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Linsar 50" 4K UHD LED TV $283 @ The Good Guys


Pretty good price for a 50inch 4K TV. Good for anyone looking for a 2nd or 3rd TV.
Some positive reviews from the previous post. Check it here.

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    Great buy. I picked one up the last time it was on sale through The Good Guys. Good picture quality and zero issues so far. Recommended at this price.

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      my screen says 640x480 how to put it into 4k?

      • Click the display button on the remote to change the screen resolution.

        • this brings up the grey bar once pressed, pressing it again the grey bar disappears? Still cant change it to 4k (watching netflix premium)

          • @SyNeRgYi: You'll also need to change the output resolution on the android box etc that you're using. I'm using a Mi Box and all I did was select 4k video out and the TV automatically adjusted to the correct resolution.

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    Ridicolous. $298 last time and less now.

    If you want a cheap dumb 4k/60 TV which makes a lot of sense since smart tvs are so intrusive then this is it.

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      Especially when you can pick up Vodafone TV or MiBox for $72-$90. They would be better than cheap smart TV.

      • do you know if Vodafone TV or MiBox offer Youtube, Stan, Netflix and Freeview?

        • I use a Vodafone TV and everything seems to work OK for me, though a few apps i had to sideload like Prime & kayo but works OK. Mixed reports of a few issues since they pushed the Android update 2 weeks ago though especially wrt to breaking ntfs usb support.

          • @Xizor: Thanks for the feedback. This area of technology is changing so rapidly. I feel like I'll regret anything I buy because there are so many options with new ones coming out constantly.

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              @DaDollarz: With TV features yes, they are a mine field of inconsistencies and vanishing support. Not as bad with stand alone media boxes. I also have an nVidia shield 2017 as my main device and even the latest 2019 model is overwhelmingly the same as the 2017. Bang for buck the vodafone tv is very good (1/3 the price of a shield), though the latest update has put a bit of a dent in the user experience IMO. If money is not so much a factor get an nvidia shield or appletv 4k if that way inclined, else on a budget get a vodafone tv or proper chromecast.

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          If those are what you are after, VTV would be very good for them. Youtube and Netflix are native and preinstalled, the other two and Disney+ can be downloaded. Amazon Prime can be sideloaded and latest version 5.2 seems to work fine for me no more stuttering.

          Main issue with Android 9 Update on VTV seems to be that it no longer support NTFS so it screws over lots of people using it to playback media.

          MiBox S is better in the software regards however lack Australian Warranty, FTA Tuner and Ethernet Port. It's also approx $20 more expensive.

          Both of these boxes have much better hardware and software compare to cheap Smart TV.

    • as you said, last sale was 298, but the one before that it was $269 or $279.

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    Can be my 1st tv (main)?

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      Depends on what your standard for TVs is. I have a cheapo soniq as my main tv, but I've also only had cheapo tvs prior, so it falls inline with my expectations. I feel like the moment I splash out on an LG or Samsung though, there'll be no going back.

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        I got a Sony X95G after always having crap TV's and I'm never going back! Haha

  • Thinking about buying this for my old man. He only needs a cheap tv with no bells and whistles. He loves his footy. You think this would suffice or would there be bad blurring?

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      Unfortunately I'm not an owner

    • -2

      I'd be owned if I owned ona dese

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      hi mate i watch sport on this (football & footy) with 0 issues i pair mine with a vodafone tv

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      ive owned a bunch of el cheapos like this and ive never noticed the kind of blurring that you suggested. Honestly i think for what you want is ideal

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      I don't watch footy. Sorry, I can't help.

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      it will be fine for his footy. A guy below has one, ask him

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      It will be fine for his footy. I'm a guy who has one, ask me

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        See, ask him. The guy above

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    $268.85 with discounted gift cards. Might even be worth paying the extra $65.55 for concierge service to get back $180 in store credits (9 x $20 over 3 years)

    • Can you stack them?

      • +3

        No. They send you 1 every 4 months and they are valid for 4 days only I think.

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    Would this be alright as a giant monitor for my laptop?

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      I think it would be alright, It supports 60hz refresh rate. It's even better that it's not a smart TV so that video input signal would not be lagged.
      Beware that a TV may be too bright to be used as a monitor for long time use. Colors on it may not as accurate as on a monitor, so not suitable for professional work.

    • +4

      in my experience trying to use a TV for a monitor isnt a great idea cos the text looks like shit and is hard to read without straining your eyes

      • I use a Hisense 75P7 as my HTPC and text is super crisp. I have the display scale set at 225% in Win 10.

    • Only if it supports 4:4:4 chroma subsampling and more likely it doesn't

      • +1

        What's that? Can you explain more? After a quick search, it seems like that without this spec, text will be a little bit blur. For gaming and watching videos it's not so important?

    • Tried on a 43" 4K. Went back to my 2x 1080p side by side. Color reproduction wasn't as good and hard to see edge to edge.

  • Can someone confirm how many hdmi ports it has, it looks like 3 and does one of the hdmi port have ARC for the soundbar?

    • If not presumably it has optical TOSLINK although you will be restricted to 5.1 channel surround.

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      Manual says 3x HDMI and CEC/ARC (and 2x USB)

    • +2

      can confirm it has 3 with one being arc supported.

      • Noob question, but how is arc different to your regular HDMI ( something to do I see with sound )?

        • +2

          Audio return channel (ARC) is a feature introduced in the HDMI 1.4 standard. "Return" refers to the case where the audio comes from the TV and can be sent "upstream" to the AV receiver using the HDMI cable connected to the AV receiver. An example given on the HDMI website is that a TV that directly receives a terrestrial/satellite broadcast, or has a video source built in, sends the audio "upstream" to the AV receiver.

          Source: Wikipedia

  • +2

    got one from the last sale initially didn't think it did 60hz at 4k but it does.

    happy to confirm any questions.

    and recommend this for using as a second tv (or first if you don't have a 4k and want a cheapie)

    • whats the downside of this tv over say a $600 one

      • +2

        a 600 one will likely have hdr, be smart and just be higher build quality (with a better image) if your on a budget cant go wrong

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      Does it have optical out?

    • Is there much "ghosting" or a trail when larger objects are moving across the display. Or even smaller (like a tennis/soccer ball)?

      Also, is there proper brightness (backlight) control (not just making the image whiter).

      • +3

        No ghosting and as for backlight it doesn't just make it whiter.

    • With my experience with smart TVs and knowing that you need either Apple TV Or fire stick etc to get all the smart features in the world, can you please advise if this TV is close enough in terms of Picture quality to the other premium priced tvs in the market these days?

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        its close enough to the non hdr oled/qled/othertechnologies to really enjoy does it beat my brothers lg 75 inch 4k oled hdr ? no but its a great picture (he bought one today as a secondary tv as he liked it.

    • I'm stuck at this size so no oled options avail for now. Wondering how this would compare in picture to other options like hisense 50r6?

      Also where do the legs hit the table relative to the edge of the screen? If its feet are as wide as the edge it wont fit on my tv cabinet

    • Whats the viewing angle on it like?

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        i don't know the specific angle but when having 4 people spread out in the room its fine.

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      My says in a grey bar its 640x480 when i use hdmi cable how to put it into 4k?

      • I think that depends what you are playing. It usually detects the content. I'm using a media player and if the show is at 480i, then that's what will come up in the display. If you have a Bluray disc playing it would most likely show 1080x1920.

        Go online and download a short 4k demo video, put it on a usb and play it through the tv. It should show a much higher resolution.

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    anybody know the input lag

  • Is this good for PS4 games like FIFA?

    • Yes

      • +1

        Thanks Logical. Any lag while playing games?

        • I've played a few Ps4 games on this TV, and I'm quite impressed.
          No lag noticed.

  • Bought one. Thank you, OP!

  • Bought one with 2.5% cashback with ShopBack. On my way to collect now. Thanks OP.

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    I am after a cheap tv. For at least six months it will be the main one until the Reno is finished. The question is, do I get this or the ffalcon 50 inch at JBhifi for $398?
    The Ffalcon has direct lighting, HDR and smart TV functions (Linux). I suspect the panel would be better as well but it is 50 hz and $110 more. That’s 38 purcunt more! 38 purcunt!
    This linsar has 60 hz, and TBH I don’t care about the smart tv functions as I will hook either up to an Apple TV.

    • Falcon is just a soniq or tcl rebrand, I'd go with the one above…unless you want the os.

    • Would recommend this over a cheap smart tv.

    • Spelling error possibly. 38 more!

    • Apparently it's originally a British brand that is now Aussie owned. They're apparently manufactured in Turkey, and the panel can either be LG, Samsung or Vestel which is most likely still the TV manufacturer. Source:

      I would get this and save $110 as you've already mentioned that you're hooking it up to an Apple TV.

  • +5

    I bought one and picked it up 1 hour ago ( it fit in the back seat of my Camry). Its the main tv now. My wife is the main user so basically Netflix and YouTube via Chromecast and we just tried both. I can say that the picture is very good. I mean the colours are great and the sound is good too. It's a great buy at this price. Would recommend it for anyone on a budget like me.

    Thanks op.

    • Mine is setup and going now too. I have to say very impressed. Swapped mine out from a old ALDI 42" 4K and it's a huge step up.

      • how to change it to 4k tho? I press display and it says 640x480 down the bottom in a grey bar. I press it again and it disappears? Watching netflix premium

        • Pressing display does nothing. It only shows what your current resolution is. I have the old Chromecast and my display says 1080p.

          Try also going into menu, HDMI UHD and select enhanced.

          Also in menu, HDMI mode, change it to video.

          If your content is not in 4k, you're are not going to get 4k showing when you press display.

          • @pufffdragon: picture doesnt look 4k. In enhanced mode and hdmi mode is set to video.

            Could it be because the hdmi from new tv goes to xbox 360 and the 360 is to old to do it? (that is how i use netflix)

            maybe a chromecast will fix?

            • @SyNeRgYi: As far as I know the Xbox 360 cannot do 4k. Only the Xbox one s or x version can do 4k video playback.

          • @pufffdragon: look at this pic how blurry it is


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