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Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue (180 Sheets Per Roll) 36 Pack - $16 ($14.40 S&S Expired) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Amazon AU


Silky smooth and gentle embossed tissue that loves your bum
100% Biodegradable - Flushable and septic safe for standard sewer and septic systems
Manufactured using FSC certified forest resources – your guarantee you are supporting forest sustainability for future generations
Proudly Australian owned, providing jobs for over 600 of our fellow Australians
Lightly scented on the core not the tissue so suitable for even the most sensitive skin

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Scored!

  • 1 min after posting…expired. 224 clicks in 2 mins

    that was quick

    • daigous are organised

      • Not for toilet paper, it's the other way around for TP, and now more importantly, PPE.

        • Cannot agree more. Not sure why people tends to blame daigous for everything…

          • @cliffj: You mean individuals/businesses that buy up stock thats made available to Australians to take and sell overseas for a profit? Especially items which are in high demand for Australians

            Yeah dunno why people blame them either…

            • @geoffs87: Well, to be clear, I hate daigous. But to be fair, what daigous buying are something cannot or hard to be acquired locally, i.e. baby formulas etc.. For toilet paper, the Chinese ones are on par or even better than Australian ones but much cheaper(not event considering the postage which could be tens of times the price itself), so what's the point to get it from overseas? Despite that, I never heard there was a toilet paper shortage in China like here.

            • @geoffs87: Not really, that's more a local issue, and media hype.

              The ones you see in the retail stores buying up, are the bottom feeder, there aren't that many of them because its a lot of effort for overall little return.

              The daigous who make the real money, go direct get supplied pallets.

              I've rarely seen my local woolies or my work woolies/coles run out of baby formulae. Now and then its noticeable a brand is missing.

              There is a lot of supply. The manufactures also sell direct to China.

              The real issue with Daigous is when someone hit a local store/area, its takes too long to resupply that area.

              The only time I've ever seen a Daigou is in the media, never in real life.

    • harder to get TP from amazon than a pair of airpods from ebay plus deals!

      • I beg to differ. Airpods were gone within seconds. TPs were available for at least 1 minute!

        • i agree 100 percent. i scored one tp/handwash at the same time(what are the chances of that happening) earlier, but not those airpod, nope!.

    • Well, actually 15s after posting it was gone…


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  • Got one thanks, good timing!

  • Damn too slow

  • Why can't I buy anything off Amazon ? Sells out in seconds wtf

  • Damn, 4 minutes after posting. Gone. :-(

  • b ack in stock

  • Yay, item was back in stock and I was be able to place order 1 min ago

  • Had one in cart went to look for something else to add for free shipping.. sold out within 1 minute

  • Managed to grab 1, cheers OP.

  • Damn I actually scored one

  • Just got one.

    Thanks OP.

    I always manage to miss out but got lucky this time :)

  • Keeps coming back in stock, few at a time. Managed to score one. Thanks OP.

  • damn gone

  • Aaaaaaaaand it's gone :(

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  • MOFO's

  • I had this as an email notification. Sold out before Amazon could send it to me.

    • +6 votes

      I'm with you on this one. I've got quite a few notifications set up for 'popular' items and although I see those items come up on Ozbargain, I haven't once received a notification from Amazon.

    • I created my own notification, scanning through Amazon every 5 minutes :D

      • please share

        • It's not complete for public use at the moment. Basically I hook up the Azure Function App to trigger a webhook in IFTTT to send me message when the stock is available on Amazon. It's kind of simple for personal use. I can manually add anyone with their wish list but in order to make it public I'll have to create a database to store everyone's wish lists and create registration flow for them as well. It also brings in privacy policy concerns and all those boring stuffs. Kind of lazy/no time for that at the moment but will think about it if there are more and more people interested. Do you want one? :D

  • Amazon is playing mind games with these items.

    • It's probably no different than the supermarkets, they have a certain amount of space available for this and a certain amount that comes in on the truck at a time.

      In other words, it's not their fault if it gets cleared out faster than they can get it in.

  • If you're in Melb, QV Woolworths had a lot of toilet paper that it wouldn't fit on the racks when I was there recently . If your close by and need tp there should still be heaps

    Edit: For reference https://imgur.com/H3yv9E1

  • all gone again and again it been 3 weeks not able to get a pack of damn TP

  • Flushable

    As opposed to the non-flushable toilet paper that can't placed in a toilet.

  • Out of personal curiosity, are people still hoarding toilet paper or are there still people out there with no toilet paper.
    I just don't understand why toilet paper is still disappearing so quickly.

    • i call bs on that

    • +5 votes

      Not in Sydney.

      • Well i have had no issues at any of my local supermarkets for almost 2 weeks
        mate in Sydney just told me he also has not had any issues, seeing plenty on shelves when he has gone to his local supermarkets in past week or so

        So maybe some areas have issues, but i would say overall the situation is greatly improved.

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          Can you name a few Sydney supermarket are full of stock?

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            @KOBH: yes agree, say the suburb not just plenty there plenty here plenty BS

            • @ChiMot: Mate relax!
              You seem to be getting quite worked up over TP

              I just texted and asked what the TP situation was and his reply was
              "Newtown has plenty all the Coles and Woolies on way to work have plenty also, I been looking for gloves and HS for work so pop in most mornings"

              • @jimbobaus: Just called Woolworths at Erskineville (Metro) store details

                21-23 Erskineville Road, Newtown

                No stocks on toilet paper and flour pretty much 1/2 the store is empty. Their explanation the truck didn't come today.

                • @KOBH: Fair Enough, my point stands
                  I certainly do not see my friend lying about seeing TP around.
                  He literally checks most days on his way to work (as i said above) so yeah maybe they did not get any today but there is plenty most of the time.

                  But i love that you got so worked up that you felt the need to call woolies.. that made my day :)
                  i know my local Coles has been told "if anyone rings you say come in and find out"
                  but thank you for the laugh :) totally needed it

                  • @jimbobaus: You're lucky you live in a small village with fewer people stockpiling, but please don't speak for others. Your mate may see stock when he was at the store, but stock won't last for more than 10 minutes.

                    • @KOBH: Well he starts work at noon, so he is seeing it between 11-Noon and given the supermarkets are open to everyone from 8am thats pretty good odds.
                      I live in a small village? LOL ….GOLD!

                      He also just told me he often see's it after work (between 8-9pm) but only recently since the Coles are open until 10pm now.

                      it is around, its a mix of the right day, luck and the right store but i would confidently say the majority of stores have decent stock levels for most of the day.
                      just some stores still being hit hard.
                      scroll down.. plenty of people seeing it in stock in many different places.

                • @KOBH: That is because it is a tiny Metro store. Go to a proper size store in the morning.

                  • @netjock: I doubt if there's a fixed time at which stores refill tissues as per my comment below. Probably it depends on when the new stock comes and availability of staff too.

              • @jimbobaus: sorry not attacking you, thanks yeah this is very frustrating a mate at 9am visited 6 different local coles/woolw and get ZERO roll.

                • @ChiMot: Its all good man
                  I understand the frustration. we were down to our last roll when we finally managed to get some.
                  Supplies are def improving and the hoarders are done hoarding.

                • @ChiMot: I think they are put on the aisles at random times (not sure which factors play role).. I was in Woolies at a 2pm a few days back and people were grabbing the rolls. I am sure they wouldn't have been put there at 8am as they wouldn't survive that long.

          • @KOBH: Coles World Square - No chance.

            Coles Crows Nest - Several TP stock drops throughout the day.

            Coles Express Artarmon - Plenty packs stacked at the front door last weekend.

          • @KOBH: I have been getting better luck with Woolies Wolli Creek. Come in the morning (9am - 10am), and they will still have some left. Not that much choice of brand though

      • pics or it never happened