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Hand Sanitiser 75% Alcohol 500ml $12.50 or 6 for $59.70 + $7.95 or $9.95 Shipping @ Inspirited


Hey Ozbargain,

I've been a lurker on your community for many years now and I hope that in some small way I can give back. We have sea-freighted hand sanitiser and are looking to distribute to as many people as we can during these difficult times with units that are reasonably priced - some might call it a bargain. Our shipments will be ready for despatch on the 28th of April (5,000 units) and the 15th of May (20,000 units).

It's explained in more depth on the website but TLDR, through our networks developed from creating our brand, Convict Bitters, we had a contact that was manufacturing hand sanitiser. We wanted to pass this onto you for as cheap as possible whilst also supporting our staff, so it would be very much appreciated if you can purchase a bottle of Convict Bitters to keep you company during quarantine.

Single unit hand sanitiser (500mL) is $12.50 + $7.95 Australia-Wide Flat Shipping
6-pack hand sanitiser (500mL) is $9.95/unit + $9.95 Australia-Wide Flat Shipping
Convict Bitters is $19.95/unit + Free Shipping

Yours in discounts,
The InspiritedAU Team

(Pre-Order 28/4, 15/5 Despatch)

ABN: 32 632 786 522
Address: 18 Pike Street, Rydalmere, 2116, NSW (As per the Convict Bitters Website)

EDIT: We completely understand that the preorder date is half a month away, so if anyone makes a purchase and decides they no longer need the product, please get in touch with [email protected] and we will provide you with a full refund, provided the product hasn't been despatched!

EDIT 2: We've received the goods and will start despatching tomorrow (28/04/2020)!

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    I don’t get the constant complaining on this website.

    Yes the price is more expensive than prior, but it is a difficult to obtain product.
    It’s not like the OP is buying at coles with little effort and then selling it for 200% upmark.

    The OP has to source, import, wear the risk that the product is dodgy or doesn’t arrive and set up distribution.

    If the OP wouldn’t be allowed to charge more than usual to cover the additional cost of selling a product that his business doesn’t normally sell, then we wouldn’t have this extra volume of product available

    • Thanks for the support, mate. Really appreciate it!

    • +1

      Having another source/option that's priced fairy can always help.
      Who knows how long this will take, or stock of PPE/anti bacterial soaps/hand sanitizers becomes more widely available.
      Before a cure can be found.

      Sadly this is the new norm, price wise.
      Using OzBargain to help find the better deals on these products is what OzBargain is all about.
      Not attacking posters on good/fair deals or comments, repetitive comments of profiteers don't help much.
      Yes up vote on good deals and down vote overpriced deals/scams or blatant rip offs or dodgy sellers/sites/products/services.

      Stay safe.

  • In the end I got some, just praying its Auspost and not Fastway!

    • +1

      Hey mate, can you let me know what your order number is? I'll make a note to use AusPost for your order!

      • Order #1117. Thanks!

        • +2

          Thanks mate, made a note of it.

  • +7

    Thanks OP

    I'm with the majority here who think this is a reasonable price. I also appreciate you trying to keep your staff employed.

    For those saying "leave it for the professionals" "just use soap and water" etc - you really have no idea of people's situation. I'm not in the health system, but I'm shopping for my neighbour, who is on chemo. I wipe down everything I get for him. Absolutely everything. Unpack it, wipe it and then wipe again.

    I've been using bleach solution, which is ok for tins etc, but some things cannot be washed and alcohol is much better for some other foods, fruit etc.

    Bought 6 pack and some bitters. I doubt the neighbour will want any bitters, but I'm interested in trying them.

    • +1

      Hey Jebdra, really appreciate your comment! All the best for you and your neighbour. Also we'll despatch your Convict Bitters on Tuesday, thanks for supporting us!

  • +1

    Meanwhile, plenty of hand sanitiser at Foodland, Happy Valley SA
    Have a great day! 😃

  • +2

    @ jebdra - What a wonderful thing to do, I have a cousin in the same situation.
    Your neighbor is lucky to have you.

    • +5

      Sympathy to your cousin. It's a rotten situation to be in.

      My neighbour had a really bad time. Colon cancer and he reacted badly to the chemo and ended up in ICU. He's home now, although in normal times he would be still in hospital. His wife is hard put just to look after him, let alone shop and run the risk of bringing the virus back.

      Then my neighbour 2 doors down just got diagnosed with lung cancer last week.

      And a friend in Queensland who's stage 4 and was due to have her first surgery after 5 months of chemo, has it cancelled because of the virus.

      I tell you, it makes you realise just how lucky you really are, when my biggest problem is deciding what movie to watch or which deal to buy from OzBargain !

  • +2

    Thanks OP.

    Purchased 6 pack along with some bitters.

    Appreciate you answering everyone's questions despite the tough crowd.

    • +1

      Thanks mate, really appreciate it. We'll despatch the bitters to you on Tuesday, hope you enjoy it!

  • +4

    I've bought a 6 pack and some bitters in good faith as well because I respect what the OP is doing in trying to pivot and keep the workforce employed. Perhaps this is naive of me but sometimes you just have to take people at face value. I honestly don't know what the current going prices are like in bricks and mortar stores because I've not seen supermarket or chemist stock for some time. I have heard from chemists however that price gouging aside, domestic manufacturers production costs have genuinely gone up due to (presumably) raw material prices and having to employ more staff and run the lines 24-7.

    • +1

      Thanks mate, really appreciate your comment! Our staff have stuck through with us even when we weren't making money and I want to do right by them. The decision to pivot to hand sanitisers was a really easy one for us.

  • Cheers OP, I just placed an order for a 6 pack, thank you!!

    • Thanks for your order! We'll despatch it to you ASAP :)

  • +1

    @InspiritedAU when do these actually ship out from your warehouse? For the 28th April stock … do you just receive them on the 28th then wait to ship them out, or is the 28th the day all orders ship out for delivery?

    • +3

      Hey mate, our estimated shipment arrival date is the 27th of April so we will be ready to despatch on the 28th of April. If there are any delays to the shipment at all, I will update the OzBargain listing as well as on our website but so far so good!

      • +1

        No worries, I hope everything goes well … I'm living with immunocompromised people, we're isolated but still take precautions. Thanks.

  • +2

    Hi InspiritedAU, Could you please issue me a refund on the purchase i made.
    I have sent you a mail on this as well. Sorry i got some locally. Thanks

    • +1

      Hi OzBargainner, I believe I have refunded you this morning. All the best!

  • +3

    Is shipment still on track to be shipped on the 28th?

    • +3

      Hey mate, yes as far as we know! Will update this post if there are any changes as well as emailing everyone.

  • +2

    be mindfulAuspost is under the pump and very delayed with deliveries.
    my delivery has 'delayed' on it's status etc..

    But don't blame Auspost, they have to follow the guidelines with covid etc..

    • +1

      finally got part of a delivery, 2 boxes sent at the same time last friday, only one shows today, spoke to the driver, currently he said he is working 7 days a week on deliveries, so they definitely under the pump

  • EDIT 2: We've received the goods and will start despatching tomorrow (28/04/2020)!

    Will we get an email when order has been shipped?

    • +1

      Hey mate, yes you will! It will have the tracking number as well.

      • Thanks. I got my tracking number with Fastway Couriers.

        I hope they do a better job than AusPost, who seem to have lost my bottle of Bitters. I have lodged a missing item request with AusPost.

        • i'd rank them the lowest, even with how bad Auspost gets Fastway wont loose thier worse title imo

          • +1

            @Trantor: I'd agree, have had more lost and delayed parcels with Fastway than anybody else…

            • @MynyMouqe: Edit: Oops, replied to the wrong person!

        • +1

          Hey mate, if you're not getting anywhere with your request, please get in touch with [email protected] and we'll send you another one!

          • @ODEO: InspiritedAU, Thanks for your kind offer, but since AusPost lost the parcel, I'll let them deal with it.

            FYI, my shipping experience so far (to Sydney metro)…

            • Bitters (x1) - Picked-up by AusPost 15 Apr, "In transit" twice, now "Delayed". I lodged AusPost request 26 Apr (No response so far after 3+ biz days).

            • Sanitiser (x6) - Picked-up by Fastway 29 Apr, Delivered 30 Apr.

            • @1bug: Update on my missing shipment: Australia Post has asked me to contact the sender of my parcel to organise a replacement and in turn contact them for the next steps of the investigation. So I have sent an email to [email protected]

              • @1bug: Update #2: My replacement bottle of bitters arrived today.

                Excellent service from InspiritedAU who shipped the replacement, and followed up with AusPost (re my lost item claim).

  • Just got my tracking number, thanks!

    BTW - got any recepies you can share for yummy drinks with the bitters?

  • Thank you! Picked up my order today from Rydalmere.

    The guy who helped me collect my package was great, fast and easy process.

    The hand sanitiser looks high quality, it looks exactly like the picture.

    The hand sanitiser is a gel and is packaged well from the unique looking bottle to the sticker label.

    If there’s a discount/coupon code for repeat customers, let me know. I’d be 100% happy/willing to buy more.

    • +1

      Hey mate, really appreciate the comment! We'd love to offer a discount code, however, we've already made the prices as cheap as possible for everyone. We can continue offering click and collect however. Hope to see you again!

      • -1

        Thank you, that’s okay I understand.

        I’ll place an order again soon.

  • I think a carrier pigeon is delivering mine.
    Still hasn’t reached Perth.

  • My order was finally delivered to Perth. Only problem all 6 bottles look under filled and are around 430g including the packaging…. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • My bottles look like the picture, which is typical of similar bottles (there's a ~2cm air gap between the top of the gel & the bottom of the lid)

      My unopened bottle weighs 460g.

      • +1

        Hey mate, alcohol is around 80% the weight of water, so if the weight is 430g that sounds about right!

  • -2

    This hand sanitizer is prepare in China???? Cant australia prepare freaking sanitiser????
    Also bottle prints china address. Disappointed.

    • +1

      Clearly you didn't read the post. It was being sea freighted.

      Inspirited didn't need to get this in, it's not their core business - they did it to try and help people using a contact they had. This has helped a lot of people - including me, for which I'm very thankful.

      • Thankful to yourself. We as Australians should get into Manufacturing, not expect to get everything sea freighted.

        • +1

          Oh get over yourself. By purchasing this you're supporting an Australian company, who employs Australians, which has allowed them to continue to pay their staff and put food on the table. They clearly explained that they were sea freighting the product in, which made it accessible to a lot of people a product that was practically impossible to find at the time. It's not their fault that you can't manage to read what was very clearly laid out by the company.

          The argument of manufacturing vs. freight is not as simple as you make it out to be - and nothing to do with this deal.

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