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Up to $20 off Per Month for 6 Months for Jobseekers @ Telstra


You'll need your Telstra Account Number, and your Centrelink Customer Reference Number to apply.

Just saw this on Facebook.

We will be offering a discount for our eligible consumer and small business customers currently receiving the JobSeeker payment, to relieve some of the burden.

If you have a Telstra fixed bundle service and/or multiple Telstra post-paid mobile services you may receive a single $20 per month discount off your total bill for six months, while those with a single Telstra post-paid mobile service may receive a $10 per month discount off their bill for six months.

The offer will be open to apply for from 20 April until 18 May 2020, unless extended. More details on how to apply for the discount will be available via T.com after Easter.

Things you need to know about our JobSeeker offer:

  • If you cancel your eligible plan, or stop receiving the JobSeeker payment, the discount will be removed from your bill.
  • To determine your eligibility for this offer, we will need your Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN), and by proceeding with the application, you authorise us to disclose your details with the relevant government body from time to time to determine eligibility.
  • Your CRN tied to your JobSeeker payment must be held in the same name as your Telstra account.

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  • Nice this is pretty handy.

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    Nice one Telstra! That's a great gesture.

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      Because when they signed up they had a job?

      What a stupid comment.

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    Does that mean that those who apply will need to agree to let Telstra access their details on Centrelink site? Wonder if its worth it…

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      Probably same as any other concession checks for power, gas etc. Pretty sure it's just a lookup to verify one piece of information: are you receiving benefits or not.

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      I highly doubt they will access your Mygov info. Once the discount code is on your bill, nobody's going to care enough to remove it. Used to work in Telstra billing.

    • Don't be concerned, citizen! It's almost certainly all stored in AWS repositories, secured to levels that can withstand pen-tests from people who did a 4-session course on uDemy.

      It's only ever made accessible to our Five Eyes chums (and certainly to the US DHS under a FISA rubber-stamp because terrrrrrism) - and then, under some important conditions (i.e., whatever they want, whenever they want it).

      Our systems show there's a 90% chance you don't have the tracking app installed yet - in which case you are failing the most basic tenets of housewife-TV: Joe, Natarsha, Carrie (and even Waleed) would be disappointed.

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    Yet I can’t get $20 after being a loyal long term customer.

    Glad they’re helping those in need though.

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      So you want $20 for no reason?

      • Seems to be the OzBargain way… haven't you bought something when you 'know' its a price error? What are your thoughts antt?

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          Look, if you want to roll the dice, by all means. Just don't whinge if it doesn't pay off. What are your thoughts Moo?

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      are you still stoned?

      • +1

        I am.

    • +6

      They could have offered nothing instead?

      • +1

        how good are peanuts!

        • +1

          They're tastiest when you can shuck the shells and throw them to the floor. Good times. :)

  • Shame it’s not as good as the Optus deal

    • The one with 20gb extra for one month?

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    How many Jobseekers are Ex Telstra staff made redundant?

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      Happily they have frozen all planned redundancies for 6 months now…
      I believe it's been about 5000+ redundancies already.

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    Honestly what's the point of even having a job for the next 5 months. With all these handouts sitting at home playing Nintendo for $1500 a fortnight sounds like a good deal.

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      Until it all ends in 6 months and you are now in the Centrelink system and have to apply (along with the other millions who did the same) for jobs and go to useless "job ready" training.

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        My job is safe so I'll be ok, but honestly, if my boss was to say "we're shutting down for 6 months and we will start back in august, here's the contact," there is no way I'd bother looking for a job in the meantime.

        Get discounts for a lot of things, could possibly get reduced rent, $1500 is more than enough, to even save money right now.

        What is the incentive to get a job?

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          Exactly, some people are having a holiday for 6 months at the expense of taxpayers.

  • Does anyone know how to transfer a line out to a new account? My wife is applying for Jobseeker. Her line is currently under my name.

    • fill out transfer of ownership forms and both go to Telstra shop with id I think good luck

    • Can try doing a CHOWN over the phone with both present as well.

  • Can't beat Optus Corona discount offers .. I got 50% of my bill for 3 months and my cousin got 2 months free service rent and calls etc,. with no documentation needed just explained our situations not working,.. plus there 20GB data on top for April 👍🤪

  • Unfortunately, both phones are under my name. My wife is not yet a permanent resident isn’t eligible for any of the Centrelink payments, and has had her work contract terminated due to Coronavirus (but wasn’t employed casually long enough to be eligible for the Jobkeeper allowance). Unlucky 😅

    Cheers Telstra!

  • how do we apply for this ? I have Telstra post paid mobile account and I am now unfortunately on jobseeker with a CRN. It seems there is no link or such to apply for the discount. Someone please help ?

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    Thank you Telstra for this. This will definitely help a lot of Job Seeker who are now doing Uber for living.

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    (profanity) here I am going to work putting myself at risk while all these dole bludgers keep getting hand outs.

  • Wasn't Telstra $10-$20 more expensive than everyone else to begin with?

    • +3

      You get what you pay for coverage wise.

    • There are some pretty good Telstra deals, mainly through JB. If you do the $400 gift card on the $65 12 month contract getting $10/$20 off would almost put you in the black.

  • Thanks.

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    Anyone who is on Austudy, I contacted telstra cause I lost work and money and they said only jobseekers, but than they offered me 50% off 3 months. 109 bucks. Can't complain. Contact telstra if you're not on jobseeker but still got (profanity) on work and shit.

  • Anybody know if this includes Boost and Belong services as well?

    • Nope.

  • +1

    Great, thank you.

  • is there anything for jobKeeper

  • Has any one received a reply from telstra yet?

    • Twice. Both times a text to say 'it appears that the CRN provided with your application may not be correct'. I double checked the CRN both times I submitted the application!! I don't know what else to do now.

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