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KN95 Face Mask (10-Pack) AUD $47.02 Shipped @ Fasttech


i ordered these a couple of days ago and just got shipping notification - i couldnt find a better deal for these but someone else might as i'm not a facemask expert- i added 1usd for australian post e-packet which is 6 to 20 days postage - otherwise its free postage -in the past when i have ordered from fasttech things usually arrive between 7-10 days

edit - after the comment below which is now deleted it seems like the indicative price when you do the currency conversion from usd to aud is wrong on the sale page - $27.64 USD = $44.36 AUD according to google currency converter

how do i change price in title I wonder?

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    No CE mark means that it's not certified to actually be an N95 mask. But it looks otherwise well made.

    Would be better than those cheap 3 ply masks, but who knows if it's really N95

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      description says - These masks are produced by qualified manufacturers and meet the requirements stipulated in the protection standard: CE certified / FDA certified / GB2626-2006 (equivalent to US NIOSH N95) - but who knows….

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      KN95 is not N95. KN95 is China standard. The major difference is KN95 is focus on dust protection and can’t be used for medical purposes. But KN95 is ok to protect you from COVID-19. FDA has already approved KN95 for general use.

      You can also refer to 3M website to find the different.



      apparently companies arent certifying their masks because it will delay the shipments by a few weeks and people are demanding the supply immediately.


      Wait a minute, I just realized that please do not buy black one, black mask filter principle may be activated carbon adsorption, this could not against the virus! Of course, these masks are better than none, and certainly better than cotton ones

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    Is this Face Mask or Fake Mask?


    nvm wrong comment.

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    This is a way better price than Kogan's.

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    Plenty of these type of masks on AliExpress.
    Most are probably fake though, like this one imo.

    It’s disgraceful that companies are willing to label their products as KN95/N95/P2 when they aren’t certified or even worse use “questionable” certificates.

    To be honest I wouldn’t risk wasting $3.50 per mask on something that could be fake. If you like being ripped off you might as well spend that extra few bucks and get a certified 3M respirator.

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    it will stop droplets if people sneeze or cough near you …..

    if you want viral protection at the n95 certified level to protect against corona, then you will also need to wear googles as it can be absorbed via the eyes, and I see lots of people with masks, but many wearing googles at the same time.

    Its all a trade off and risk management between practicality (wear mask but not goggles).

    thing about wearing mask it stops you touching your face, so its more than just N95 certification if you are really into risk minimisation.

    I wear a mask as it sends a message to other about the times we are in, social distancing, etc to "beach partyers or rich people back from ski trips at parties who are corona positive"


      half the people using masks, take them off to talk to people. And don't carefully remove them once in a safe place. Lots of people using mobile phones in public too.

      how hard is it to google up guidlines or use common sense.

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    AUD$47.02 after it's converted to AUD via PayPal with also includes a 2.5% conversion fee.

    The website's AUD approximation obviously uses an old AUD X rate.

    OP can you check your paypal email receipt.

    • +2 votes

      good idea ash - got this off my paypal receipt - bearing in mind i added the extra usd for aust post e packet

      "Exchange rate
      $49.88 AUD = $28.64 USD
      1 AUD = 0.5741 USD"

      • +2 votes

        Yeah, so AUD$47 with free shipping.

        Paypal 1 AUD = 0.58784 USD plus another 2.5% conversion.


    I saw the 2-pack KN95 similar to these at Amazon AU a couple months ago cost $20 and they were sold out within 3 days.

  • +5 votes

    The Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Australia has strengthened the directive for the public NOT TO WEAR MEDICAL MASKS! He said those masks (N95 etc) are RESERVED for use by front line medical workers.
    (From televised speech on 5/4/20)

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      Couldn't agree more. You definitely need to wear masks, but surgical/N95 ones should be reserved for medical workers.

      Just wear whatever to cover your mouths and noses to protect OTHERS from yourselves, because you might be infected without symptoms.

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      I cant imagine our hospitals are ordering supplies from fasttech….

    • +5 votes

      KN95 is not medical masks!


        Yes. These are not medical grade masks. As pointed out earlier. But some here are recommending wearing N95 masks.
        The directive does not cover all masks, just ones better used in medical treatment of people with covid19.

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          KN95 is different with N95.
          In some countries, due to they don't have enough N95, so they gave KN95 to doctors to protect them as KN95 has the same protect level except KN95 can't be used in surgical procedures, or in any area where there is a risk of blood or body fluid splash.


        especially ones with great big holes in them like these.

    • +2 votes

      half of the corona virus cases are asymptomatic.
      That's why most of Asian countries tell their citizens to wear mask when going out.
      Even US started telling their citizens to wear cloth mask.

      Mask reduce getting infected little bit but also greatly reduce infecting other if you're not aware carrying the virus.

      One of the reason our government don't want us to wear mask is because they think we're stupid to wear mask correctly.


        Links to those stats?

          • -2 votes

            @Bargain80: Not lazy - I've already done searches which did not support your claims.

            First link is supposition by Trump advisor on situation is USA. Even then 50% is upper limit of that estimate. USA hasn't been testing enough to know!

            Second is from overseas too. Those figures go as low as 4% with 18% on Diamond Princess. Low sample size (except fit Diamond Princess) makes figures useless. Some even add a note that "Numbers quoted not verifiable".

            Useless for Australian conditions. We just don't have the necessary testing & data.

            • +2 votes

              @the INFIDEL: here's a fact. virus doesn't recognise nation or race.
              it doesn't matter if the strat is based on a foreign country, it is the same virus.

              The number now is varies a lot because this is still new virus and there aren't a lot of research yet.
              Even WHO (in the second link) suggest it can be as high as 80% (including mild symptom).

              doesn't matter if it's 50% or 40% or 30%, it's still a high number.
              Wearing mask (cloth mask if you don't want impact supply for doctor) can protect you and everyone around you.

              • -5 votes

                @Bargain80: here's a fact.
                Virus transmission rates vary a lot between counties / cultures. Even the second link you posted showed that wide variation.

                virus doesn't recognise nation or race
                But how we live & interact is different between different nation or race!
                In the USA, there are reported differences by "race" in some communities - But mainly due to poverty, living close together in decrepit housing, poor health & lack of medical services for the poor. (Planet America last night)

                There are so many variables (confounds) to be able to apply data from one country to another.

                People's behaviours, thinking & beliefs, type of government, government policy towards the virus, closeness of people to each other, type of housing, underlying health issues & demographics of the communities, weather, etc play a vital role in the rate of transmission.

                So figures for countries very different to Australia are not relevant here.

                This has been discussed in other Deals.

                Your response sounds like fear rather than facts.

                Just stay at home where possible, social distance, wash your hands etc - as we are repeatedly told to do. Then masks aren't a necessity.


                  @the INFIDEL: Strange people are so negative about the proven effect of environmental factors on the transmission of viruses.

                  There is research into transmission rates in respiratory viruses similar to this.

                  eg Temperature & Humidity found to affect transmission in respiratory virus
                  Transmission data on this virus mainly comes from cold Northern Hemisphere countries. That is unlike most of Australia now!

                  Transmission of viruses via airborne routes may be affected by ambient humidity, which affects not only the virus’ stability but also respiratory droplet size, as water content evaporates. In turn, droplet size influences whether the particle will quickly settle to the ground or remain airborne long enough to be inhaled into the respiratory tract of a susceptible host.

                  With rising Relative Humidity & temperature, experiments found the virus was less likely to be transmitted.
                  With very cold weather (5C), there tends to be more mucous build up in the nasal area - leading to a higher likelihood of uptake of the virus.

                  So transmission rate of respiratory viruses in general, varies with environmental factors.

                  There are so many environmental
                  differences between countries & cultures! So it would be very unwise to simply apply overseas experience on transmission rate to Australia. Time will tell.

                  In my uni degree in mathematical modeling & use in prediction, we were repeatedly taught not to go beyond the Data. In virology, that means not apply observations & predictions from a very different environment to ours.

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                  @the INFIDEL: this is not about fear.
                  it's about protecting yourself and others.
                  It doesn't matter what the number is, the fact is, it exist.

                  You never know if you're infectious or not. Doesn't matter what the weather is, there is still a chance of infecting somebody.

                  Simple act like wearing cloth mask combined with social distancing will reduce or eliminate the case and reduce the lockdown period.


                    @Bargain80: I never said not to wear a mask - just that the Government says not to wear medical grade masks. Those masks are unnecessary for the public to use.

                    Otherwise mask wearing is up to the individual.

                    I would wear a non medical one if in constant close contact with the public in my work. Just to be safe. In that case the employer should provide the PPE.

                    If not involved in essential activities, stay home & abide by the current rules. That should not require the use of masks.

                    Research on similar viruses show transmission is affected by weather - dropping to 0 with RH above 80% with that respiratory virus.
                    And contamination is easier with increased mucus in the nasal cavity - again more likely in cold weather.
                    With time we will better understand transmission factors with this virus.

                    But drawing predictions from other countries experiences or outcome of mask wearing here is pointless. Our conditions are different, even though the virus is the same.

                    Mask wearers I've talked with wore them out of fear, incorrect information, or cultural convention.

                    It's an interest of mine since being in Asia during the 2008 H1N1 pandemic. Social Psychology is my other field.
                    People then were acting irrationally due to fear, attacking foreigners believing we all had the virus. Of course they justified their actions as completely rational.
                    Fear is quite normal reaction in a crisis.


                      @the INFIDEL: then what are debating?
                      I never said we should wear medical grade masks.

                      my point is if government wants to drive the curve down faster, they should urge people to wear cloth mask when going out.
                      Any medical grade masks (N95 or surgical mask) should be banned for sale in Australia and should be reserved for medical workers.


                        @Bargain80: The health experts advising the Government don't seem to agree. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer considers cloth masks of no use. (Press conference 5/4) So is not part of Australia's strategy.

                        The CDC in USA also doesn't agree.

                        The push to now wear masks in the USA is likely in response to people already are wearing them out of desperation for something. That is fear. I'd be frightened too!

                        I've observed people's behaviour in major disasters (eg 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China). Logic or doing things for the common good is rare. It's more self & family preservation out of fear.

                        We only disagree about the need or effectiveness of basic face masks.

                        I take my advice from Government & experts, backed up by research papers.
                        Having research degrees in mathematical modeling & conducting psychological research into cross cultural group behaviours - I don't know better than those informed experts. It's always best to know the limits to our competence. And this is beyond mine. So I rely on the advice of those who should know.

                        Its up to people to decide to wear those non medical grade masks - correctly.

                        I prefer to keep my hands away from my face. When out, I keep my hands on my pockets as a habit. I've been practicing correct hygiene etc since the last pandemic in 2008.



                virus doesn't recognise nation or race

                In Milwaukee, African Americans represent 26% of the population, But have experienced 73% of the deaths.

                Of course the virus is not selective, it's the environmental, health & social conditions that skew that terrible result. And masks etc are an expensive luxury of life for the poor. BBC World News

                Covid-19 is ravaging black communities in Milwaukee

                COVID-19’s Racial Death Gap Was Predictable

                Similarly the virus survives longer on different surfaces, which will affect rate of transmission. Masks won't stop picking up the virus from surfaces.

                Factors other than just the virus are crucial in the rate of spread & death rate.

      • +1 vote

        CDC in USA give same recommendation

        It is quite normal in crowded countries / cities in Asia for people to wear masks. They don't need their governments to tell them. In Japan, 25M suffer from hay fever - so wear masks at this time of year. Others wear masks as they don't want their cold etc from spreading - the virus struck over the Northern Winter.


        See how this mask has a exhaust value, it means if infected you still will shoot out corona particles.


        if the gov wanted people to wear masks, there would be the issue of people expecting the govt to supply as people would say they can’t afford them …..like people that expected govt to pay to fly them back from holidays as part of evacuation.

        also masks in public are visually confronting about the situation, not sure the govt wants a situation where people are told “wear a mask as we can’t keep you safe, you are on your own”

        i used to travel on train to work and the coughing, sneezing in winter was a concern but you’d feel dumb wearing a mask, this might change that culture as it will a while before we get a vaccine and it will stick around and not be eradicated like smallpox, but at least once 60% of the population have had covid19 then the chances of getting it is reduced and if you do there would be an icu bed if needed.

        i thought it dumb in this day an age that people die of measles, easily prevented with vaccine but it still happens.

        and the anti-vaxers won’t want covid19 vaccine incase it makes them autistic.


          Good points

          Anti vaxers were saying this is a big pharma/govt conspiracy to make them all vaccinate, and they're so scared.

          The mask thing may change once people see other western countries wearing it like the US.

          And yes they'd want another payment subsidy to buy masks (but buy booze instead lol)


      Wanted to come post this - people from general public shouldn't be worrying about masks. Save it for the people who actually need it.

      • +2 votes

        Well you came here just to post something incorrect.

        Yes save the medical grade ones, but use anything else.

    • +3 votes

      Lol … Chinese people being extra careful around other Chinese people? …. They know what's up. Good on them i say. And good on the company for providing it for their workers.

      • +3 votes

        Yeah, there has been horror stories circulating Chinese social networks since early January. If you read all the horror stories for the past 3 months, you will do the same thing as they do. I'm surprised to see so many aussies are still not wearing face masks.

    • +6 votes

      You don't understand how easily this virus can spread. In China, a guy got infected just because he had a 15s face to face talk with the infected cashier. I think the funny thing is AU goverment still don't allow doctors and nurses to wear mask to protect themselves if they are not working in fever clinic. Look at [how china protect doctors and nurses(https://n.sinaimg.cn/spider2020221/110/w580h330/20200221/e04...)


        Unlikely that transmission could be proven. That's the problem - often only anecdotal proof.
        Link to this case?


            @symeteor: So a China News Service report of a video surveillance of a 15s blessing in a confined booth is the only proof - as no other known explanation could be found…

            participated in a blessing at the appointment on January 19) There was a short (about 15 seconds) close cohabitation in the same booth, and neither of them wore a mask.
            But that's a Google translation.
            The translated article seems to suggest different places the transmission took place - buying food or a blessing. That may simply be a mistranslation!

            As has been noted in research into transmission - reports from China cant be verified.


              @the INFIDEL: That's the thing, China shared lots of information. But western countries don't trust these information. Then,we saw what's happening in these countries now…
              I don't want to discuss political on ozbargain, but, western countries should learn from China…


                @symeteor: Some of the Australian modelling & strategies were based on the experience in China. But it needs to be verifiable, not just unfounded speculation.

                But the culture, population densities, seasons, etc are very different to Australia.


                @symeteor: Unfortunately China has a past history of misinformation, mainly to subdue local concerns & show they are in control. So data & reports are suspect, unless verified.

                I was near the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. That was just before the Beijing Olympics, so the Internet was open & unfiltered.

                The Chinese Government through their media claimed only 4 deaths. With other Foreigners we viewed reports & photos on the BBC site from villages destroyed, bodies…

                So we knew the information given by the Government in the disaster was incorrect. Locals had immediately told us not to trust the Government information. The death toll was estimated at 80,000!

                A week after the earthquake, a text message circulated saying there would be another earthquake that day. Local PhD students I was with were very anxious.
                I tried to reassure them earthquakes don't work like an alarm clock. They'd point to their screens saying I didn't know, their Government does - their mobile showed it was to happen! It didn't happen.

                As the true story could not be controlled, I saw the Government's approach change to a pure PR campaign (eg ads of a small girl thanking the soldiers).

                So it is reasonable to question the validity of reports from China. WHO was allowed in, so data could then be independently verified.

                But China severely criticised & removed the Doctor who told them the new virus was a major health risk…

                western countries should learn from China…
                It's a pity data from China is suspect. But China has taught us not to trust it. We will now see what happens the lock down has been lifted. And Western observers & researchers can verify the information.

    • +7 votes

      A bit exaggerated.

      This is the same sort of nonsense attitude that people adopted that landed all of us into this lock down in the first place.

      if EVERYONE had taken the physical distancing seriously from the get go, we wouldn't have needed things like lock downs forced upon us.

      People don't want to die, they don't want their loved ones to die, that's why they wear masks. Is that so hard to comprehend?

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    looks to be the same as these which do have ce and fda but who knows really?

  • +1 vote

    this version is the easy breathe type - "selfish" version. i.e. you blow out the virus the others. The recommended N95/ kN95 is those fully covered and hard to breathe.


      Better than nothing since even hospitals cannot get enough of the proper ones.
      And it still helps others: if I don't get the virus I don't spread it, and it still does a lot to stop cough droplets. Better than a tissue or elbow.


        Nope. Healthy people breathe and filtered the virus by the mask, when you blow out carbon dioxide, it pushes the filtered virus to others. Hence it being called the "selfish" mask


      tape the valve up.


      I agree it is "selfish" - but if people want to pay for my masks, I'm happy to wear the ones without valves. I'm not interested in paying for others masks directly (I'm already a taxpayer), so I don't think I get much right to ask those that buy their own PPE to go valveless.


    pick the aus expedited shipping in the shipping options it gets here in around a week and you get a parcel post tracking number when it gets here

    i use fasttech quite a lot for ecig stuff been a customer for many many years

  • +1 vote

    Questionable quality but better than nothing.

    I prefer the type with the insert filters as the ones in this thread are essentially one use throw aways (given the limited time most of us will wear a mask it effectively becomes a multi use mask).

    If medical personnel should wear a mask why shouldn't the general public? It simply makes no sense to me unless the intention is to stop the public buying masks and preserve the stock for medical personnel who without question must have them.

    • +1 vote

      "It simply makes no sense to me unless the intention is to stop the public buying masks and preserve the stock for medical personnel who without question must have them."

      three reasons.

      as you said there are major shortages. Wasting them on people unlikely to get sick when the people that are most likely to get sick are running out is a poor use of resources.

      the general public are terrible at using them properly rendering them effectiveness heavily diminished.
      * they reuse their mask over and over.
      * don't fit them properly
      * scratch their faces while wearing them
      * take them off to blow their noses, then fail to sanitize their hands, arms, face, bin the mask and get a new one.
      * handle the outsides where all the virus land
      * lay them down on surfaces they touch.
      * how many hipster beards were shaved off to properly use a mask?

      proper medical n95 masks are not easy to breathe through for many people, they get hot and stuffy, some people struggle with their breathing. which results in a lot of see point 2.

      • +3 votes

        the general public are terrible at using them properly rendering them effectiveness heavily diminished.

        Because the general public hasn't been instructed on how to use them.

        A simple 2 min youtube video would be enough to explain.


          The general public don't listen even if you make watching a video compulsory.

          Just look at all the people still congregating, or not social distancing at the shops, etc.

          Honestly I've been trained to use masks properly and use dozens every week, yet I sometimes still break the rules. I guarantee you that my nose won't be itchy, but as soon as I put a mask on there will be an incredible itch.

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    IMO, wear a surgical mask is sufficient as long as you wash your hands often and avoid touching your eyes or rubbing your nose.


    My mother bought too many expensive 3M 8210Plus N95 masks and I still haven't found a way to sell them at cost.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP, bought a 10-pack white one for $31.

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