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Free 1 Month of Plex Pass (Worth $6.49) @ Plex.tv


Thanks to HUKD.

Needs recurring billing on Paypal, or your credit card details (no money was deducted from Paypal). Can unsubscribe easily through your account and get the 1 month free.

Features of Plex Pass:

  • Automatic Camera Upload
    Wirelessly sync photos and videos automatically from your mobile device to your Plex Media Server at home, where they’re backed up, private, and secure.

  • Early Access and Apps
    You get early exclusive access to new and premium features, AND get mobile apps for free. No mobile unlock fees for subscribers!

  • Live TV
    Watch live broadcast TV directly on your device (in HD where available). A Plex Pass, antenna, and tuner, are all you need to stream free OTA live TV.

  • Lyrics
    See timed lyrics to your favorite songs when available, so you can karaoke (or lip sync) until you’re blue in the face!

  • Mobile Sync
    Sync your videos, music, and photos to your mobile device for offline enjoyment, wherever you go.

  • Parental Controls
    Enable parental controls to keep things kid-friendly, or create separate accounts for your childish roommates.

  • Photo Albums
    Create beautiful photo albums so you can easily customize and share your favorite captured memories.

  • Plex DVR
    Record free HD broadcast channels right to your library–including local news and sports–then watch your recordings on any device, anywhere. Free 3 months here

  • Plex Pass Perks
    Get exclusive access to promos and discounts on partner products and more!

  • Timeline View
    Explore your photos with our beautiful timeline view for organization that’s easy-on-the-eyes.

  • Trailers and Extras
    Have trailers, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes features, deleted scenes, and more automatically added and available to stream for movies in your library.

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  • +3 votes

    I thought a 30-day trial was always available?

  • +2 votes

    Thanks very much, existing Plex user, running on free version, 1 month free upgrade worked a charm!


    Note with Live TV, only certain TV tuners will work with Plex


      As earlier discussion, a lot of “unsupported” tuner also works eg under windows as long as the tuner installed, it most likely to work, even the old ps4 tuner work with it. I got 2 old usb dongle dual tuner and a ps4 play tv dual tuner running 6 channel simultaneously without any problem.


    How is this useful if we're all at home? I though Plex pass was so you could watch stuff from your NAS if you're not at home?


      If other people have (ahem) servers attached to the internet you can also stream from them. Not sure that you need a plex pass for that though.


        You don't need a Plex Pass to access your own server or someone else's remotely/over the internet. But you do need a Plex Pass for some features like Sync, which allow you to download content to your iPad etc. I usually get a Plex Pass sub just before I go on a holiday, download what I want to take with me and then cancel when I get home.

  • +1 vote

    Any discounts on the lifetime pass - and if not, what's the best price it usually is discounted to? Or is that never a thing…


      Would also like to know. I don't ever seem to receive the $99 lifetime Plex Pass offer like some others have received

    • +1 vote

      I got it for 99AUD last August. Got sick of waiting for the offer and pulled the trigger when it was on sale from the 159. No regrets.


    The biggest benefit is that hardware accelerated (Quick Sync) transcoding can be activated. So frustrating this feature is paywalled.


      They have to pay the bills somehow! All the Plex pass features can't be ones you don't care about if they want to do that.


      Except hardware decoding on certain Intel CPUs (read: NASs) absolutely cooks anything with .ASS subs (think anime or high quality TV subs). The issue has been around for about 6 months and Plex still won't fix it. Downgrading to several versions older fixes it (they changed graphics drivers and didn't patch properly or something) but if you want to watch anime, good luck.

      Also the new Plex TV app removed my Plex server's Movies & TV Shows and put Plex's in instead. So I had all this (profanity) garbage on my home screen and had to manually go and unpin all of them, go into another menu, and manually repin MY server. Honestly, making the switch to Jellyfin atm (both pointed to same media library) and it's less polished but you get hardware acceleration and it works well enough.


      Jellyfin has hardware accelerated transcoding and is FOSS. I highly recommend it.


    if my media is in the cloud e.g. Google Drive, Would plex be able to access it? How? I do have a windows 10 desktop and I sync all my movies on my gsuite account