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AVANTE Sit/Stand Motorised Height Adjustable Desk 150cm Walnut/Silver (Shipped) from Mytopia for $559


Ships from 13-Apr. Other options available.

$599 in their eBay store

Use MYTOPIA20 to get $20 off on first purchase.

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    Seems to be a standard 12 months for the whole desk, including the motor which isn't the best.


    Was looking at these, ended up going with the IKEA hand crank model though because it was half the price.

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      how is it? wobbly? which one what is the model name?


        I went with https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/skarsta-desk-sit-stand-beige-wh..., but there is a slightly bigger model if you need.

        I really like it, I'm planning on keeping it in the standing position so wasn't really fussed about getting one with a motor (it only takes a minute to go from bottom to top anyways).

        If you try to wobble it you can, but it's fine for keyboard/mouse work. Can lean on it too and it doesn't really move much.

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        I've assembled + used an IKEA standing desk (motorized, not hand crank) in the past, and have a similar model to this one at home - the pricing differential was massive when I bought - $320 for the mytopia one vs about $600 for IKEA.

        From memory:
        - IKEA is a bit less wobbly.
        - IKEA was easier to assemble.
        - IKEA fit & finish is better (there was one bolt hole on the mytopia that I couldn't get the bolt to screw into, I think the thread was stuffed up during manufacture). I also liked the IKEA surface better.

        I haven't had any problems so far with the motors, but I probably only have about 25kg worth of stuff on it.

        At this current pricing, I'd buy the IKEA instead. If you're happy with the hand crank for half the price, definitely get the IKEA.

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    I've got this desk but bought maybe a year ago. Paid around $300 I believe….so not sure what's happened to the price…probably has the coronatax built into it.

    Anyway, the desk is good. Pretty noisy when going up/down. The 3 height favourites is good too. Sit, stand, and a half height for a stool I have.

    Table top quality is good. Desk is as wobbly as any other desk with a similar design. Fine for typing etc.

    In the year that I've owned it, the motor 'calibration' has stuffed itself a few times. It 'forgets' where it is in height. To reset you have to hold the down button all the way down and keep holding until it 'blips' up/down at the end. Then you can resume using it as normal. Happens maybe once a fortnight. My dad bought one too and his has been fine, no issues at all.

    At this price though, I'd probably look elsewhere..

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      I can echo the exact same re: noise and calibration. Overall good desk although the price has gone up significantly since purchase last year.


      I got the 160cm dual motors on Kogan for $538 using my kogan credit card $500 bonus.. don’t seem to be selling there anymore.
      I had to make new holes for the screws on the side as they didn’t align. The button control was missing screws for it but I had some Ikea screws that fitted.

      After that though it’s a really good quality sturdy desk (1 month in)