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[Pre Order] Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum, 18 Month Warranty $899 Delivered (Save 10%) + $100 MasterCard GiftCard @ Roborock Au


Roborock S5 Max is the latest Roborock model. Compared to the S5, S6 and earlier models it has a more effective mopping system and better software. The reviews have been excellent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSkw5FFur7Y. I have had the original Xiaomi Mi Vacuum for a few years now and it is sensational but I'm looking forward to not having to mop my floors any more.

It's been available on Aliexpress for a few months but due to the low Aussie dollar, the chepaest I've seen it is around $750 ex GST. With the gift card, plus an Australian warranty, this is a pretty good deal. It is limited to the first 500 customers, but as far as I'm aware this offer only went live today.

It doesn't ship until 4 May, but if you ordered one from China today, you wouldn't get it much sooner than that anyway.

Note that a newer model, Roborock T7, was released in China at the end of March which has similar features but with more suction power, but there's no indication of when that will be available globally.

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  • Shocking price but was to be expected. You are much better off going with the S6 or get the S50 deal for $493 which has a slightly worse mop and I think it's also missing the ability to have separate maps/floors.

    • +3

      I was tempted by the S50/S5 for around $500 but if the mop in this is genuinely better (and the reviews say it is) then I think it's worth the extra $.

      I gather from reviews of the S5 and S6 that the mopping is a bit of a gimmick that doesn't replace the need to actually mop your floors, whereas this is a bit more substantial.

      I thought I'd seen the S6 for about $799, I think this is a better model for the money. I can't see anything the S6 has which this doesn't have.

      I usually visit Hong Kong regularly and the street price there is about $600, but obviously I won't be going there again for a looong time and meanwhile I have a floor that needs cleaning now.

      • The mop feature is more of piece of cloth that trails the robot when it's vacuuming. A water reservoir slowly drips through to the cloth to keep it moistened. It does pick up dirt as the cloth is dirty by the end of the clean, but it would be nice to get some kinetic movement on the mop. Also, consider the mop feature means the cloth is not rinsed unless you actively follow the robot to replace it now and then during the cleaning process.

      • That's fair enough! How much better is it? The impression I got from the reviews is you are able to control the amount of water used but at the end of the day it's still a cloth wiping over the floors.

        The S6 was $670 the other day and before I pulled the trigger the price went up to $740 :(

        • That's a good price for the S6.

          The mopping differences are mentioned briefly in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYQlHA9u8Ic). Basically its a bigger water tank that has a electronic water pressure system, so you can wet the mop more or less and ensure the amount of water going to the mop is the same regardless of how much water is in the tank. The mop itself is the same cloth thing. The video doesn't quantify the performance difference, it just says it is a "marginally better mop" than the previous system. So I guess maybe at $670 the S6 is better value.

          • @lionelhutz: My understanding same regarding the controlled water. I assume with the 360's and the Roborock S5/S6's, once the water is dripping, it doesn't stop (so it can't be a set and forget??)

    • One interesting thing about the S6 is apparently it's worse at vacuuming carpets than S5 and S5 Max, according to Vacuum Wars on YouTube. Also, Choice only gave it a 31% score for carpet dirt removal.

      The $670 deal you found on the S6 does sound pretty good though!

  • Are the Roborock accessories interchangeable with the Xiaomi Robot Vac ones? I know that Roborock make the units for Xiaomi, just don't know whether they play funny buggers with the replacement accessories/parts

    • Roborock make the Xiaomi robot vac models. I think the accessories (brushes, filters etc) are basically the same across the whole line of models but I'm not absolutely sure.

  • This or the S6…..id rather have the updated nav of the S6 or S5 max over the S5

    Also the updated mop

    • +1

      S5 now supports room cleans if that's what you're referring to. E.g. I can select 3 rooms by touching them and it will clean just those.

      • Do you know if it now supports multiple "floors" after the latest update? We have a downstairs and upstairs, previously I know it couldn't store multiple floors so it would have to relearn each floor the first time it got moved back there making it pretty inefficient.

  • Is this better than irobot i7? Don't really care about the mopping feature…

    • +2

      If you don't need mopping then there's cheaper options. I'd suggest the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum which is $399 on Kogan.

    • This is cheaper and doesn't bump into your furniture, whereas the i7 vacuums carpets better and automatically empties its dust bin

  • Sounds as if the mop feature is barely better than the S5 so think of this as a vacuum more than a mop.


  • +1

    The price is ludicrous if it is nothing more than a slight improvement to the mopping feature. I own the S5 which I purchased for five hundred and something. I have found it to be fantastic. I also regularly use the mopping function in my 40sqm apartment and it's very useful. Used regularly and laundered between cleans, the little damp microfibre cloth does the job perfectly and I never need to do a manual mop. Check out a YouTube channel by the name of vacuum wars for really good reviews and comparisons. He consistently scores the Roborocks well.

  • +2

    Glad I got in on the $469.99 deal last night for the S5 sell-out. Was a little apprehensive considering this was expected to come out shortly, however not worth the additional $300+. Understand the AUD is killing some of these deals right now, but this MSRP needs to be addressed imho….

  • Looks good to me!

    They actually haven't officially made the pre-order live yet. From the rest of the site, it looks like it goes live tomorrow.

    Hopefully it'll still work, but I wouldn't risk putting an order in using a hidden page that's still in development.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/520896

    Much more expensive than previous deals. Would hold off unless you need a vacuum right now

  • No one thinks the s7 that gearbyte imported is a better one than the s5 or s6 (yes I know it's a different manufacturer)?

    Also anyone let them lose on their hardwood floors? Wondering on scratches etc.

    • +1

      Going off the comments in the last thread it didn't have me convinced, worse navigation than the roborock, clunky app and haven't had confirmation on Google Assistant support although someone did mention they were able to add it to the Google Home app which is something.

  • +1

    Not worth it at this price. I'd say a fair price on this would be ~$650-700 new.
    Take the S5 price of $500 then add a couple of hundred for the improved mopping + improved vacuuming features.

  • +2

    This is exactly the deal I was looking for!

    Yes it is comparatively priced once compared to it's peers but check out it's features, for me the larger moping container is a huge huge huge plus, my last 360 S7 I had to fill up halfway through it's cycle.
    Better lasers for mapping purposes means not getting stuck as often, quicker cleaning whilst still having the same suction and decent battery life compared to the OG mentioned next.

    As an owner of the Original Robot Mi Vacuum and after doing a little research allow me to share my findings.
    So Roborock originally built the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum to my understanding but under the Xiaomi brand.
    They then had succession with products under their own brand…. but being China, I assume a lot of these companies are insular in their operations.

    Mine lasted about 2-3 years without issue until it stopped working. I replaced it with a 360 S7 and I tell you what, initially it was great, then it stopped working about 3 months in, due to a sensor malfunction, did not detect dustbin in whilst it was in.

    In relation to everyone saying 'it doesn't mop, it's shit', well good for you. This applies a small amount of pressure on ideally floorboards or tiles, mix with ratio of vinegar to water of 1/4 and it is quite effective if regularly used depending on the size of your place.

    Have been without a robot vacuum for about 3 months now and i tell you, you really notice not having one after you've had one for some time.


    If you are concerned about privacy as this sends data to Chinese servers, well I used to be and then I pretty much no longer gave a crap, what are they going to do that I care about with the layout of my house?
    Anyway, best practice to set it to a wifi connection not associated with your main connection via router.


    Longest I've ever rambled here, thanks for sticking with me this far, i'm very happy this deal came about, thanks OP.

    • +2

      While I think this particular brand should be fine to use, its definitely something to think about.

      Notice how you can access the vacuum while not at home? The vacuum can accidently or on purpose become a vector to access your entire network, once inside its generally quite easy to hack into other devices that normally are considered safe as they are not exposed to the outside internet.

      The app can also spy on your phone and can be used as a vector that way.

      • Completely agree, entirely possible.

        For my situation it’s a suitable replacement and hope I don’t have to rma another faulty product, not trying to convince anyone, btw, do your own research to anyone looking into this as always.
        Lots of good reviews out there.

    • +3

      If you still have your Xiaomi Mi Vacuum, it may be worth trying to fix it. Mine stopped sucking recently, but I found a Youtube video on how to disassemble and remove the motor. There was a ton of screws to remove but nothing is glued in place so it is easy to disassemble. My motor was just blocked so I was able to fix it by cleaning it, but if you have a faulty part, all of the individual parts are available on eBay or Aliexpress.

    • Was in the market for a multi-level mapping vacuum and saw the 360 s7, would you still recommend it? Thanks.

      • +1

        If you can get it for a good price. Worked well for me until it didn’t. The s5 max is the vacuum I’d recommend after researching vacs. The s5 (non max) would be worth looking at to compare the differences for what you requirements you need for your home cleaning needs. Hope it helps.

        • It's a good price right now (I think? $570) for the s7 but I'm concerned due to all the comments in the previous ozbargain threads. Like I haven't seen overwhelming positive reviews, just that it's 'okay' and gets the job done.

          I believe no Roborocks currently have the multi map feature which I need for upstairs. I contacted them and they said that some 'selected users' are testing this feature at the moment, and to check their FB page for announcements; something is being announced tomorrow (29/04). I hope it can be included in the s5 (non-max) but not holding my breath. I might just spring for the s6 pure because the s5 max is out of my budget.

          What's happening with your s7 atm? Are you retiring for the s5 max?

          • +1

            @ScrubCorps: Pretty much the same, the s7 to me feels like it’s feature rich and gets the job done and that’s about it. Sent for an RMA and to their credit issues a refund then preordered the s5 max. 100 off with a 100 gift card sold it for me. If you are looking at getting another vacuum you can’t rely on a company for a maybe ota update I agree. The roborock s6 has multifloor support which might be an alternate option to consider.

            • @FrugalShopper: Yeah the deal is pretty sweet but could they not forgo the card and list the non-gouged Australian price, considering they had it for $680 on Aliexpress last month.

              I also didn't know the S6 had it (neither did Robotrock support…), but some people on FB commented that they've just updated their firmware to test it out. Keen to see how it turns out as this just means I'll go with the S6 Pure over the S7.

              • +1

                @ScrubCorps: Yup, the price on the original Xiaomi robot mi vacuum also made by roborock costs more the can 100 than it did when I purchased it years ago, they’ve priced them accordingly since it seems. Amazon reviews might be a good source for information, I mentioned the above from a review but you’re right it’s always better to get the info from the source.

                I don’t have any faith in the company 360 (S7) from my experiences anyway.

  • anyone know if you can do two zones? upstairs and downstairs?

  • +1

    Just got notification (yesterday) that mine has shipped.

    • FWIW - pretty happy with my S5 Max. Have come from a Neato XV-something. Was particularly interested in the mop function. It is as good as I could have hoped. Recent firmware update for multiple maps also suits my house.

  • Same deal now essentially one eBay

  • The reviews of the new new model (S6 Max v) are starting to come out now, almost makes me wish I had held off… basically the same as the S5 Max but with the big addition of dual cameras at the front with AI to recognise and avoid obstacles. It can alert you that your dog has taken a dump on your floor. Modern technology, eh?

    • The retail on that will likely be around $1,200 AUD ($750USD RRP). From the reviews I've seen, the stereo cameras are limited in benefit for avoiding obstacles. I think a couple of generations will be needed before that tech becomes a really big differentiator compared to the LIDAR-only robots like this.

      • Really, that much? Happy with the S5 Max then.

  • I’m not really interested in the mopping feature; have a massive carpet instead (plus a dog). Is it S5 better option then?

  • Is this the same thing for $244 cheaper? $144 if you include the gift card?

    Is the international version any different?


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