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Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 5L Engine Oil $49.95 (+$20 Cashback via Valvoline) + Shipping / CC @ Sparesbox


Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 5L Engine Oil $29.95 @ Sparesbox after $20 Valvoline Cash Back

Cheapest I can find on the market for cars requiring 0w20


Free delivery with $99+

Or on Sparesbox eBay website $51.95 free delivery if only buying 1

Don't forget Sparesbox 5% cash back with Shopback and Cash Rewards

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    Great find! 0w20 tends to be expensive and only offered by a few brands. Do you think 0w20 oil will get cheaper in a few years time? I wonder if more companies will make 0w20 and if competition will bring down the price.


      Oh there are a few brands but yes expensive but only worth buying if cheaper than the dealer. Honda dealer charge around $55inc gst for just under 5L for genuine Honda Leo oil.

      Repco doing penrite 0w20 for $45 that's already cheap compare to the usual price

      I think there could be more promotions not sure on cost

      There is actually 0w08 and 0w16 for hybrids and electric. If the world is heading towards that then maybe less demand for other oils. But not these few decades I reckon.


    Bloody hell I use 10w60. Whats the benefit of 0w20?


    Hhmmm I wonder if this can be paired with the Sparesbox promo codes received in the past…


    The valvoline $20 voucher is only claimable if you have a promotional magnet or at least show a picture of this. Not exactly sure where you can get them except by attending a major event which are not happening now. So where to get the magnet? Otherwise cannot claim voucher.


    I have a Subaru Outback 2015 with the 2.5L engine. The car's manual specify that the viscosity be 0W20, and be GF-4 or GF-5 certified. This engine oil seems to be the correct viscosity and is also GF-5 according to Valvoline website.

    However, sparesbox and supercheap tell me that it's not compatible with my car when I enter the car details, which makes me a bit paranoid.

    Does anyone know if it's just the website that's wrong?

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