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Free 30 Day Trial of F1 TV


To tide you over until we get back to racing, F1 is offering 30-day free access to F1 TV. You get access to 70 years of F1 to help deal with quarantine.

From the website

The 2020 season may be on hold. But our passion lives on. So, we’re offering F1 TV Access FREE for 30-days. See the bigger picture with all the races, all the rivalries and all the drama. Plus, binge on exclusive F1 documentaries including The Greatest Races and F2’s Chasing the Dream series. Relive all of your favourite F1 moments – on us.

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  • free code seems generic and is 1950F1TV2020

    Link to register is


    Getting it all for nothing couldn’t be easier. This code 1950F1TV2020, is your free pass. Here’s how to use it:

    • Click the link BELOW. It’ll take you to F1 TV setup page.
    • Select F1 TV Access Monthly option. Once done, you'll be asked for your payment details. (Don’t worry you won't be charged).
    • Then, simply enter your free 12-digit code.
    • Press "apply" and you'll see the cost reduced to 0.
    • BOOM. You’re in. Free of charge for 30-days.

    You will have to enter your card details when signing up. To reiterate, you WILL NOT be charged during this free 30-day period. You’ll only be charged if you decide to continue after this free period. We’ll send you a reminder when you get close to the end of the trial, so you can cancel or continue, as you wish.

  • my code from my email is different, id say targeted deal

    • They give the code when you enter the email, and I got the same code as ozdesi so don't think so. I even used an email I hadn't associated with F1 at all before so unless you have signed up for F1 TV before, I'd say it's not targetted.

    • my code is different as well

  • Time to watch Bahrain 2014

  • If you liked Drive To Survive, F1 TV's Chasing The Dream doco about F2 is pretty good as well.

  • Cheers OP. Btw can cancel sub straight away and have access till May 11th (30 days).

    • I cancelled & it says I have access, but it's not giving me access :/

      edit: nevermind, for some reason i needed to log out and in again

      • Thanks!

        I was wondering why I couldn't watch one of the archive seasons. Was asking me to subscribe (again lol).

        Logging out, and back in did the trick.

  • can anyone recommend a good couple seasons to watch?

  • I can sit at my window with a stubby and count cars hehe

  • +3 votes

    some good f1 seasons to catch, without any spoilers (meaning I won't say why, and it HELPS your enjoyment if you DON'T know who won or what happened during these seasons):

    • 2007-2008, 2010 (2010 was the scintillating season that GOT me into F1, and I haven't left it since - but to prevent spoilers, won't say more about the later seasons).
    • of the recent seasons, 2017 & 2018. That will also help you understand better what happened during the latter half of 2019 (from Austria onward).
    • The 1950s & 1970s also had some good racing.

    • And for some good F1 history, check out the EXTENDED version of the SENNA (http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=19674) documentary, as well as the RUSH (http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=26920) film.

    • and finally, if these get your blood racing ahem, check out the 4 Mark Neale documentaries on MotoGP: Faster (2003), Faster and Faster '03 - '04 (2004), Fastest (2011), and Hitting The Apex (2015). Probably start with Fastest, as THAT got me into MotoGP in the first 1st place.

    Wow… who would have thought that of ALL the reasons I would finally sign in to ozbargain (following it for many years now, thanks to Gator), THIS would be the question to finally make me sign up as a poster.

    Wonder re post itself though… when does the deal expire (want to hopefully maximise my F1 access with actual 2020 racing - for if/when they actually get going - rather than historical stuff)…

  • Does this let you watch the F1 races live? (When they are on).

    If so, what commentators do you get?

    • No live races, first 5 postponed for obvious reasons. It is probably why this deal exists.

    • +1 vote

      Will be interesting IF we here in oz do get F1 live races on F1 TV (I hope we do): In the UK as Sky has the rights, they can't watch F1 races on F1 TV there (last I heard anyway - check out http://motorsportbroadcasting.com for more details). The reason I'm not sure we will is because Foxtel have the rights, and they get their feed from Sky, so they may have a similar deal here, seeing that ch10 get their content from Foxtel (who uses the Sky feed), and this sounds like the situation the FTA broadcaster in the UK has with Sky (ie they only get highlights from Sky, with only the British GP available live to them). Again, similar situation here in Oz (with Aus GP instead of British obviously).

      But I hope I'm wrong, and F1 TV will show F1 races live (when they get going again).

      • Theres two types of FT TV. F1TV Access is what we get in Australia - race replays from all the old seasons and some live timing features for races. Then theres F1 TV PRO which we don't get in Aus because of the Foxtel rights and that shows live races. So until F1 somehow beat this we have to use Kayo, or on your fox set top box for live races.

        • Muchos gracias. Forgot about the 2 F! TV tiers, and Kayo too. Thanks for the reminders & clarification, again. Guess no F1 TV for me then.

          Out of curiosity, has the the F1 TV content delivered? Via pp, or youtube, or …? I like youtube's ability to play things faster than normal (eg x1.5 or x2 speed), but not all apps with youtube (eg Telstra TV) allow fast-play.

          • @xa: I've only watched a few replays and Im not too impressed with the sound quality - it seems compressed and the slowness of the site

            • @OzBerghainer: Firstly, apologies for my butterfingers: "Out of curiosity, has the the F1 TV content delivered? Via pp, "… was meant to be "Out of curiosity, how is the F1 TV content delivered? Via app, "…

              Anyway, what do you mean by

              …slowness of the site

              Is it buffering, or getting the content to start, or navigating through it, or buffering (ie stuttering) whilst it plays, or…?

              Thanks again for the replies.

              • @xa: The F1 TV site and mobile app are certainly capable enough, but they're just not slick or especially fast. If you navigate to a season, and scroll on desktop, thumbnails for two or three races (and their highlights) will load then it pauses and loads for a few more seconds before the next two or three load, and so on.

    • No live races - that's F1 TV Pro, which is ~$120 a year and also not available in Australia (probably because Sky and Foxtel holds the broadcasting rights). It also gets you live timing and, IIRC, a few different live camera angles so you can watch from drivers' cockpits and so on.

      I paid $30ish for this year's F1 TV Access subscription and I definitely feel like I've already had my money's worth from all the old races we've watched though.

      • Thanks for clarifying things up. Am less enthused about that now, though the $120 Pro offering sounds good (if we had it here) - would equal under ~$5/race for a full season. Does Pro give you the full qualification, and F2/F3 races also? If so, I can understand why Sky/Foxtel would not want to give up their much pricier monopoly…

  • +1 vote

    Might be worth it to watch Eddie Irvine squirrel grip Mika Hakkinen on the Suzuka podium.

  • Sucks to be Vietnam. They would've been all geared up for it landing for it's maiden run

    • Yeah, but their organisers did say that they could use the extra year to help ensure that the race runs well.

    • Don't forget the Netherlands too. So many disappointed Verstappen fans.

  • Subscribed. Thanks OP.

  • Whats the cost after the 30 day trial?

    Could you use a VPN to get around the TV rights problem and watch live races when the season starts?

  • Note! These videos all have two audio tracks. One with only the FX/camera audio, & one with the English commentary included.

    • Thanks, was wondering after the first race I watched why it was only the cars noise. Sad they didn't include Murray Walker commentary with all the races they could. Wanted to transfer audio over to these high quality races from my archive

  • My picks: 2005 Japanese F1 GP, 1998 Belgium GP, 1999 Nurburgring, 1996 Monaco (but that one is already free on YouTube), and 1995 Canadian GP because that's the last win for a V12.

  • Well, they have nothing to lose making this service free. They could make it free for 90 days and not risk showing a live race for free.

    • F1 TV Access - what we get here in Aus or above doesn't have live races, so its not 90 days but indefinitely by your logic, but the thing is they only offer F1 TV Access here not the Pro version, so they would never get any profit from giving it for free. And after all, this is F1 and liberty media, they aren't going to give anything for free.

  • Thanks guys got something to do now, will watch all of the above #stayhome

  • Pity no Chromecast option 👎👎

  • I can only play races until 1980, nothing prior to that, and even in those years not every race is available, only a few in each year. Does this happen for anyone else?

    • Well I would say majority of races are only the 10 minute highlights from the F1 review DVDs anyway. So they definitely went cheap with that! Only available from 1981 onwards… Seemed to be only a few races missing throughout. I've got all races from 1984 onwards in my own collection, I'll see what is missing from the site. Disappointing!!

  • Can't register…."The registration could not be completed at this time. Please try again."

  • Is there any Formula E races? I couldn't find any.

    • Formula E is a different category - it's like comparing oranges & lemons… yes they're both citrus fruits, but you'd probably wouldn't want to drink LJ as is. FE & F1 are similarly both open-cockpit racing with 4 wheels each & use some battery technologies, but are completely different championships - as are indycars (closer to F1 than FE), WEC, supercars, etc…

      For anything happening in FE, start from https://www.youtube.com/user/FIAFormulaE/videos I guess.