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Linsar 50" 4K UHD LED TV $349 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ The Good Guys


Good price for a 50inch 4K TV. Will be going to use this as a computer screen @ 4K res
The 58inch 4K is $499 too.
Seen previous posts that this is a decent TV.

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The Good Guys

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  • this be a pretty average monitor for a PC. lots of input lag.

  • I have seen this price a week ago, I think this is their usual price? Since when it goes on sale, it is $299: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521596

  • Using a low quality 50" TV for a monitor sounds a bit silly

  • It is hard getting information about what is inside these TVs as Tempo do not offer the support of a big brand supplier. Like what does "DLED" actually mean, what sort of a panel does it use, does it have 4:4:4, what os? ie the kind of questions you would like answered before using it as a monitor. I asked them for a user's manual and was ignored.
    The 58" has horrible reviews on the UK.

  • Last time i tried using my tv f9r a pc screen in emergency it had soo much lag that you can see the frames between a simple mouse movement. Good luck

    • Turn off pre-processing and it should clear up. I had the same issues with a samsung that would try to "smoothen" quick movements (aka the mouse).

  • We bought one during the week to keep the kids consoles out the lounge. $350 is normal price. For what it cost I can't fault it. No smart features as again, just for consoles.

  • Anyone who has bought the TV, can you clarify the following for me please :)

    How is the load times when the TV starts, does it take a minute to load from being off?

    Also I plan to use it mainly for gaming and movies - is it 4k 60hz capable or not? the description on the website is pretty slim.

    Last thing, does it auto turn on via HDMI device? (at the moment my TV turns automatically on if I cast something through my chromecast)

  • Works fine for me as a PC monitor and for watching movies. Cannot provide feedback as a gaming monitor, casting or compare to a highend TV. I was using a Dell 2711b 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) but found that I developed eyestrain now I sit further away from the monitor and seems to better suit my focal length. I don't have 20:20 vision but I am pleased with the purchase, it exceeded my expectations for a basic 4K TV. YMMV however worst case you can sell it on Gumtree and take a small loss. Startup is about 5 seconds. As stated in previous comments the TV was cheaper at $283.

  • This is normal price. it's been consistently cheaper in the past.
    Just click the Linsar tag and have a look

  • I had a JVC TV go into a bootloop, never getting past its splash screen, a few years after purchase. If it were only a monitor, I could have kept using it, but it never was able to reach the point where I could choose the source.

  • Would GG do a better price than this if its been cheaper previously?

  • Can anyone measure the distance between the legs? Is the legs as wide as the edge of the frame?

    Been this price for ages

  • I said I would have one at $300 but they would only knock off $10 or $12. Was a wasted covid trip talking to them.

  • I went and checked it out in store. It looked bad playing some non 4k, stretched movie trailer. But I recognize they are probably doing this on purpose.

    Does anyone know if the legs are reversible? It looks like I can unscrew them and turn them inwards but its unclear if there is any mating in the areas I cant see, can anyone confirm from their installation?

  • Just how bad is this TV for Xbox/PS4 at 4k?