $178 (https://www.harveynorman.com.au/microsoft-sculpt-ergonomic-d...). I found it cheaper at MSY for $129 (https://msy.com.au/microsoft-sculpt-ergonomic-l5v-00027-desk...) which is a local store in WA (Balcatta) and has stock. However, Harvey Norman is refusing to do a price match.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Is that legal?


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      It's always amazing what drivers consider legal and what shoppers consider illegal.

    • So should I contact the ACL for this inflammatory pricing by MSY?

      /s, just in case…

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    Go buy it from msy?

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      This right here. Why price-match to screw over the companies actually offering cheaper prices? Go and buy it from MSY

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        the companies are the one's posting they will price beat or match any price. so you can see it from either point of view.

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          You're missing the point.

          Simply put. If everyone goes to HN/OW and price matches every deal out there, sooner or later you won't have small to medium business to price match against.

          And I can assure you if those business don't exist you won't see any great deals at HN/OW.

          • @stratbargain: To be fair, I don't think MSY is going to last much longer anyway.

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              @AdosHouse: Lol that's a pretty bold statement.

              If anything I think they're doing the best out of all the computer stores.

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        Never understood price matching in this case. You're just wasting your own time. Price beat is a different story.

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      +1 support the shop that has the cheap price to begin with

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    What are the exclusions?
    *Offers which include cash back, bonus, bulk purchase, quantity limits or packages.
    *Pricing with included delivery or installation.
    *Offers not available to the general public - including trade, special event, club or membership offers.
    *Clearance, seconds, refurbished, ex-demonstration or display products.
    *Products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers on marketplace, auction or classifieds websites.
    *Products supplied through unauthorised distributors (known as 'grey market' items) or delivered directly to customers from an overseas distributor.
    *Pricing errors.
    Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.



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    What are the exclusions?

    • Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value. Source

    This is an easy out for their price match policy. Will, support MSY.

    (FYI; Vendors do not necessarily pay the same price from suppliers. There are many reasons why a product can be substantially cheaper than competitors.)

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    Unless its been updated recently it looks like its part of their exclusions?

    Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.

    So I guess the argument is would you say is $40 significantly lower for a $178 item.

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    Will: this conversation is going on ozbargain
    Will: this is bit of a joke

    Dude… Paul and his mates are probably lmao right after the convo.

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    So what's ozbargain meant to do for you now that you've posted this?

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    A lot of WORK at home related items are selling out fast
    I guess they feel that they dont need the sale.
    Anytime I try to price match and im asked to prove it, i just go to the
    store who had it cheaper.

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    Post your favourite fan fiction here:

    Will: this conversation is going on ozbargain
    Paul: Give my regards to JV

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    this conversation is going on ozbargain


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      Will's a professional.

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      "tHiS CoNvErSaTiOn iS GoIng oN oZBaRGaiN"

      Fixed it for OP.

      • A new keyboard is what you need.
        oh, wait… lol

      • Did Paul offer any cOmPeNsAtIoN !!?!

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        We need a way to revoke someone's membership when they drop the site's name in a shit way

  • what?? refused?? give them corona!

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      How is beer going to fix things?
      (I ask that a lot).

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        How isn't it going to fix things, is more the question

        • There are two ways of doing things, with beer or without beer.

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    I think you should call the police on them @OP and report this illegal activity.

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    Entitled twat.

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    Is it legal? Get a grip mate.

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    • LOL

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    Why are you trying to give your money to Gery, OP?
    Maybe you don't belong here in Ozbargain.

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    Why not just price match at Officeworks as they have a specific policy around this and you get a further 5% off?

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    Generally they only match established 'Bricks n Mortar' competitors such as :-
    * JB Hifi
    * The Good Guys
    * Officeworks
    * David Jones
    * Myer
    As doweyy, above, give Officeworks a go.

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    Buy from small retailers and support them instead of HN.

    HN refuses for price match most of the time anyway

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    MSY generally sell at market cost with very little profit. Harvey Norman are generally 50-100% above market cost so not really surprising why they aren't price matching. Price matching is generally more among the major retailers.

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    Poor Paul. Imagine getting minimum wage working online for Gerry, and having to deal with twits like this.

    • Worse is the inability to be sarcastic, or to tell someone to fk off

      • Very true, I'm sending Paul some thoughts and prayers tonight. It'll be ok Paul, not everyone is a massive dikhead.

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          I'm still waiting for "disableduser05213"

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            @spackbace: It won't be long, there's been quite a few lately.

  • I don't understand your worry. Go and buy it from the store advertising the price. A business has no obligation to match another stores price, they may have a policy that states under certain conditions they'll match a price but as long as they have conditions listed that have to be met to match then that's their out . It's simple support the little guy.

  • Buy it where it's cheaper then. Their T&C's basically indicate they can refuse if they so please.

    Under exclusions:

    "Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value."

  • And this needs to be posted?

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    @vbansal - don't worry about everyone bashing you.

    I fully support your thought process. It's big business like these that should respect the little guys. I'd fully lodged an ACCC and come back in 2 months to report how Gerry had to phone you to personally apologise.

    Go to the store and tell Paul you've lodged said action and you'd now like the keyboard for free as compensation. The injustice!!

    Then lodge a Fair Work for the ergo issues this has caused your wrists.

    • Its little guys like OP that waste everyones time.
      OP has a choice. Tell OP Excercise it and buy the item from MSY!

      Remember MSY is a small buiness leading the way here so OP should support them instead of giving his money to Harvey Norman

    • One hundred and seventy-eight dollaridoos?! That's it, I'm going to report this to me member of parliament. Hey, Gus! I've got something to report to ya.

  • Dear OP
    Go and buy the item at MSY and leave us alone !

    OMG Such a waste of time!

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    If the prices were the other way around I would still NOT buy from Harvey Norman. Gerry gets nothing from me!

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    I stopped going HN years ago for precisely this mean in fact the staff just plain rude. They’d say and turn around walk off. Don’t waste your time going there.

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    It’s illegal and you should immediately report it to the Police. They would be more than happy to divert their efforts against Covid-19 and rally for your cause. They may even arrest Mr. Harvey!

  • OP did you try online chat?

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    HN are scumbags in my opinion, they are always my very last choice to shop at..

  • I frequent this site, but I fail to understand those who price match or price beat. I love a bargain like the rest of you, but ain't nobody got time for dat.

    Nor would I give HN any money or expect a good price when I shop there (Saying that, I bought my Nvidia Shield (2017) from there, but it was a really good price for once).

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