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Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse $79 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


My first post.

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse for a great price!

Same price as EB games deal last year.

UPDATE: this is the non-HERO sensor. Ie older model so not as good on battery.
This has the PMW3366 sensor which is awesome, i use it on my wired G403

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      It comes with a cable so you can go wired

  • Good mouse. I have one. Just be wary of this interfering with other wireless USB devices as well. For instance, I have trouble running this with a Corsair wireless keyboard, depending on the port I use, so one of them is usually wired..

    • I also have this and the corsair k70 wireless keyboard. I noticed mouse lag once every few days when plugging both to monitor. So I put 1 in my monitor USB and the other plug directly to PC and no more problem. So yeah there could be interference, but then not frequent enough to be annoying in my case.

      Other than that, this mouse works very well and worth every penny at $80. Although… the battery struggle once I started working from home. I have to charge every night now, otherwise it will run out of battery around late afternoon the next day.

  • It doesn't seem to have the unify USB dongle?

    • It uses the "Lightspeed" adapter for lower latency.

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    Is this the non-hero sensor one so worse battery?

    • yes it is

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      Seems like it since they also have this listed for $139 when you search for G703. Wouldn't be a bad idea for OP to update the post to highlight this.

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        cheers, updated.

    • It says hero sensor in the description

      • yeh confusing

    • G703 LIGHTSPEED. Now With HERO 16K.
      Logitech G703 now features the revolutionary HERO 16K sensor. It’s an epic loadout with improved tracking, long-playing battery life and LIGHTSPEED wireless. Get ready for battle.

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    From the product description:

    • Ergonomic shape to fit comfortably in your hard.

    Say what now?

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    I'm still using the wireless G403 (the slightly older version, and it's still amazing) and I bought it at the same price as what this is right now.

    Considering this has an updated sensor and a better battery, I recommend this, considering prices are getting wonky right now.

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    Just make sure you update to the latest firmware or you going to get scrolling issues.

    • Second this, a firmware update fixed the same problem for me instantly.

  • I have this mouse, battery life could better but the sensor is top notch. I found there were lags and cut outs in wireless mode when I place the receiver at the other side of the monitor, that issue when away when the receiver is right next to the mouse.

  • Anyone got any idea how we can price match this somewhere else? I would rather not leave the house at this point to get a mouse, it'd be good if jb hi fi or officeworks could price match and deliver. Just called Officeworks, their call centre is not available today

    EDIT: Well I've just contacted all three to ask about delivery/price matching, we'll see how it goes

    • Mind me asking how you went with price matching? Thank you.

      • They still haven't replied yet :(

        JB Hi-Fi replied at 12pm on Saturday asking me for details which I already said in the first email and haven't replied since.

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    cheap chinese switches which have a high rate of double clicking problems. I just had to switch out my 903 with better japanese switches.

    • Been using the G703 for about a year now, the only problem I've experienced was the scroll wheel issue, which was fixed easily with a firmware update.
      Not sure where you're coming from saying it's got cheap switches, mine have been fine.

      • I'm pretty sure this range (g703 and g903) use identical switches, along with the G Pro.

    • I just had to switch out my 903 with better japanese switches.

      Would you mind sharing the link?

  • Called OW this morning. They did pricebeat for me. Not sure which vision they will send.

  • PMW3366 is damn good, I can't recommend it enough.

    I've stacked 2G403 and 1G703 (HERO sensor), all wireless. I love the design of this series. With PowerPlay I'm pretty happy and I can use these mouse for the rest of my life (if they can last that long).

    • Price matched at JB for $79, love it!

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    Thanks OP, OW wouldn’t price match but JBHF did without hassle.

    • How much did you pay for it? JB only sell the new one.

      • $79, paid with 5% off gift card so total was $75.05.

        • Got hero sensor from JB for $79 also. Guy was super skeptical and offered me $140 because it is "the older model listed"

          showed him that it said 16k hero sensor on the good guys website and he said "well the good guys is our company too so its their screw up" and wrote the ticket up lol.

          Good tip, cheering!

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    Thank you. Showed the old version page to JB and they gave me the Hero. Sales rep was confused but still gave it to me in the end.

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      gonna try this

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        It worked got the Hero version for $79 at JB :D

        • enjoy!

  • Cheers! Got OW to price beat for $75.05.

  • I think they fixed the webpage…Bugger.

    MY G602 is in need of replacing. I think Im going to go with the g502 Hero $89 at EB, but ive used wireless for so long and dont know if I could swap…

    • Still shows as $79 and "Now With HERO 16K" for me. Should be able to pricebeat at JB or OW.

      • Where does it say this exactly?


        • About half way down the page. Do ctrl+f and type in "hero" and you will see it.

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    Price matched at JB today and got a HERO model.

  • im having a hard time deciding between this and the g304/g305, so many saying contradictory things about them that idk
    both are roughly the same price so it's down to which is better

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