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[PC] Free - Assassin's Creed II (Was $14.95) @ Ubisoft


Another freebie game from Ubisoft. Free from April 14.

Based on the start time for Child of Light and Rayman's Legend, I believe the start time will be around 11.00pm on the 14/4.

Credit to mydealz

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  • $14.95? Free from 14, my bad. Thanks

  • Free from the 14th. Right now this post is setup as currently active and 14th as the end date.

  • I loved AC 1 and 2. I remember getting them on release day. But after I finished 2. I just couldn't finish any of the others, even Black Flag. Anyone else the same?

    • I didn't get either on release day, but I finished 2 and wanted to see the end of it, then when a whole bunch of spinoffs came and 3 was released it was clear they were not going to finish it and I lost interest.

      Black flag was the exception, it was different and fun but I spent about 70 percent of my time on the seas

      • Yes I even got the platinum trophy (PS4) for AC2.

        I loved Black Flag too - the sea shantys were so catchy I'd be humming the tunes all day.

    • Played 2 first and absolutely loved it. Tried 1 after but could never get into it after 2. Played some of the future titles but once again wasn't attached to the game or character and just never finished them.
      2 was a masterpiece.

    • I never bought the AC1, AC2 was my entry game into the series and I loved it.
      The Ezio Trilogy I loved (AC2, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations) - probably my favourite trilogy of games ever!
      Then AC3 I didn't like as much.
      Didn't play all those newer Naval AC games and couldn't get into the newer AC Origins, but I hear AC Odyssey is amazing, yet to try personally though.

      • I bourght Oddyssy recently. It starts sooo slowwwwwww. After a day of giving it a solid few hours. I cant bring myself to pick it up again (same happenened with Horizon). I would prefer to replay a shorter game on a higher difficulty instead.

        Desmond was meh. Ezio's likability, charisma and growth carried AC2. They also paced out the upgrades throughout the game really well, it keeps the game fresher inbetween the trailing missions.

      • Odyssey is a good game but a poor assassins creed game.

        They could have easily kickstarted a new franchise out of it instead of cramming it into the same IP.

      • same as you mate. playing odyssey now it is amazing

    • I played and loved AC 1 AC 2 and AC Brotherhood and after that I think the game turned crap

    • Brotherhood and Revelations are worth it just because they expand on 2's lore, and getting to see Ezio's story in full is awesome. 2 is easily the best though, close second is the first. Black Flag was also really good, bar that, everything else past Revelations i could take or leave

      • Revelations was only good due to the progression of Desmond and Ezio's story. I didn't find anything else from that game particularly good.

    • Yeah, played 1 and then 2 years after they released. Couldn't play anymore.

  • +3 votes

    Not much of a gamer but I really enjoyed AC1 and AC2.
    So many small things are done so well!

  • Will this be redeemable on Steam?

  • Does anyone know if the game has full controller support?

    I hate using a keyboard and mouse while gaming

  • where/how to download? Does it support windows 10

    • Go to Ubisoft site, make an account and download the Uplay Launcher. Install the launcher and download the game like you would with steam. You can claim the game from the website if you don't want to download the game right away.

      You can't claim the game for free till April 14, probably April 15 for Aus time.

  • Not understanding why this game only get offered when Easter long weekend finishes

  • Site is German. Says free 11am on 14th. Which is 7pm eastern Australian time on 14th. Not sure how long this deal will be available for.

  • I just checked the reminder I set for myself - apparently it's not available until 11:30pm on the 14th. IMHO you really should mark the start time as midnight on the 15th so it doesn't show up for people basically a day early.

    • The biggest hassle in my life is being told of games not yet available and having to set reminders. Now I've set a reminder too early and have to go through the whole process again.
      The things I go through for free games.

    • the above said 7pm aest?

  • Available tmr?

  • It's available now!

  • Thanks db!

  • Thanks DB!

  • Assassin's Creed 2 - All missions | Full game

  • Do I need to register sign up with Ubisoft to download and play? Today signed up with steam, epic Games already…

  • Damn. Already have it.

  • I actually missed the child of light last time I thought I bought it and checked out

    • Same here! I thought I went through with the check out too.

      • yeah I went thru the checkout but its missing on my UBisoft Uplay account I do not know what happened, unless you had to download it and have it installed.

        I already checked it out and purchased now its showing as "demo"!

        • I've only just got the demo as well…Did you get an email of the "purchase" from before?

          I tried looking for it, but I don't think ubisoft sends purchase receipts? I haven't got one for any other games.

          • @Munki: uh.. so maybe its true we need to get in before offer exp date and install and play, if we just checkout not installing it will gone after 17th april? (talking about this asssin game offer)

            • @ChiMot: Rayman Legends is on my list though, so that doesn't make sense. I didn't download that one either.

              • @Munki: ok im noob this is my first ever ubisoft game hopefully stay in my acc. forever
                edit: where do i check to see if this game stays?
                edit2: oh its under My Games. im installing anway

          • @Munki: yeah they don't give you a purchase receipt. I swear I checked it out didn't download it before it expires and now its just demo.

            Can't complain now the freebie is over. no evidence to show we checked it out

  • Thanks for this!

  • I get the window that says "Your game is activated on your Uplay Library.", however it's not there. In the same window, it prompts you to launch the Uplay client to preload the game, but after clicking "Launch Uplay PC" it asks for a CD key or activation code. I haven't received anything along the lines of an CD key or activation code, so how do you redeem it?

    • Claim the game through the uplay app and not the web site. Always works for me.

      • Correct. After dl and install uplay, claim again

      • apparently, if you have steam link to uplay for games purchased thru steam, the uplay store will be hidden. I had the same problems where you redeem on the website and launch uplay and it asks for keys. You can not do that thru the app.

        This is so stupid how ubisoft have their launcher like this. And it has been like this for ages.

  • Can you download it on multiple PCs?

  • Uplay asks me for an activation code? wth?

  • How's it running on PC everyone? Worth the nostalgia trip?

    • I'm on PC, awesome game. Been to Italy and Florance once and all the memories came rushing back in :)

  • damn mine is asking for an activation code, i installed it when it was available but now i have this problem, looks like i messed up somehow….