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Soodox Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 60ml $3.65 + Delivery @ Superpharmacy


An Update


Been seeing a lot of feedback about the cost and even comments claiming price gouging. I totally understand where those comments are coming from. From my perspective ozBargain has probably never been a more important tool for everyday Aussies to use, as we all learn to deal with the new situation in front of us. Most of us have either lost our job or lost hours. I get it.

I just really wanted to highlight that whilst this may not be a ripper deal we can all benefit from, like the price war between retailers of the Sony earbuds, I still thought it important to share so that you guys also have equal access to sanitiser at a fair price. I'm sure you have seen, same as us, some of the extremely inflated prices of sanitiser & other items around recently.

It may have been better to lead with our 200ml sanitiser at $10.95, but hey too late now, and as I mentioned in a reply below - if one person on here who didn't have access to sanitiser buys from us and starts using it, it's a successful post in my eyes.

I really appreciate you guys, and the incredibly smart community that exists here. My wallet maybe not so much. But I hope that you understand this was never about trying to rip anyone of or make a killing. To be honest we've had more than enough orders in the last few weeks, I almost welcome a break at this point.

Thanks for your passion


Hey everyone,

It truly has been an incredibly crazy time recently - and we've been busier than ever. Some of you may have already experienced how inundated with orders we have been over the last few weeks.

I just wanted to let you all know that as we have been receiving stock of hand sanitiser, we have been trying to prioritise supply for the most at risk members of our community. We did however just receive in a larger supply of hand sanitiser, so we are happy to now be able to offer it again on our website for all Aussies.

Please understand that following our same belief in getting these to as many people as possible, there is a limit of just 1 per person. Any attempts to circumvent that will have their extra orders refunded.

We also have a 200ml size available on the site if needed.

It is Australian made and 70% alcohol in a gel solution


Whilst I'm here, we have been placing a huge focus on effectively managing our stock levels as we entered this unprecedented time.

At this time, all of our usual pharmacy items are available.

If you have been running into issues getting items or medications from your local pharmacy, let me know and I can have a look for you or at least update you on that item.

Any questions at all - I'm happy to keep checking in and helping when I can :)

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